Halloween is Murder (2020)

Halloween is Murder Cozy mysteries are my new addiction This is my first book by Carolyn Arnold and after completing it her other works were immediately added to my TBR list Even though HALLOWEEN IS MURDER is part of the
  • Title: Halloween is Murder
  • Author: Carolyn Arnold
  • ISBN: 9781988353609
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook
  • Cozy mysteries are my new addiction This is my first book by Carolyn Arnold and after completing it her other works were immediately added to my TBR list Even though HALLOWEEN IS MURDER is part of the McKinley series, it can be read as a standalone 2 Girls A BookBeware of all that goes bump in the night Sean and Sara McKinley are excited about the haunted house they Cozy mysteries are my new addiction This is my first book by Carolyn Arnold and after completing it her other works were immediately added to my TBR list Even though HALLOWEEN IS MURDER is part of the McKinley series, it can be read as a standalone 2 Girls A BookBeware of all that goes bump in the night Sean and Sara McKinley are excited about the haunted house they ve set up as a Halloween charity fund raiser, but things take a ghoulish turn when the reporter covering their story is found dead With the media keeping mum about how she died, Sara s curiosity is piqued, and she convinces Sean to take on the investigation through their PI firm But this case is not without its challenges The police are actively investigating it, as well, and it s not even clear that the woman was murdered It will take a little cloak and dagger, dress up, and finesse for the McKinleys to get to the bottom of it, but they aren t the kind to give up As they troll for leads and work through the skeletons in the reporter s closet, they unearth a few suspects, but they ll need to carve out the whole truth if they re going to find her killer If they do so fast enough, there might even be time for a little trick or treating.
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      Carolyn Arnold

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    1. Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of HALLOWEEN IS MURDER Opinions expressed here are unsolicited, unbiased and entirely my own.The McKinley s are all exhilarated over their Haunted House as a fund raiser They ve got all the decorations in place inside and out The local bakery is selling spooky treats Donations are taken at the door And everyone is in their favorite costumes.They even have a reporter and cameraman from the local newspaper to do a piece for the local news the next day [...]

    2. I am always eager to get my hands on another Carolyn Arnold story, so let s get started with Halloween Is Murder.Sean and Sara used to be police officers, but now they are Private Investigators and their firm is called Pay It Forward Investigations It hints at their personalities.They have plenty of money, so they indulge themselves They are not pretentious, but they do like to spend money She loves fashion and he loves his Mercedes.They are sponsoring a haunted house for charity, and Chloe Pars [...]

    3. As a big fan of Carolyn Arnold, after reading Violated from her Brandon Fisher series, I could not wait to read Halloween is Murder It has been awhile since I read a cozy mystery The ones I read are those written by Agatha Christie and to be honest I never felt compelled to read any other cozies until now After all Carolyn Arnold is the author.Halloween is Murder is the eleventh book in the McKinley series However, it can be read without having to read the previous books.What the story is about. [...]

    4. Review of Halloween is MurderOddly, I enjoyed the first three quarters of this story than the actual reveal of who did it.The main characters are a lovely married couple and I liked them very much Their banter is charming Soon enough Chloe, a television reporter, is found dead However, the police aren t certain it is murder There is no signs of foul play I was a bit annoyed when the cops released the house Chloe died in before the Tox results came in I hope real policemen don t do that To be ho [...]

    5. 4.5 Stars I really enjoyed reading this book Another successful book from Carolyn Arnold I love fun, cozy, mystery books and this book totally fits the bill I had so much fun playing along, trying to solve the crime with the McKinley s This book revolves around Sara and Sean McKinley, their PI Firm, and their team of investigators Sara and Sean are interviewed by reporter Chloe Parsons about the haunted house they set up as a Halloween charity fund raiser While the whole crew is at home waiting [...]

    6. I speak if I have something worth saying, Meredith stated politely And I have nothing to do with what you all do I leave these matters in the hands of the experts The police Sean asked I agree Meredith winced and shook her head I meant the three of you The book opens with Sara and Sean, a married couple and retired police officers, discussing their Halloween House fundraiser, and considering a Christmas one The couple, recently turned billionaires, after the loss of a family member, love to do c [...]

    7. When Sara McKinley gets it into her head that something is not right and she wants to investigate,people have a difficult time telling her NO In this Halloween adventure, involving the sudden death of a young TV reporter who is about to move on to a better opportunity, Sean McKinley has a tougher time than usual reigning Sara in They both want justice to be served, even after retiring from the official police force.I like the collection of characters Carolyn Arnold has brought together for the M [...]

    8. Although I have read other novels by Carolyn Arnold before I never read one in this series which features ex police Sean and Sara McKinley It seems that they got married after leaving the police force Sean also came into a LOT of money so that neither had to ever work again However they started a PI business but with a catch all profits went to a children s charity They had a couple of others who helped them and they were well let s just say interesting to say the least.In this novella Sean and [...]

    9. Halloween is Murder is the first of the McKinley Mysteries for me but being a fan of Carolyn Arnold, I knew I would love it Now I m going to have to read the rest of them Set during one of my favorite times of the year Halloween , this is a cozy mystery full of tricks and treats, including a murder With a background in homicide, Sara and Sean can t help but be suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the reporter s death The media usually jumps on stories like this but for some reason, all is [...]

    10. I have read several of Carolyn Arnold s books, mostly in the Brandon Fisher series, but this is my first in the McKinley Mysteries series Since I have thoroughly enjoyed her other books, I had no doubt I would like this one I was correct While this series is very different from the BF series, I enjoyed that is was a fun, cozy who done it without intense descriptions of gruesome crime scenes Halloween is Murder involves a TV reporter that is found dead shortly after taping a segment about a Haunt [...]

    11. Woah Just in time for Halloween, Carolyn Arnold releases a doozy The McKinleys are hosting a haunted house for charity and begin filming a news documentary hoping to promote their venture and raise lots of money Unfortunately, the news reporter is found dead So much for their feature story Sara and Sean decide that there must be foul play what else makes sense when a young reporter drops dead I really liked Arnold s style of writing A Halloween book can sometimes be too gruesome for me, and this [...]

    12. Halloween is Murder was a delightful read I have read every one in this series and this one was one of the best They were all great though Carolyn has a way with words and can pull you right into the story from the beginning Definitely a few twists and turns to this story and really kept me guessing for sure to see what would happen next.Sarah and Sean have been the characters from the beginning and really got too Know them well I am sad to see this series come to an end This is the perfect book [...]

    13. I am a bit bah humbug over Halloween so to try to get me in the spirit before the big day I read this new release from Carolyn Arnold.Halloween Is Murder is a fun novel centred around a pair of private investigators, Sean and Sara MacKinley, and their team They have to negotiate with their former police colleagues to investigate the murder of a local news reporter who was covering the opening of their charity haunted house.I enjoyed the investigation and procedures to find the killer who I didn [...]

    14. I was introduced to this book at the right time because my daughter is studying mystery books at school and I am trying to introduce her to new authors in this genre.Here it comes Carolyn Arnold Wow I just loved the McKinley Mysteries Sara and Sean are a great PI couple and the way the mystery evolves in the story is so convincing and suspenseful.Sean and Sara McKinley have just set up a haunted house for a Halloween charity fund raiser, after an interview to promote the house, the reporter cove [...]

    15. An amusing and entertaining mystery Halloween is Murder is an adventurous entertaining suspense The beginning is fun and cute and holds enough intrigue that I had to continue to read to find out what was going on There are several different twists and turns throughout that will keep you guessing until the end Carolyn Arnold knows how to keep the suspense and intrigue in her stories to keep the reader entertained Carolyn Arnold has written another captivating and amazing story with characters tha [...]

    16. This book was the perfect book to kick off October with I curled up with a soft blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and enjoyed this warm and cozy old fashioned mystery The characters were easy to fall in love with and the story line was easy to follow I immediately felt invested in the characters and the story.I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars and recommend this book to all of my friends who love Halloween It s a perfect addition to your Halloween festivities I received this book through Beck [...]

    17. While I have read other books by Carolyn Arnold, I had yet to read a McKinley Mystery I immediately fell in love with Sara and Sean I also fell in love with the area Halloween is Murder is set in Why, you may ask Because I am familiar with the area so it really brought me into the story than just having to imagine an area in my mind The mystery of the reporter s death had me hanging until the very end of the book I really wasn t sure who had killed her until close to the end Arnold has a way of [...]

    18. Halloween is Murder is the eleventh book from Carolyn Arnold s McKinley Mysteries series I have not read anything in this series or author before After reading this book, I will make sure to look up the others in the series soon.I enjoyed Halloween is Murder I thought it was a fun mystery, set during my favorite time of the year Halloween It isn t very long, so I had it read in no time Which was time well spent I would give this book 4 stars and recommend it for those who love a good cozy myster [...]

    19. Halloween is my second favorite holiday and I love everything to do with it I have not read the other books in this series, but this can be read by itself without feeling like your missing something important This was a quick and easy fun read A haunted house for charity quickly turns sour when there is a death The characters are well developed and easy to get attached to and the plot is full of twists and turns This story had a quick pace that keeps the reader engaged until the very end I will [...]

    20. This is a quick, fun, Halloween mystery Sean and Sara investigate suspicious deaths, and the reporter who was helping to promote their Haunted House dies unexpectedly The police aren t saying murder, so Sean and Sara step in to see if Chloe was killed.There are twists and turns in this book, many of them completely unexpected Sean is all about the facts, where Sara is willing to follow her gut Can the two of them weed through the friends, exes, coworkers and acquaintances to find the person with [...]

    21. Sean and Sara McKinley met with Cloe Parsons, a reporter, to do an interview for coverage of their haunted house charity event The interview and taping went well, but the next day instead of seeing their expose on the tv, they discover that Chloe had died With all the secretiveness going on, Sara suspects that Chloe was murdered, and she won t give up until she finds out the truth.I loved this couple This was the first book that I have read of the McKinley mysteries, but not the first for this a [...]

    22. This is book 11 in the McKinley Mysteries, and I have only read the short novella intro to this series The Day Job is Murder, so it is clear that a lot has happened since that book That said it can be read as a stand alone.Sean Sarah are now Private Investigators and married, and they are all dressed up in Halloween costumes ready to take part in a news segment to help promote their Haunted House, which is seeing all proceeds going to charity and having no set admission charge The reporter and c [...]

    23. STORY LINE HALLOWEEN IS MURDER BY CAROLYN ARNOLD In Halloween Is Murder, Sean and Sara McKinley, wishing to support charities for children, have set up a Halloween house Getting a television interview by Chloe Parson, they did not expect Chloe to turn up dead the same day Owner s of Pay It Forward Investigations, Sara has a feeling Chloe has been the victim of murder After heart felt pleas to investigate, Sara persuades Sean to take the case they set off to find if murder s the cause The police [...]

    24. I think it s important to first point out that not only is this the first book in this series that I ve read, but this is the first book I ve read at all from this author It s important to point this out in case you are reading this review and wondering if it can really be read as a standalone My answer is an absolute YES I had zero problems understanding any background, and also wasn t overloaded with background, as can sometimes happen This could just as easily have been the first book in the [...]

    25. This was the first book I have read by author Carolyn Arnold, and it won t be the last and I have plenty of options for reading of her books Halloween is Murder is the eleventh in Arnold s McKinley Mysteries series, but happily, it does stand alone I had no problem jumping in and getting a feel for the characters and their relationships with each other Though it s not integral to understanding this story, I would like some back story to the main characters early days together Sean and Sara are [...]

    26. 3.75 stars Halloween is Murder by Carolyn Arnold is a cozy mystery featuring husband and wife cops turned private investigators Sean and Sara McKinley An interview featuring their haunted house fundraiser goes awry when the reporter who did their feature dies The question of whether the death was from natural causes prompts Sara to drag the Pay It Forward Investigations staff into an investigation Foul play or bad luck Sara and Sean will find out, one way or another.This book is part of the McKi [...]

    27. Halloween is Murder by Carolyn Arnold is the 11th book in her McKinley Mystery series Though this is the 11th book in this series , this was my first book and it read very well as a standalone I have been reading Arnold s other two series Madison Knight and Brandon Fisher , which are both violent intense murder mysteries When I decided to read this book, I did not know what to expect I was pleasantly surprised, as this was a fun mystery with a great couple who lead this series.Sean and Sara McKi [...]

    28. It s Halloween and Sara and Sean McKinley has decorated their house up as a haunted house There are lots of goodies inside and out and all profits go to a local charity They even have a reporter, Chloe Parsons filming a little bit about everything Things are going well until they see the news later that day and learn that Chloe has been found dead The police don t seem to really be looking into her death and Sara has a feeling that she was murdered Sara talks Sean into looking into her death and [...]

    29. Sara and Sean run a PI business, the good thing is that they can choose their cases instead of how many money they win So, when the reporter that interviewed them died in a mysterious way, they can not stay away to discover the truth.Sean and Sara are a nice couple that share their love for each other and their passion solving mysteries with their PI agency They have a great team, their employees are friends than acquittances and that makes the story touching and real.I have to admit that I fo [...]

    30. A seasonal joy to highlight one of the spookiest nights of the year and what better way to celebrate it with a really good murder mystery set around a haunted house.In this novel we met Sean and Sara Mckinley who can be likened to one of the most famous married detectives duos created by Agatha Christie, Thomas and Tuppence Reading this book took me back to my youth and reminded of all the Alfred Hitchcock books I used to read The excellent setting around creating a haunted house leads to the le [...]

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