Harvest of Thorns (2020)

Harvest of Thorns Pictures the transition between the old white dominated Southern Rhodesia through the Bush War to the new black regime of Zimbabwe
  • Title: Harvest of Thorns
  • Author: Shimmer Chinodya
  • ISBN: 9780435905828
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pictures the transition between the old white dominated Southern Rhodesia, through the Bush War, to the new black regime of Zimbabwe.
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      Shimmer Chinodya

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    1. One of the greatest struggles anyone goes through, is simply to figure out who they are There is nothing simple about this process, weighing past experience, where you come from, and your family Shimmer Chinodya identifies the growth of oneself in a hostile environment, the liberation wars of Zimbabwe in the late 1970 s The main character Benjamin revolts against his families norms, of living a content quiet life, collobrating with the oppresive system of Rhodesian Apartheid Benjamin looks to f [...]

    2. A riveting story of colonial Zimbabwe and how the struggle for independence affected one family that was also embroiled in its own struggles How the struggle for Independence feeds off the Tichafa family struggles is mesmerizing stuff Another great one from a great writer Thanks VaChinodya.

    3. This book is somehow powerful and painful The writer expresses through Benjamin the hopes and aspirations of many who went out in the war in the name of independence only to come back and find himself jobless and behind his peers in all aspects All he has are harrowing stories of his experiences in the fight against the white minority, who somehow remain in their homes in their jobs with all their privileges and he comes back to the same house, not much has changed.The story is engaging and emot [...]

    4. The Chicken Thief 2011 340 by Fiona Leonard has been described as a political thriller of sorts Set in an unnamed African country, it provides a different take on the struggle for independence in a southern Africa country Though the country is unnamed, there were several flagpoles which point to Zimbabwe for instance, the president had been in power for a long time about twenty five years in the story , there was a bush war that led to independence, they shared boundaries with Namibia and South [...]

    5. Good read not quite timeless though I wished it had been made international too many Shona words which could affect understanding of key story facts for a non Shona speaker Great for African literature students though

    6. I met this author in 1996 when he came to visit the Advanced Creative Writing class at my college I remember this moment fondly, but to be totally honest, don t remember much about the book itself.

    7. well, i have never ,well i have but this book is than source of bravery and strength as well as determination very strong characters though.

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