Looking for Jesse (2020)

Looking for Jesse Life is full of decisions and it s the split second ones that change your world forever Nick Shepherd made such a decision on the day his son Jesse was taken from a Christmas market in Naperville Th
  • Title: Looking for Jesse
  • Author: Lisa Worrall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life is full of decisions and it s the split second ones that change your world forever.Nick Shepherd made such a decision on the day his son, Jesse, was taken from a Christmas market in Naperville The woman looked normal and had a son of her own, and he was only going to be a minute But that minute was all she needed His son was gone A year later, the task force is beLife is full of decisions and it s the split second ones that change your world forever.Nick Shepherd made such a decision on the day his son, Jesse, was taken from a Christmas market in Naperville The woman looked normal and had a son of her own, and he was only going to be a minute But that minute was all she needed His son was gone A year later, the task force is being downsized and they are no closer to finding Jesse than they were the day he disappeared At his wits end, Nick is given a number and a name by the lead on the case.Ex detective Frank Ford has issues, several of them Two steps shy of a full blown alcoholic, all he wants is to bury himself in the bottle He s doing a pretty good job of it, too, when Nick Shepherd asks for his help Does Ford want to help No Is Ford going to help Hell no Until four words resonate deep within him She took my son
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    1. CONSISTENCY This book needs an editor or a Beta reader at the very least My biggest pet peeve while reading is getting character names wrong First Graham was Graham and then Graham magically turned into Riley, but then became Graham again.Then we have Penelope s last name as Lawrence, but then becomes Spencer, and then back to Lawrence I m not going to lie, the story was great I read it in one sitting and I couldn t peel my eyes away I wanted to know what was going to happen next The thing was w [...]

    2. Heart stopping It seems as though I have been waiting forever for this book to come out When the author first let us see a snippet I was hooked The concept was both frightening in what happens and intriguing, since I couldn t wait to see how it all worked itself out When I started reading this 5 hours ago, I kind of knew what to expect But as the story unfolded and and was revealed I found my self speed reading Hoping what I thought would happen could be right One thing I did not see coming, b [...]

    3. I first fell in love with Lisa Worrall with her Laurel Heights books She brought such a depth to her mysteries that left you with that lingering haunted feeling When I saw the synopsis for Looking for Jesse I knew she was taking us back to that feeling and I wasn t wrong.As a mother, reading books that involve children in a dark way affects me hard I knew going in what I was dealing with but still you re never really prepared, are you Jesse, as you can guess, is kidnapped when he goes to a Chris [...]

    4. I knew going in that this was mystery rather than romance, and that can make a difference to enjoyment I found it tense and exciting The boys eventual HEA was downplayed, and maybe I wanted introspection about their attraction, but yeh, they were kind of consumed with trying to locate missing children Clearly a important endeavour I like this author s style.

    5. Could Not Put This Down.I read this story in one sitting I had to I had to find out if Jesse would be found If Danny would be found What happened How Why I had to know now.Another nail biting story from one of my favorite authors Great job, Lisa

    6. The book had an awesome premise other than that, I m a little disappointed by the author I ve read other books by the author and loved them, but this one needs some work I don t know if the editing was rushed or whatever, but there were lots of mistakes, timeline errors, and problems with this story First Jesse s eyes are green, then blue, then green Marcus s real name is Robbie, but really it s Danny nick is experienced with men in the first half of the book, but a virgin with men in the second [...]

    7. I normally don t like to begin a review with a warning, but I struggled with this for a few days and decided it should be noted that there are on page instances of child abuse in this novel that may indeed be triggering for some readers While they were brief and definitely needed in order to fully project the evil that the character Penelope Lawrence embodied, they were also disturbing to read Having said that, I felt the author dealt carefully with the subject of child abduction, and never sens [...]

    8. Looking for JesseAbrasive repartee, cold crime scenes and action Nick, whose wife, Anna, died a year ago takes his son Jesse on a trip to the Christmas Market in Naperville Anna had been a Christmas freak and the trip would help Nick and Jesse process their grief, coming to terms with Anna s absence Jesse becomes agitated when he finds he has lost one of his mittens The two are in line to see Santa, so Nick entrusts Jesse to the woman and child in front of them, and runs back to get the mitten H [...]

    9. As a mother of 2 this booking is heart breaking and horrifying I might actually have nightmares tonight I spent extra time today taking breaks from reading to snuggle and play with my kids But that is because the Nick is portrayed exactly right and Jesse is so na ve and perfectly described as a scared child When I started this I was initially interested in a romantic thriller and although the romance is present it really, really, plays as a side plot to the much gripping and important thriller [...]

    10. The mystery rescue story is pretty good and if this book had better editing I d have given it three stars For one thing, it s very clear that the author is British and didn t have someone read her story to make sure the American characters sounded authentic, which is a pet peeve that always takes me out of a story dates as 20 December where we say December 20th, use of post when we say mail, etc For another, there were some continuity issues such as a character whose name is changed The romance [...]

    11. 2.5This was a engaging read The search for the boys, finding them all that was goodbut their relationship was not I wanted to see them grow in to the relationship not the epilogue where everything had all ready happened2 straight men falling in love was a missed opportunity I also wanted of the boys and their closeness it would have been good to see them outside of their imprisonment So IMO the ending was flat and rushed2.5 stars I rounded up because it was well written.

    12. Great storyI loved the dynamics between Nick and Ford It was a good plot, and a heartfelt story Only downside was we didn t see the building of the personal relationship between the 2 MC s.

    13. The mystery part was pretty good, but the double GFY romance felt a little crowbarred in The chemistry wasn t really there for me And despite an entire page devoted to Ford s penis, all sex and even all their dating is off page.

    14. Really enjoyed this one Great story, with really enjoyable lifelike charactersWorrall is a great author in the m m suspense genre Will definitely read other books as she is one of my favourite authors

    15. KUAn absolutely fantastic story with tons of angst and a happy ending Loved everything about it but the formatting went haywire around 78% and it was very difficult to stay in the story Hope that gets fixed because I d love to read it again when I can tell what all the words are.

    16. This book could have been amazing if the romance hasn t taken the back seat There were almost no chemistry between 2 MC I hate sweet talk but this book has none, like zero It doesn t help that the mystery element is not even slightly mysterious at all.End rant.

    17. Have to admit, part of the story about kidnapping was pulling and heart wrenching, nonetheless, the romantic part, between Nick and Ford, wasn t Romance between both MC felt forced and unrealistic, to me But okay something like that, makes you bond.

    18. Well PacedThis was a good story Loved the suspense and the anticipation of what s next Ford and Nick worked well together Ford came off as brash and uncaring but there is always a back story Nick was desperate to find his son This story had the right mix of emotions.

    19. Suspense angst and tendernessLoved this Too favs Bummed there was no man on man action but it for the story and besides it would have been tasteless.

    20. I LOVED THIS BOOK I loved the story, the believeably flawed characters and if Iam honest, thid book made cry, and very happy too.

    21. The story was interesting and I liked the characters but the romance was all but nonexistent No steam at all and we re told not shown them as a couple and that was in the epilogue.

    22. The suspense is palpable but I can t get over the inconsistencies in characterisations and editing It s distracting and disappointing to read a well written book that is sloppy in the details.

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