Grace Notes (2020)

Grace Notes Gil DuPont likes life exactly the way it is It might not be full of friends love and laughter but he gave up on believing life would ever hold much of that for him anyway A confirmed loner and bac
  • Title: Grace Notes
  • Author: Jerry Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gil DuPont likes life exactly the way it is It might not be full of friends, love, and laughter, but he gave up on believing life would ever hold much of that for him anyway A confirmed loner, and bachelor by default, his routine is important and rarely interrupted All that changes when he receives an unexpected visit from Child Protection Services one freezing MinnesotGil DuPont likes life exactly the way it is It might not be full of friends, love, and laughter, but he gave up on believing life would ever hold much of that for him anyway A confirmed loner, and bachelor by default, his routine is important and rarely interrupted All that changes when he receives an unexpected visit from Child Protection Services one freezing Minnesota night Originally believing they re there to deliver bad news, he prepares himself for details of his estranged sister s death However, once he finds out that they have a different problem for him, he realizes his life is about to take an unexpected turn His sister, Marguerite, six years older than him and somewhat of a phantom throughout his life, has been taken into the hospital due to her problems with alcohol Her illness has left in its wake someone Gil discovers is suddenly completely reliant on him a little girl of eight Gil had no idea he was even an uncle, but soon understands that he s required to step up and take responsibility for Roxy As they settle down into a brand new routine, one where Gil is a care provider and new parent, he discovers that the joys of life can be found in the smallest things, not least of all his niece s warm heart and childish innocence What Gil certainly doesn t expect, however, is for the dark and handsome Micah to come as an extra into the arrangement A social worker who has made it his life s work to ensure children are given the best possible chance despite somewhat difficult beginnings, he takes an interest in Gil and Roxy s situation, and even Gil himself Loving Roxy comes easily to Gil, but allowing himself to be loved by Micah That may be pushing things a little too far But he s about to learn that it s not just his niece who s been offered a second chance at happiness Please Note This book contains Adult Language Steamy Adult Activities, it is intended for 18 Adults Only Novel, approx 60,000 words in length HEA happy ever after ending Does not end with a cliffhanger.
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    1. This is a charming story of a sweet girl, brought to her lonely Uncle s door Gil, 34, is a school janitor and lives a quiet life alone His folks died when he was young and his sister resented raising him He gets visitors one snowy night, with news that his sister signed herself into rehab, and her 8 yr old daughter, Roxy, a sweet black girl, needs a place to live.He didn t know he had a niece So, he s instantly got responsibilities, and tries to adjust As they learn to get to know each other, he [...]

    2. DNF 55%The second Mc doesn t appear until the 47%The main character has sex with another character.A big no for me sorry

    3. The book was well written book with a great story plot Also I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of the book I am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review Gil DuPont s in a rush to get his food shopping done and be on his way home It s a blizzard snowy night that no one should be out on the roads in Once home, Gil s quickly brought his food from the truck into his trailer Gil was a loner, not any friends and worked hard to have a decent sort of life if you wanted to call it a lif [...]

    4. We were surprised by this book, it wasn t what we thought it would be We enjoyed reading Grace Notes by Jerry Cole, but missed the romance of this well, romance.Gil DuPont is a loner, his parent passed away at a young age and with only an absent older sister as his family, he has fallen into a solitary life, finding it easier to stay to himself rather than get mixed up in feeling for someone who is going to leave or disappoint him one day What he doesn t count on is an 8 yer old niece appearing [...]

    5. When I finished this book, I thought back to what I had read to write this review, and couldn t find anything to say I didn t dislike the book, but there was also nothing about it that particularly stuck out to me either Gil seemed to have a potential history backstory that would have been cool to explore further but it didn t happen Micah was earnest and sincere, but completely flat and one dimensional as a main character.I didn t find the romance between Gil and Micah to be engaging, and we ac [...]

    6. This was genuinely a well written book The content kept me interested all the way through Gil is a lonely man who is cranky and thoughtless, but through this he also is beginning to recognize he is lonely Parents dead, he was raised by a sister who was only sixteen herself Abandoned by her when he was sixteen, he struggled to make a life for himself Now he is thrust into a situation where he must take his sister s daughter into his care while se detoxes from alcohol Roxy is very mature and thoug [...]

    7. Let me talk about what I enjoyed about this story before I get to what I didn t like The story was good I liked the relationship between Roxy and Gil I like how he accepted her and fought for her I also enjoyed the introduction of Micah into their lives Him and Gil made a great couple Plus, I was happy about someone helping Roxy with her hair As a black woman, I appreciated someone helping Roxy with her hair, especially after that white lady called her hair unruly Now on to what I didn t like Th [...]

    8. This book had a few moments of steam but than anything it was about love, family, connection, and forgiveness It was very sweet and gave such a feeling of hope in the end From loneliness to love, Gil was changed the most in this story As the main character, he was obviously the focus, but the whole thing really revolved around him and his reaction to all the changes thrust on him Micah was good in the periphery, as he challenged Gil and encouraged him to continue loving Roxy as he has been As f [...]

    9. The book blurb tells the story a lot better than I ever could This was as sweet entertaining book with threads of realism Gil, a bachelor, self proclaimed loner, is suddenly granted custody of a niece, a mixed raced Roxy, while her mother, his sister is in rehab for substance abuse He was thirty four years, set in his ways, in a shabby mobile home and he was so tempted to say no He thinks back to his sister, who took care of him, at ten, when both parents died in a car crash He wondered what if [...]

    10. This book was ok for me I wanted and hoped I would love the love story of Gil and Micah but I didn t However, I did love the story of Gil and Roxy That storyline was simply beautiful and heartwarming I really didn t feel the connection between Gil and Micah and felt if that storyline was better or developed, I would have indeed When I reached the 70% completion part of this book I became concerned, realizing the opportunity would not be presented for the author to expound so on the love connec [...]

    11. A beautiful story of an uncle caring and looking after his niece Gil is a loner and lives quietly by himself Roxy comes to stay with him while her mum and Gail s estranged sister is receiving treatment for alcoholism The interaction between uncle and niece is beautifully told Learning to live together is sympathetically written, drawing me into the story and loving the characters When Micah comes on the scene he adds a new dimension into their lives.The story unfolds in a gentle loving story, th [...]

    12. This is an interesting story line It is well written and the dialogue is realistic The characters are great Poor Gil does not know what hits him when he opens his door one night to Child Services His sister that he has not seen in years needs him to take on his niece The dialogue between him and his niece is well written She sounds like a kid not a little adult Micah is also a nice character He is the social worker sent to Gil and his niece In my opinion it takes a lot of time for him to arrive [...]

    13. Gil DuPont is shocked one evening when two ladies turn up on their doorstep and inform him that they have a little girl with them who have his niece with them who needs a home Her mother is in hospital for treatment for alcoholism and had specifically said he was to look after her, even though she had never told him she had a child.Gil and his niece Roxy get along really well after a bumpy 24 hours and then his social worker turns up to meet them He is gorgeous and they both give the other the o [...]

    14. A very sweet, reasonably simple story about an uncle who is suddenly faced with the existance of his niece, as he needs to step up and take care of her while his semi estranged sister gets help for addiction and illness He steps up to the plate quite quickly, and ends up on top of that having feelings for the social worker attached to their case The story is pretty straightforward, almost to a fault, but the characters are so sweet and believable that it was a real joy to read as they developed [...]

    15. MM Gil does not realize how little he has in his life and how lonely he is until his niece Roxy appears on his doorstep Gil has been hurt by the people closest to him and he has pulled away from all meaningful contact Roxy is adorable, smart, and a bright spot in his life Something he never realized he missed Roxy s presence also brings Micah into his life, as Roxy s case worker Gill needs the quiet moments to think and decide what he wants for his future, loneliness or trusting in others I volu [...]

    16. CALI loved this book It wasn t overly long but the story was strong and gave you a lovely beginning, middle and end The author presented well rounded characters with full insight into their personality and background I loved this story and would highly recommend it as a very pleasant and quick read I can t see anyone dissatisfied with this book I look forward to from this author.

    17. I was disapointed with this book The story was actually a good one but executed a bit weak and not as gripping as the other books from Jerry I have read Another complaint, again, is, that it ends to abrupt Why not try a different ending, an epilogue, taking place 6 months, a year or two later to show, that the couple is really well matched and still happy.I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

    18. Totally DNF.Started off as a decent enough story, cute premise, but then I got to the below passage Gil wondered whether the tale of black men and their anatomy was just that a tale, or whether there was any truth to it WOW I noped out of there SO fast How can anyone in this day and age actually write a sentence like that UGH x 10000.

    19. BeautifulWhat can I say this book was heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time Gil taking responsibility of his niece whose mother is dealing with a drinking problem whose taking responsibility for that problem this was a beautiful thing for Gil to do then he found love and a second chance at a life after everything he and sister went through

    20. A Must ReadAn absolutely fantastic story Characters are fully developed likeable people The story line is truly inspiring and touching Another great hit for Jerry His books are some of the best I ve read And this one maybe one of the best I ve read in a very long time Love to see a sequel to these characters in Grace Notes

    21. Enjoyed the depth of this colorful story Fella going through life then bam things change What I don t understand is the cover selection You have clearly created this multicultural story but the cover does not reflect that Why

    22. I loved this story It was amazing and had so many wonderful emotions love sadness happiness and of course the love of a child this was sweet this was an easy read this was amazing i loved it and im glad i got to review it

    23. A beautiful storyWhat a beautiful story of healing and love I really loved this story and the writer s words being these characters to life I recommend this book to you

    24. Grace notesAn excellent read Held me until the last sentence I kinda didn t want the book to end Be even better with a sequel.

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