Carnal Acts: Essays (2020)

Carnal Acts Essays Acclaimed personal writing from one of our most out spoken essayists on disability on family on being an impolite woman and on the opporunities and gifts of a difficult life
  • Title: Carnal Acts: Essays
  • Author: Nancy Mairs
  • ISBN: 9780807070857
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acclaimed personal writing from one of our most out spoken essayists, on disability, on family, on being an impolite woman, and on the opporunities and gifts of a difficult life.
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      Nancy Mairs

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    1. I really loved Mairs essay collections Waist High in the World A Life Among the Nondisabled and A Troubled Guest Life and Death Stories When she takes on a single topic, such as her disability she has progressive MS or death and dying, her essays have such personality and verve Her wit makes you laugh out loud You find yourself holding your breath and leaning in closer as she shares some of her personal, painful or private moments, and captivated by her storytelling, you are nonetheless impress [...]

    2. I confess I m putting off homework by reviewing this book in part because a review is easier, right now, than trying to assemble Nancy Mairs s detritus from the process of writing Remembering the Bone House into a coherent narrative There must be one My professor wouldn t have put this on the book list if it didn t have one she s not that tricky No, only time and the framing device basically I wrote this stuff while I was writing the other stuff hold this together.I wish it had held my interest [...]

    3. Excellent read from a person who deals with, in a general sense human issues and, in a personal sense, a difficult disability She reminds us that we all have problems and it is a choice to be happy despite them.

    4. Very enjoyable motivational book Has my favorite quote I m only as brave as I have to be and I do not want to have to be this brave.

    5. A collection of poignant essays written by a woman who was battling the various ravages and stages of multiple sclerosis.

    6. I loved the way she looks at the body and feminism it s very personal but applicable to a broader cultural discourse I would like to read her writings on being a Catholic.

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