365 Days (2020)

Days In this gripping account of the human cost of the Vietnam War Ron Glasser offers an unparalleled description of the horror endured daily by those on the front lines The stories I have tried to tell h
  • Title: 365 Days
  • Author: Ronald J. Glasser
  • ISBN: 9780807615270
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this gripping account of the human cost of the Vietnam War, Ron Glasser offers an unparalleled description of the horror endured daily by those on the front lines The stories I have tried to tell here are true, says Glasser in his foreword Those that happened in Japan I was part of the rest are from the boys I met I would have liked to disbelieve some of them, aIn this gripping account of the human cost of the Vietnam War, Ron Glasser offers an unparalleled description of the horror endured daily by those on the front lines The stories I have tried to tell here are true, says Glasser in his foreword Those that happened in Japan I was part of the rest are from the boys I met I would have liked to disbelieve some of them, and at first I did, but I was there long enough to hear the same stories again and again, and then to see part of it myself Assigned to Zama, an Army hospital in Japan in September 1968, Glasser arrived as a pediatrician in the U.S Army Medical Corps to care for the children of officers and high ranking government officials The hospital s main mission, however, was to support the war and care for the wounded At Zama, an average of six to eight thousand patients were attended to per month, and the death and suffering were staggering The soldiers counted their days by the length of their tour one year, or 365 days and they knew, down to the day, how much time they had left Glasser tells their stories of lives shockingly interrupted by the tragedies of war with moving, humane eloquence.
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    1. Like most Vietnam memoirs or depictions, the graphic nature of the subject content can often become overwhelming, even numbing Exploded or bullet ridden bodies soon become tiresome, or, worse, clich Few Vietnam books try to turn from the violence and center the narrative upon the psychological and spiritual aspect of the young men fighting in a war that most of them didn t understand or agree with in the first place But what if a combat medic tells his account of what it was like for 365 days At [...]

    2. The mission of the Army Medical Corps is to support the fighting strength not deplete it This was the stark reality face by doctors and surgeons who performed heroically to save lives and who, naturally, were reluctant to see all their efforts destroyed, especially in cases where the soldier might only have days or a couple of weeks before his time in Nam was up Vietnam was a war of limits, some areas were off limits to bombing, soldiers were limited to a year in country Glasner was a pediatrici [...]

    3. Heartbreaking, like a lot of the best military memoirs Dr Glasser worked as a doctor in an evacuation hospital in Japan during the Vietnam war, treating a constant stream of wounded troops many went on to the States for long term treatment, many were returned to combat in Vietnam, many died.The book is a series of stories of patients and their doctors, along with reflections on the function of the military medical system, to conserve the resource that is made up of human beings and send as many [...]

    4. Overall I enjoyed this book I learned a lot of facts and terms about Vietnam that I never knew I have a special interest in Vietnam since my father and father in law both served in that war I also found interest in the medical shade of the book I did not enjoy the cursing in the book, but I know some would say that comes with the territory of war I am happy that I read this book in less then 10 days

    5. Absolutely the best book about Viet Nam I have ever read I was in Sweden waiting for a train in the morning when I started 365 Days The book was so riveting that I read it straight through at the train station and never got on the train I finished it as the sun went down and just returned to my campsite to catch a train the following morning.

    6. Vietnam stories from a doctor who served at an army hospital in Japan Some are his first person account stories from the field are evidently re created from accounts he was given by patients None of it is very pleasant War tears people up.

    7. 365 Days is a book about the Vietnam War written by one of its doctors Dr Ronald J Glasser was assigned to Zama, an Army hospital in Japan, he arrived there in September 1968 as a paediatrician in the U.S Army Medical Corps, primarily to care for the children of officers and high ranking government officials But with an average of six to eight thousand wounded per month, Glasser, along with all other available physicians, was called on to treat the soldiers In the preface of 365 Days he writes, [...]

    8. This book about the Vietnam War is not about politics or generals or strategy It s a deeply personal account of the role and challenges of the medical personnel The trauma and injuries of thousands of young people is often pushed away by the politics and history of the war The stories are often brutal and hard to read The reality and the effects on individuals is told in an unflinching account The details of medical intervention and, often, personal intervention are stark, often emotional It rem [...]

    9. Very well written but absolutely brutal and heart wrenching to read It s absolutely horrifying to think about the young men boys who went to Vietnam on a kill or be killed basis And the hospital stories was so sad, reading about victims with pieces of shrapnel stuck in their bodies or limbs being blown off paints a vivid picture in your head and I m sure still doesn t come close to the real tragedy of what these people went through.

    10. Amazing bookI was unable and unwilling to put this book down and was sorry when I finished it All the mind numbing stupidity of the authorities in charge of this travesty all the senseless waste of lives and fortune riled me up yet again At least in our present wars we no longer blame the soldiers like we did the Vietnam vets something has been learned, anyway.

    11. Good ReadHaving been a paramedic in civilian life I found the book to be informative and real The author accurately portrayed war at it s worst and best The brutal ness of this war and the political unrest of the time hits home with the manner in which these soldiers were treated The author delivers on all these points and .

    12. Really skillful book, very compelling Each chapter takes a different perspective e.g medic, pilot, etc I ve read a ton of Vietnam books and this is at the top of my list.

    13. Read in one day Picked up from the Library at 11AM, finished around 8PM The last story essay did me in.

    14. Medical diary of NamWritten from multiple view points this collage of stories paints no redeeming value to the Vietnam war of America Brutal and vivid.

    15. Great view of a horrible eventThis is a new view of the most horrible war we ever lost young men to Sad but told through the eyes of many Worth the read

    16. Educational, moving, heartbreaking Such young men who went and fought in Vietnam My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of them.

    17. This graphic account of the Vietnam War is told by a physician, a doctor who spent a year assigned to Zoma, an Army hospital in Japan Author Ronald J Glasser, M.D arrived in Japan as a pediatrician, primarily to care for the children of officers and high ranking government officials However, because the monthly total of wounded averaged six to eight thousand per month, he was called on to treat the soldiers.The title of the book, 365 Days, reflects the amount of time a tour of duty was a year, 3 [...]

    18. The blurb on the back of the book suggests that it is about the experiences of a US field medic in the Vietnam War However, it s actually a quote from within the book about someone else that the author met, and I think this is a bit misleading The author WAS a medic treating US military personnel during the war, but he was stationed in Japan While I have admiration for what he did, I don t view this as being the same thing and don t think that he can truly write about what it was like for the gu [...]

    19. An interesting book that I almost set aside I thought it would be the memoir of a doctor that served at a hospital in Japan during the Viet Nam War It is actually a collection of stories that the doctor gathered during his time overseas The stories came from nearly the full range of participants infantry, armor, helicopters, medics, nurses, special ops and other doctors The stories are typically related in a narrative style, which is why I considered setting it aside I checked the reviews on and [...]

    20. just when i was coming out of the no good shit punk stage that some 15 year olds go through, and as i was discovering that books could actually make you smarter, i asked my dad one day to pick one of his favorite books off the shelf for me to read he stood there for five minutes or so, undoubtedly skimming through his catalogue of knowledge while thinking of something he wanted me to learn he pulled this vietnam book off the shelf the book was a hardcover, apparently some archaic form of literat [...]

    21. Those who believe that soldiers revel in the glory of war need only read this to understand there is no glory to be had War is as dirty, nasty, profane and dehumanizing an experience as any human can endure, and it s only in the telling of the unvarnished truth by those who have been there that some of that ugliness can be imparted to those who haven t.This book, and other oral histories like it, should be mandatory reading for every national politician who has never served a day in the military [...]

    22. I recieved this novel from Netalley.This book is an outstanding novel of courage, hope and loss, it touches the readers heart and expresses the cold, hard truths of what the Medics had to go through, what they experienced and what hey did to help those in need and those who were drawing their last breaths.The last chapter is powerful, so powerful it brought me to tears and that is the sign of a tale well told, it is moving and written in such a way that young David s innocence is captured and hi [...]

    23. Told by a Dr at an Army Hospital in Japan during one year of the Vietnam war, 365 Days offers a unique perspective of the suffering and death the war provided The book is comprised of several short stories or accounts that Glasser either witnessed in Japan or was told by the soldiers that passed through Some stories were emotional, others were gruesome, but all were interesting in their own way Each one of the 17 stories takes place in a different arena of the war Whether it was a front line sol [...]

    24. This is a book written in 1970, by a surgeon about the war in Vietnam Parts of it are very graphic, so not for the faint of heart I have had it on my shelf for a number of years and have avoided reading it because it brought back too many vivid memories of what many of us lived through while serving there It is well written and accurately describes what was happening to those fighting the battles, without getting overly emotional about the damage that is always inflicted to young men s bodies an [...]

    25. Dr Glasser describes his year as a physician as a physician at Camp Zama As soon as we stabilized casualties in Nam, they would be transferred out of country If I recall correctly, troops had to have a hemoglobin of at least 8 grams Normal robust men about 20 years old had hemoglobins of 15 or so For all practical purposes, troops would be evacuated with about 50 percent of their blood gone.Some of the injured were flown to Japan.

    26. I will say this book isn t for the faint hearted I read it because I wanted to hear about Vietnam from someone who was there and not the talking heads It is interesting reading from an Army doctor view of what he heard and saw.I could only read two chapters a day because I just had to put it down, cry and pray.Once again, I was reminded of our men and women in uniform and the huge sacrifices they make for us.Thank you and welcome home don t seem do say or do enough.

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