When Love Awaits (2020)

When Love Awaits Once Lady Leonie cursed the Black Wolf handsome Rolfe d Ambert the mercenary Lord of Kempston for his bloody deeds and cruelty to the local peasants Now she must marry the magnificent blackguard to b
  • Title: When Love Awaits
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9780380897391
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once Lady Leonie cursed the Black Wolf handsome Rolfe d Ambert, the mercenary Lord of Kempston for his bloody deeds and cruelty to the local peasants Now she must marry the magnificent blackguard to bring peace to the land.Young, innocent, and possessing a rare and exquisite beauty, Leonie would be a prize for any man yet Rolfe seeks the match solely for revenge.Once Lady Leonie cursed the Black Wolf handsome Rolfe d Ambert, the mercenary Lord of Kempston for his bloody deeds and cruelty to the local peasants Now she must marry the magnificent blackguard to bring peace to the land.Young, innocent, and possessing a rare and exquisite beauty, Leonie would be a prize for any man yet Rolfe seeks the match solely for revenge But her sensuous kiss ignites within him the fiery need to claim her and an irresistible desire to unite their warring hearts in glorious love.
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      Johanna Lindsey

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    1. You know, most Johanna Lindsey books I read would get an extra star if the last 1 3rd wasn t always the H and h deliberately misinterpreting and non communicating about Random Dumb Shit and having Psycho Mood Swings from minute to minute.This one was quite better than the usual, though No Malorys in sight Woot

    2. I just had to add a review to this one even though, I d read the book at least a decade ago I recently re read it in the last week, and I have to say I ve enjoyed it every bit as much as I did the first time Moreover, the H Rolfe is probably one of my favourite romantic heroes of all time He s this battle hardened knight with little time to stop and smell the roses yet falls ardently in love with the wife he married as a tactic to ensure peace for his lands and people He spends most of this book [...]

    3. I m okay with BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS, maybe even two if the writing s good, but this book was nothing but misunderstandings.

    4. I know I normally hate these types of books meaning, brutish, yet handsome hero, a great and terrible misunderstanding, forced marriage, a live in mistress, a bitchy stepmom but it redeems itself in a way that I would have never expected of JL A really strong heroine who does not need to dress up as a man to assert her strength Now, that is sexy.Lady Leonie is forced to marry Rolfe, the Black Wolf, under the orders of the King But he only wants her because of the land that is under her name Not [...]

    5. Lady Leonie grew up without a mother, her father remarried, and her step mother ends up controlling everything in the household when she drugs her father enough to appear drunk No one is aware of this Leonie, one day curses the Black Wolf whom she is afraid of The peasants hear her, and since they are very loyal to her start wreaking havoc on Rolfe minor incidents but enough so that he wants to take action He decides to marry Lady Leonie to stop these incidents Lady Leonie refuses to marry him a [...]

    6. Read the translated version and write the review in my own languangeBuku yang bikin emosi again Emang ada aja yah tokoh cowo yang nyimpen mistressnya, sementara istrinya ada di tempat yang samaCewenya juga tipe plin plan nih TSTL Too stupid to live Cari cowo lain kenapa deuuuh Kirain kuat pas awal2, ternyata toh juga bego di akhirDan lagi, ada ya hero yang ga kenal ma muka istrinya sendiri, sampai digodain di taman, kagak nyadar itu istrinya Bukan contoh hero yang baik nih geleng2 kepala Le Douc [...]

    7. Oh,I finished this book Wait,I did,right Seems that I am not sure.It would have been a super book if not for the fact that on the last page view spoiler we see that the mistress lied,lost the baby,the hero and heroine make up I think,could not be sure talk about their love kind of and the heroine is pregnant but we never see her tell hide spoiler So,call me crazy but all that crammed in there was like being pushed down a kiddy water slide It just isn t done Bad author, bad

    8. This is absolutely my least favorite Johanna Lindsey novel of all time The hero has to be some kind of idiot to not realize that she is not ugly but beaten and he is so chauvinistic way than the alpha males you usually read about in his attitude and downright cruel in the way he treats his heroin PLUS there is an awful lot to do with a mistress in this book Truth me told, I got a third of the way through this book and wanted to rip it in half I was so pissed off I only finished it because it wa [...]

    9. SPOILERS Way too many misunderstandings between the hero and heroine.I just didn t get why they arrived at so many conclusions from so unreliable sources Why would the heroine believe anything the mistress says It doesn t make sense to not be suspicious of her motives Don t try to make out the heroine is smart by having her be her own steward and discover underhand dealings regarding the accounts, and then make her completely oblivious to the evil stepmother and conniving other woman.And barely [...]

    10. Well, let s see first of all, i wasn t planning to read it last night So, i decided to sleep early and woke up at 1 in the morning, and couldn t get back to sleep So, like any sane person would do, i clicked on my lamp and picked up the first book on my nightstand, and figured that i could read a few chapters and continue the next day But, I believe i may have found a book that i quite like, because at exactly 6 o clock in the morning, i finished the whole thing When i found this in the bookshop [...]

    11. salah satu novel JL favorit gwka sama co nya en ce nya walo gw lupa siapa namanya hehehetapi recommended banget buat di baca secara terjemahan gpu bagus banget

    12. If you re looking for a Medieval romance with a hero who is pretty much a puppy in the best of ways then this is probably what you re looking for.I read this book the first time when I was in primary school, and lost my copy when I lent it to the pastor s daughter lending bodice rippers to pastors daughters is a good way to lose your books so my memory of it was incredibly vague, to the point where when I started I didn t think I d read it at all, although the name did sound familiar.Anyway I lo [...]

    13. Aunque no soy muy fan de este tipo de lecturas ya que me molesta bastante el machismo de estas historias, el libro me ha gustado De lectura simple, f cil y r pida Tengo unos cuantos en casa de esta autora.

    14. I picked up an entire collection of Johanna Lindsey books from the free cart at the library and over this weekend, I ve decided to read and get rid of books that are cover challenged A mere glance at When Love Awaits attests to the fact that it clearly falls into that category.The male protagonist, Rolfe, is butt naked and holding a sword, and Lady Leonie s neck is abnormally long and bent at an unnatural angle.At any rate, I used to be a huge Lindsey fan, and I ve never read this 1986 one, so I [...]

    15. Love in an Arranged Marriage in the times of King Henry IISet in England in 1176, this is the story of Lady Leonie, sent away by her father to her dower keep because he didn t want to be reminded of her mother whom he loved Living alone with her people away from the suitors she might have had, Leonie begins to think she is happy in that state When Sir Rolfe d Ambert, her neighbor and a favored knight of King Henry, discovers she owns the land that is causing all his problems, the mercenary Lord [...]

    16. Johanna lindseys have never failed me but i guess theres a first time for everything what ruined this book for me was the heroine to dam stuborn and prideful and stayed quiet for things i would have yelled and raved about Holy shit, did i hate her There were so many opportunities she could have taken to clear up the entire situation and she didnt use any of them Completely Dissapointed in this Book.

    17. The book has all the common elements which you will find in a boring cliche historical novel.A brute determined hero, a strong heroine, a stepmom, an absent parent, a mistress, confusion, tragedy, a lonely heroine, attraction, sexual tension.Yet it was so beautifully woven that it would grip u till the end.A good read.Its 5 but not going on my fav shelf just because of too much misunderstanding.But that s expected from Johanna Lindsey s books.

    18. I don t know why I read romances when one of my least favorite things is something romances specialize in conflicts that could easily be solved by the two characters HAVING A FUCKING HONEST CONVERSATION That situation accounted for about 85% of this novel also, since I read these on a sketchy Russian website, I don t usually get to see the covers, but OH MAN, THIS ONE IS 1000000% PURE 80S CHEESE AND I LOVE IT.

    19. I read it 6 8 year ago 2 3 gimnazjum secondary school and from what I remember I loved it but to keep it fresh I will read again soon and we ll see

    20. Honestly this is of a 3 1 2 star rating but it was worth pumping up to a four I liked Leone a lot she certainly displayed a lot of spunk although that would not always work out to her benefit I have to admit that it was rather tiresome to have so many misunderstandings pilot the pond so many other misunderstandings but it certainly did keep the book going There are parts that I didn t see coming, like I got so involved with the story that I forgot about Rolf getting shot by an arrow sorry for t [...]

    21. Brace yourselves for yet another novel that promises stubborn characters and their prowess in professing their love for each other only when the pages left to read are thin There are no words to describe how heartwarming this novel is, despite having three THREE villains who wanted ill of the main characters I was led to believe that this was a farce that this was not a Suspense novel after all, but I was proven wrong, what s left for me to say is HOW THE FREAKING HELL DID ROLFE NOT NOTICE THE B [...]

    22. First of all, I did not expect it to happen in the medieval era I did not read the summary , but I loved it Also, I love how Lindsey did reflect the way life used to be Thought, I didn t quite enjoy the jealous that strong and intense from each one.

    23. I was young at the time that I read this book But it was great a romance, a wildness, a stubborness, everything I have some friends who only read facebook, but they sure as hell read this one

    24. Firstly the book was great However it ended really dry This is one of those book that needed an epilogue to ease out.

    25. Bintang 3.Sejenis dengan buku karangan JL yg penuh dengan penipuan karakter antagonis yg ingin mgambil keuntungan, tak adanya kejujuran antara karakter hero dan heroine, keadaan yg tak menguntungkan, ketegaran dan harga diri yg tinggi yg dimiliki karakter heroine, dan gabungan dari unsur unsur tersebut menciptakan perspektif yg salah Selalu ada saat terbersit kata kata mengapa dan seandainya sepanjang membaca buku ini Walau negitu aku tetap suka HR yg happy ending seperti halnya kisah satu ini D [...]

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