Maverick (2020)

Maverick Maverick is a complete standalone novel and the second book about the rough and rugged Nelson brothers Get ready for one wild alpha mountain man Canada s never felt so hot Forget playing it safe John
  • Title: Maverick
  • Author: Karina Halle
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  • Page: 122
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  • Maverick is a complete standalone novel and the second book about the rough and rugged Nelson brothers Get ready for one wild alpha mountain man Canada s never felt so hot Forget playing it safe.John Maverick Nelson likes to live his life on the edge literally A crucial member of the search and rescue team in the mountainous British Columbian town of North Ridge, MMaverick is a complete standalone novel and the second book about the rough and rugged Nelson brothers Get ready for one wild alpha mountain man Canada s never felt so hot Forget playing it safe.John Maverick Nelson likes to live his life on the edge literally A crucial member of the search and rescue team in the mountainous British Columbian town of North Ridge, Maverick s brash and bold attitude means he s the first one to ascend into danger, no matter the risk.When it comes to women, though, Maverick errs on the side of caution For all his cocky charm, rugged good looks and sexual swagger, he remains as unreachable as the surrounding peaks Hot, wild sex He ll tell you there s no better way to spend a cold, wintry night Relationships He d rather freeze.That is until he lays his eyes on American Riley Clarke Trading in the crippling expenses of Aspen for BC, Riley is North Ridge s newest member of their search and rescue team and the only woman on the job, which means spending a lot of time with Mav in adrenaline pumping situations.With the chemistry between them hot enough to melt snow, keeping their hands off each other is detriment to the success of their team Besides, Maverick s her boss and she didn t work her ass off in Colorado just to throw it all away for some mind blowing sex.But when the worst winter in years sweeps in, Riley and Maverick will have to battle the elements along with their attraction for each other And if either of them slip up, both of them will be in for a deep freeze.
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      Karina Halle

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    1. 4 stars Maverick is a lighter and HOTTER side of Karina In fact, I d say it s one of her hottest books to date I loved that it had just enough emotion to give me the feels that I need in a book, as well John Maverick Nelson in the middle brother He s the leader of North Ridge search and rescue and takes his job very seriously When he meets Riley Clarke, the newest member of his team, he struggles to not break all the rules You see, members of this team can t have relationships with other members [...]

    2. 4.5 stars I have been waiting for Maverick for a while now Damn you you know who you are for making me wait for this beastly hunk of a man for so long stink eye Oh but he has a arrived and I have to say I couldn t be happier Reading about snowy mountains and avalanches and just nature, in general, always fascinates me The setting of this book is beautiful and and who wouldn t want to read about having hot monkey sex in remote places on earth I ll keep this short A hot burly search and rescue tea [...]

    3. MAVERICK is a complete standalone novel and the second book within the series North Ridge 2 by Karina Halle About the rough and rugged Nelson brothers Get ready for one wild alpha mountain man Canada s never felt so hot Spoken in Dual Perspectives In this we meet Riley and Maverick Riley s story kick started us off in the Prologue two years ago in a blink of an eye life pretty much ceased for Riley, a mountain disaster closed a chapter on her life so now she s taking life by the horns and is the [...]

    4. 2.5 starsI m probably a shitty person, but I couldn t find anything to click 3 stars The book was well written, but I rate the story itselfs had an amazing and honorable job they were members of a rescue team.But it was a love story, so I stick to the romance part.I guess the heroine was meant to come across as sexually experienced and confident There is a strong sexually open woman and a woman, who pathetically throws herself at a man The h was the latter, IMO of course.I always support open mi [...]

    5. 3.75 stars Love is chaos Maverick is the story of Riley a young beautiful woman working in search and rescue After a traumatic working experience where Riley lost a friend, she moves to Canada for a new job John Mav Maverick is her new boss, and right off the bat they know there s chemistry between them But employees are forbidden from dating in search and rescue, so they must do what they can to keep away from each other The feeling I have in my chest is completely unfamiliar It s like a combin [...]

    6. 4 Hot Stars This is the second book in the North Ridge Series and one of my most anticipated books.I was so excited and intrigued to start Maverick s book.I enjoyed it a lot it was emotional,super hot,fun and flirty.Both characters were enjoyable.They have a great chemistry and they shared some really intense and passionate moments.Riley is so good, I adored her from the beginning and Maverick is alpha male and so sexy.Maverick is a light story in compare with Karina s previous books yet so good [...]

    7. 4.5 Unreal Love Stars ARC provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.Karina Halle is a writing machine She is coming strong with her North Ridge series and Maverick is no exception It seems these books are extremely emotional and extremely sexy and I am definitely not complaining on any of it Karina just delivered another fantastic love story that will stole your heart completely Maverick is the second instalment in the North Ridge series and it tells the sto [...]

    8. I just know The moment I touch you, that s all I ll ever want Just when I think that the Nelson brothers couldn t get any better, we re hit with the sexy rugged Maverick Nelson that completely stole the show I didn t think it was possible to outdo Shane in Wild Card but damn it, he did Being the middle brother has never been easy for Maverick but if it s one that s true, is that he s a leader Running a rescue team is the one thing that he s good at but being in a relationship Not so much But whe [...]

    9. 4 STARS I m fast becoming addicted to Karina Halle s North Ridge series, and with brothers like the Nelsons, who can blame me Maverick in the middle heads up the mountainous towns the search and rescue team He s fully dedicated to his job and holds the safety of the public and his team as paramount As lead it s his duty to welcome the newest employee and he has high hopes she ll fit in well to his already established team What he doesn t bank on is how well he wants to get to know her on a perso [...]

    10. 4 Stars Really enjoyed this light and quick paced read Maverick and Riley meet when she joins his team at the Search and Rescue up in the mountains of Canada At first I thought Mav would be moody and a bit hard to crack, but he was a lot of fun and he was Alpha without being a complete brute he was my favourite thing about this book Riley was very forward and went after what she wanted, she did not care one bit about the no fraternization policy, life is for living after all A very steamy read, [...]

    11. I wouldn t want their hard and emotional jobI m a height fearing, risk averse, cold intolerant, humidity hating, scaredy cat and I have practically nothing in common with the characters in Maverick I kind of knew this going in, but I like to observe how the other half live Well, I observedd I m happy staying an observer I just can t picture myself going into situations daily and risking my life In some of those cases, they re risking their lives for idiots too I m just not that nice a person But [...]

    12. John Mav Nelson You sexy, sweet and wonderful man Damn how I enjoyed this story Riley, a secure and strong woman who s lost a colleague in a work accident is struggling with loneliness and putting the past behind her When she starts to work for Maverick s Search and Rescue Team sparks fly or should I say explode They were incredible together Hawt but filled with so much emotion When they have a near death experience emotions fly and they finally have to acknowledge their love and what they truly [...]

    13. 3,5 to 4 stars.Nothing wrong with the writing or the book in general I just found it a little too sweet coming from that author.Don t misunderstand me if you want sweet with a little angst and a handsome hero go for it I just wanted angst, ffering

    14. 4 Love is Chaos stars.Maverick It s hot, it s alpha male, it s blushing in public places, it s fun, it s sweet, it s a must read Karina Halle keeps on proving her talent book after book and has me charmed every single time One minute I was fanning myself and blushing, and the next I was holding my breath and biting my nails I want him to be my shelter through any storm A shelter for my heart But I m in love with this man So am I, Riley So am I Sorry Shane, but Maverick used ropes and promised to [...]

    15. I fell in love with North Ridge series after the first book and I couldn t not continue it I was excited for each of brothers, but especially the Maverick s story attracted me the most And I was not disappointed.You surely will like our heroine, Riley She s just that kind of girl that we all want to be She is confident and strong Karina Halle gives us as usual to die for heroes This time is no different Maverick tries to keep away from Riley, he is her boss But with such a woman, simply it s not [...]

    16. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review You have me, he says All of me He pauses Do I have all of you I love the rough and rugged Nelson brothers Maverick was such a great contemporary romance It grabbed my interest immediately and I enjoyed Mav and Riley s story a lot Riley was such a fun and straight forward character, and I really loved her go getter attitude She knew what she wanted and went for it, which was very refreshing The interaction between Riley and Mav was very entertaining a [...]

    17. 3.5 5 starsAs soon as I saw this book was set in British Columbia, Canada, I was sold I just got back from a holiday where I spent a great deal of time there, and I absolutely fell in love with the area.I mean, literally everything looked like a postcard so it was pretty hard not to fall in love with that place.This book focuses on the middle Nelson brother, John Mav Nelson, and his new Search and Rescue recruit, Riley Clark The two are immediately attracted to each other, but Mav pushes Riley a [...]

    18. Karina Halle gives us the most AMAZING heroes and John Maverick Nelson is one of my favorites MAVERICK is book two in Halle s North Ridge Series but it can be read as a standalone I can completely vouch for that because this is the first book I ve read in the series, but after devouring MAVERICK, I couldn t purchase WILD CARD, book one, fast enough Fast paced, sexy as sin with plenty of suspense to go round, MAVERICK was the complete package I just knowe moment I touch you, that s all I ll ever [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsI absolutely adored this story I really loved both characters, Maverick and Riley I loved that Riley wasn t the typical shy girl, she was sexually experienced and knew what she wanted and there was no flies on her when it came to what she wanted It was different and yes, refreshing Some may not like it but me, I loved it and I loved her Her back story was sad, I mean so very sad and yet I felt like it was never really touched upon with her relationship with Maverick I would have liked t [...]

    20. 4 Stars Maverick Love is chaos I give her an odd look But she s right Love is chaos.I think I might be falling in love with Riley and I ve never felt turbulent in all my life.

    21. LOVED this book Mav and Riley had off the charts HOT chemistry together These characters are fantastic Riley is a strong woman who doesn t shy away when she wants someone life is short and she learned that lesson the hard way Maverick can t resist Riley, even though he s her boss and he s not allowed to fraternize with his employee Seriously, the two of them together made for some very sexy scenes I loved everything about this book and can t wait for Fox s book

    22. Karina Halle s Wild Card was one of my top favorite reads of 2017, which was why I was so freaking anxious to get of the Nelson brothers But Maverick, the second standalone novel in the North Ridge series, is not at all like the first And that s not at all a bad thing Maverick is just as addictive, just as sexy, just as romantic but it s got a completely different mood It s lighter in many ways, a quick read that you can easily devour in one sitting It s HOTTER, the chemistry between Maverick a [...]

    23. Karina Halle has produced yet another unputdownable read Her novels never lack in angst, romance and love able characters I m loving the North Ridge series so far and if you haven t picked it up please do Karina s writing is seriously so addicting and she s by far one of my favorite authors If you re looking for a light and fun read with angst and some bad ass main characters, hit that 1 click button

    24. 4 stars Maverick is the second book of the True North series, the story of John Maverick Nelson, the middle brother of three Canadian mountain men of the series though this can be read as a standalone And whoa, what a ride Hot, intense and super steamy with a great blend of funny, light moments and heart wrenching emotion And did I say hot Because OMG, the filthy mouth on this man would make even the most hard core romance reader blush But about that later Love is chaos I give her an odd look B [...]

    25. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA beautiful, sexy, and adrenaline pumping page turner Maverick by Karina Halle is one of those reads that you have to devour in one sitting This is definitely one of the most lighter romantic love stories written by Karina but don t let that discourage you from reading this book because this book had me totally smitten with her characters This book was dripping with lots of sexual chemistry, playfulness, and love So if you are in the mood fo [...]

    26. 4 to 4.5 STARS I m blown away by Karina Halle right now and why has no one ever pushed me to read a book of hers Forever reading anything by this woman, especially because the next book in the series features a hot firefighter UMM YES PLS

    27. AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW 5 Icy CROWNSThis Nelson brother has completely won over my heart, and the brothers, it is sad to say, have moved the McGregor clan out of my top spot Maverick, so far, is my favorite Nelson brother I love his charm, his laid back nature, and his protective instinct His job at SAR only serves to highlight his best features His sense of honor and loyalty, coupled with his need to be a good leader for his team makes him so swoonworthy Add to that his dirty mouth and impecc [...]

    28. 4.5 stars I had a rough day personally so I don t feel like giving some huge review.Book was awesome Period.

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