Glorious Angel (2020)

Glorious Angel She was the beautiful daughter of a dirt poor Alabama farmer But Angela Sherrington had a dream to love dashing Bradford Maitland the handsome heir to magnificent Golden Oaks In the satin boudoir of
  • Title: Glorious Angel
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9780380792023
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • She was the beautiful daughter of a dirt poor Alabama farmer But Angela Sherrington had a dream to love dashing Bradford Maitland, the handsome heir to magnificent Golden Oaks.In the satin boudoir of a Yankee bordello, Angela s prayers are answered in the loving arms of the man she lived for But scandal, cruelty and a shocking family secret threaten to tear apart two paShe was the beautiful daughter of a dirt poor Alabama farmer But Angela Sherrington had a dream to love dashing Bradford Maitland, the handsome heir to magnificent Golden Oaks.In the satin boudoir of a Yankee bordello, Angela s prayers are answered in the loving arms of the man she lived for But scandal, cruelty and a shocking family secret threaten to tear apart two passionate hearts newly joined, imperilling a bold and forbidden romance too overpowering to deny.
    Glorious Angel Southern, by Johanna Lindsey Glorious Angel book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers She was the beautiful daughter of a dirt poor Alabama farmer. Glorious Angel Kindle edition by Johanna Lindsey May , Angela was a dirt farmer s daughter Though she was sultry and exquisitely beautiful, she could only dream of being loved by Bradford Maitland, heir to the magnificent Golden Oaks When chance brought them together, he didn t recognize the violet eyed angel he fell madly in love with. Glorious Angel Southern Series May , Glorious Angel Southern Series Mass Market Paperback February , by Johanna Lindsey Author Glorious Angel by Johanna Lindsey, Paperback Barnes Noble The Paperback of the Glorious Angel by Johanna Lindsey at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on or BN Outlet Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores Events Help The Glorious Angels by Justina Robson Glorious Angels is one of the most original works I ve read in the last twelve months It s unabashedly clever, uncompromising, and full of scintillating ideas It does have some flaws, but the core of the text is an enticingly intelligent read The story is set in a world living in the shadow of its past. Glorious Nov , Glorious It revolves around Glory Angel , a year old woman who falls in love with Niko Tony , a guy years her junior They start a risqu May December love affair, but will struggle to keep Glorious Full Trailer Starring Tony Labrusca and Angel Nov , Glorious Full Trailer Starring Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino Mister Dejie Boy Tony has a juicy revelation about his bed scene with Angel Duration ABS CBN Entertainment ,, Glorious Angel Southern read online free by Johanna Glorious Angel Southern Johanna Lindsey One Angela Sherrington tossed another log on the hearth Damn myself, anyhow she cursed as she glared at the sparks shooting out onto the floor If only she hadn t been so foolish as to waste matches Now she Glorious Official Trailer iWant Original Movie YouTube Nov , Fifty is the new Twenty GLORIOUS An iWant Original Movie from Dreamscape Digital written and directed by Concepcion Macatuno Now Streaming on iWant Click Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino, Intense Scene GLORIOUS Nov , Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino, Intense Scene GLORIOUS Trailer , Disclaimer to the owner Of trailer I hope you already Subscribe to my
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    1. My occasional revists to Johanna Lindsey haven t gone well, this masochistic little odyssey into high school nostalgia that I swear has a homing device in the crapper.But you know what keeps me picking up the Lindseys with an ever hopeful burst of optimism The cover art Surely some of the Bob McGinniss awesomeness will leak through and enrich the whole Yup, I will eventually read the The Pearl Necklace book, too Never say die, says I And the acronym for that title makes it a must read anyway I l [...]

    2. Bradford Maitland is the number one hated hero of all time for me Everything he did rubbed me the wrong way I know that in Romancelandia, heroes get away with some outlandish things, but he really angered me the way he treated Angela and was so dismissive of her feelings He s one of those guys who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he s rich and handsome Whatever dude This is one of the Johanna Lindsey books that I got rid of because I didn t want a copy polluting my keeper shelves I adm [...]

    3. A 12 year old s fanfiction attempts would make for a much better read than this excruciating pile of crap.

    4. Damn your whore s heart he growled Sometimes a book is so bad that all you can do is laugh first read 2011 1 star03.02.13 2ad.Hahaha Oh Lord I end up liking it.I m so ashamed of myself.3 stars.

    5. Wow, this book was pretty bad It wasn t interesting at all All I can say is that I gave up at 40% because the story was dumb and I was bored It was written very badly and the hero had the sex appeal of a slug If you want to read a good JL, try Fire s of Winter.

    6. Barely a 2 starOK, before I start ripping this book apart let me say that JL is one of my favourite authors and at the moment I am trying to whizz my way through all her books and so far this one is the worst Lets start with the Hero Bradford maitland, he was a jealous wimp that had no sex appeal whatsoever, I have read other books by JL where the Hero s forced the heroine s and yet they were appealing and likeable than Bradford, and I know that sounds sick but it s just those hero s were far b [...]

    7. ini novel johanna lindsey yg lumayan beda ama yg novel2 dia sebelumnya yg udah aku bacartama, karna tokoh utamanya bukan dari keluarga bangsawandua, karakter utama ceweknya emang rada2 gampangan nih gak nyangka aja gitu, mau diapa2in walaupun ama org yg disukaiketiga, konfliknya emang complicated abis deeh banyak travellingnya hehe yg awalnya di alabama, trus nyampe ke massachuttes, trus texas wow alur ceritanya memang dibikin beda jg pas pertengahan cerita, udah saling suka, tapi yg bikin aku s [...]

    8. Published originally in 1982.A wonderful read passionate and loving.For Angela love started with a splash of mud, a ruined dress, a smile, and a gold coin She carried on believing in Bradford through many years of not seeing him but he would pop into her life and save her once again, cementing her love For him he never knew her name and spends years searching for her after night of passion.r knowing that she is his dirt poor neighbor.Finally Bradford comes home only to discover his love and they [...]

    9. This was a pretty typical romance story Love blah blah jealously blah blah anger blah blah miscommunication You get the idea.Overall it was pretty entertaining and definitely was a fast read I whipped through this one in a couple of hours on the day after Thanksgiving morning My biggest gripe about the story is that I have never in my life met someone as beautiful, as desirable and as sexy as the main character Any man that she meets falls head over heals in love with her and wants to take her t [...]

    10. Entah kenapa, aku tidak menemukan feel saat kedua tokoh utama berinteraksi Bahkan tidak kutemukan deskripsi penjabaran tentang keberadaan sesuatu di antara mereka berdua, kesannya grasak grusuk doang Angela terlalu naif dan semudah itu menyerah pada Bradford setelah sekian lama tidak bertemu hammer Bradfordnya sendiri juga terkesan kurang menunjukkan perasaannya, hanya mengandalkan perasaan membutuhkan dari pihak si wanita saja Sebenarnya aku suka saat Brad memanggil Angel karena kesannya lebih [...]

    11. Tokoh utama lelaki di buku ini menambah jajaran lelaki labil dalam buku buku HR yang pernah kubaca.Oke, dia mungkin memang sayang banget dan cemburuan, tapi dia selalu merasa insecure atas hubungannya dengan Angela, dan kecemburuannya sungguh sungguh tak beralasan gigit Bradford Dan bukunya beda dengan buku Johanna yang lain, tidak merasa terkesan sama sekali Dan terkesan putus dalam bab bab tertentu Memang bab bab yang bersangkutan adalah bab yang melompatkan beberapa tahun hidup sang tokoh uta [...]

    12. I didn t enjoy this one as much as other Johanna Lindsey I ve read as there were several eye roll moments The ending was a mess with some issues unresolved forgiveness too easily given for atrocious behaviour.The hero was arrogant, dictatorial, jelous refused to listen I was routing for the sexy Mexican bandit.

    13. Well, this book caused book hangover I was still living in this book despite finish reading it a week ago That s how well the author wrote the book Sigh dreamy

    14. It was one of her earlier books, published in 1982 Her writing has drastically improved since The characters are not as richly developed as her recent works At times this book is similar to a Harlequin or Silhouette romance.

    15. Simply terrible Lots of trash talk Heroin likes kissing other guys and Hero calls her whore So no for me.

    16. I m going to stop reviewing I don t have enough time to compose a decent review just to have it disappear when my fingers hit the wrong key

    17. I was intrigued by Angela at the beginning of the book, so fierce and brave, but then Bradford appeared and she likes different person entirely She s melted and I was like wtf girl you re so out of character And so I decided I have enough to know about the characters and didn t enjoyed it any and stop reading in the middle of the book because I can t bear the thought of marshmallow girl being burnt by her fire bon.

    18. Bintang 4Buku ke1 seri Southern.Ini merupakan salah satu buku romantis dan yg menyesakkan dada yg pernah kubaca Kisah sekelumit perjalanan hidup seorang angel yaitu Angela Sherrington yg memiliki guardian angel sedari masih bayi.Kisah cinta Angel romantis, tapi yg lebih romantis itu hubungannya dengan Jacob Maitland ayah dari pria yg dicintainya, yg telah menganggap dirinya sebagai seorang putri yg tak dimiliki Jacob Perlindungan, perhatian, dan penjagaan Jacob terhadap Angela sedari Angela masi [...]

    19. This is a very, very weak two stars for me More like 1.5 stars Maybe even 1.25 Johanna Lindsey has her place in the Reading World but this is one of her most feeble stories in her long career I have a suspicion Johanna herself filed this book under Contractual Obligation.Rich boy Bradford Maitland splatters mud on ten year old Angela Sherrington s dress He gives her a gold coin to go buy a new dress and thus Angela s great love is bought born Then Bradford goes away for four years Angela s child [...]

    20. Read 2nd time 1 24 2011This is one of these books that keeps the people apart time and time again because of misunderstandings.When Angela Sherrington was 11 a man on a large horse went through a mud puddle and it splashed all over her yellow dress He stopped and threw her a gold coin and told her to buy a new dress That was the day that Angela fell in love with Bradford Maitland.When Angela was 14 she no longer loved him He was a Union sympathizer While boys she grew up with had now noticed her [...]

    21. this story almost like a fairy tale a poor girl from the farm falling in love with son of a very rich man Angela falling in love with Brad since she was 10 years old And when Angela grow up she become a pretty girl so every one in her neighborhood likes her, and Brad save her from being rape by neighborhood boys Angel become and in love.when her father died, brad father Jacob take her, as his own daughter but brad doesn t know.Jacob sent her to a great school in North, and once again she meet [...]

    22. Awalnya kisahnya seperti cinderella Angela yg miskin tiba2 diangkat menjadi putri orang kaya setelah kematian ayahnya, oleh Jacob Maitland, orang terkaya di Alabama Diam2 Angela sudah mencintai Bradford Maitland, putra Jacob sejak dia berusia 11 tahun Dan sewaktu Angela disekolahkan di Springfield, Angela bertemu kembali dgn Bradford yg sedang mabuk dan menyerahkan keperawanannya kepada Bradford.Bradford yg tergila2 dgn Angela mencari Angela kesana kemari hingga akhirnya Bradford dipanggil pulan [...]

    23. Califico esta novela con 3 estrellas para 3.5Hubo algunas cosas de la historia que no me agradaron Por ejemplo, la exasperante forma de ser del protagonista masculino, esa posesividad tan exagerada que lo caracteriza o algunas actitudes desmesuradamente molestas de la protagonista A n as , cabe rescatar que es igualmente rom ntica a las otras y eso es lo importante mientras el romance en la historia me satisfaga, todo est bien.Una vez mas la autora nos trae una novela entretenida con ese toque d [...]

    24. So I like to read an Author s entire library before moving on to the next and I read them in order This is not the first time I have read the JL Library and for the life of me I cannot remember this book, just bits and pieces of it as I go along I love to read and remember the stories and characters like they were real, While I agree with many that Bradford is not the most likeable hero I find Angela too perfect and kind of stupid and I find there is a pacing problem with the book that is drivin [...]

    25. Awalnya emang udah antisipasi bahwa di akhir akhir akan ada perubahan yang cukup besar, karena dari awal sampai pertengahan hubungan kedua tokoh utama sudah seperti ending.Aku agak nggak sreg sama endingnya,nggak sreg sama plot dan pembangunan konfliknya Konfliknya entah kenapa jadi terlalu rumit untuk novel setipis ini Belum lagi tokoh nya banyak banget Heran deh, si Angle ini banyak banget ya yang ngejar.ENtah udah berapa kali digambarkan adanya adegan pelamaran disini Dan itu cukup membuatku [...]

    26. Where to start This story was all over the map literally From Alabama as a poor farmer girl to Massachusetts as a rich ward to b educated back to Alabama to the perfect courtship just to have it torn apart and run to Texas Then the love story was he loves me, he loves me not, until like the last page where he decides to finally love her Like most JL books ur r left thinking Can t they just talk about it instead of running away or making rash decisions It s a roller coaster ride but if u like oth [...]

    27. great read but the start was slow, i mean the book took some 50 pages 2 become really gud n was a 5 star from der however, der r some facts which disturbed me like bradford s unbelievable jealousy it was too over the top n logically i think it cud become an illness over time but then it was also very very n very irritating how men fell over angela not 4me but 4 bradford so maybe he was right in being insanely jealous neway the book lost 2 stars only bcz of the start i really enjoy it it s entert [...]

    28. Aku rasa ini novel Lindsey yang sudah lama dibuatnya, tahun 1982 Karenanya aku merasa ceritanya terkesan biasa walau konfliknya cukup menegangkan tapi aku tidak tegang sih , dan hubungan antar hero heroine nya terlalu berlarut dengan berakhir seperti itu saja Yah pada dasarnya aku kurang suka konflik setelah pernyataan cinta dari para tokoh utamanya well, aku sempat lupa Angela dan Bradford itu belum menikah, tapi perilaku mereka memang seperti sudah menikah saja mungkin karena aku sudah terbias [...]

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