The Spy Next Door: The Extraordinary Secret Life of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Damaging FBI Agent in U.S. History (2020)

The Spy Next Door The Extraordinary Secret Life of Robert Philip Hanssen the Most Damaging FBI Agent in U S History A shocking fascinating account of one of the greatest espionage scandals of our time Ann Blackman and Elaine Shannon reveal the truth about Robert Hanssen and his years of exceptionally destructiv
  • Title: The Spy Next Door: The Extraordinary Secret Life of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Damaging FBI Agent in U.S. History
  • Author: Elaine Shannon Ann Blackman
  • ISBN: 9780316718219
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A shocking, fascinating account of one of the greatest espionage scandals of our time Ann Blackman and Elaine Shannon reveal the truth about Robert Hanssen and his 15 years of exceptionally destructive espionage They brilliantly explore why Hanssen decided to betray his family, his church and his country, and how he got away with it.
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      Elaine Shannon Ann Blackman

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    1. My feeling is that if you have read one spy story you have read them all with some notable exceptions And often bios are the worst True Crime these days seems to be about the author s ego trips, or the long winded histories of minor characters than it is about the clear, crisp, and sometimes very funny prose that Shannon and Blackman dish out They kept my interest by, I suspect, using about 20% of the material that they had This is not an earth shaking book, but it s lots of fun.

    2. I often wonder if people really know the damage that the spys of our generation have done to America The magnitude of what Robert Hanssen did is mind boggling While this is a book about what Robert Hanssen did, I feel that it should have touched on the unbelievable arrogance of the F.B.I in dealing with a known mole Still, it is a good read about a real spy operating in the real world.

    3. This is the story of convicted spy, FBI employee, Robert Hansen His father was a police officer Hansen went to dental school but didn t finish, then after a master s in accounting worked for Touche Ross The FBI at that time recruited middle class people often Catholics There were very few Ivy leaders in the garage Hansen applied and was accepted.Hansen was a member of and his wife were members of Opus Dei, a Catholic sect with about 8000 members They run a number of schools in the United States [...]

    4. I randomly picked this up at the library the other day All in all, a pretty solid 2002 read, written by two Time Magazine journalists who know how to write breezy, interesting, easy to read prose I learned a lot of interesting facts about this case I love reading nonfiction books about the spy world.My main problem with this book is the judgmental nature of the authors at some points Some of their sentences might be seen as slut shaming by the contemporary reader These authors likely come from r [...]

    5. Despite what is a fascinating subject a double agent this book is dull After reading than 200 pages, the only insight gained is that Bob Hannsen was a bit strange He was socially awkward, not liked by his co workers, and had the zeal of a religious convert regarding his association with Opus Dei There are hints that he had father issues There is no real explanation for his treason, just some vague speculation that he did not feel properly appreciated by his colleagues Perhaps it is not possible [...]

    6. I really liked the premise of the book, chronicling Bob Hanssen s career of spying on the U.S government for the Russians It made me think about topics that had never entered my mind the sheer amount of secret information that an FBI agent has access to, the extent that intelligence agencies plan their strategies of courting spies from other countries, the complexity of planning communications interceptions I was so surprised by the things that Bob Hanssen got away with It seemed that an FBI age [...]

    7. This is the true story upon which the movie Breach was based, about Robert Hanssen, the man who worked for the FBI and spied for the Soviet Union and after the breakup of the USSR, Russia for over 20 years It is a fascinating story how this pious, upstanding, downright boring man was able to fool everyone around him as he passed along infomation in dead drops as Ramon Garcia The I read, I also gained a real understanding of how something like 9 11 happened without it being uncovered by intellig [...]

    8. I vaguely remember hearing about this Many things went through my mind as I listened to this on CD For one, Hanssen never really explains why he stole all those secrets and gave them to the USSR and later the Russians The book insinuates it was because he had a superiority complex and the Russians would flatter him and give him the attention he felt he deserved Another theory was that he had daddy issues and his dad was in law enforcement and this was one giant f ck you to his father Another thi [...]

    9. Meh, it was an interesting read, but not really what I was looking for I love me a good spy story, but you have to give me than just the bare bones facts This book has a good time line of when Hanssen started to spy, but very little about WHY he spied I wanted to know about his life and some of the things that led him to that spot.One part of this story that got a lot of play was that despite being a good Catholic he sent nude pictures of his wife to his friends and posted X rated stories abou [...]

    10. This should be a companion piece to the movie, Breach, about the FBI spy traitor Robert Hanssen Hanssen, you ll remember, operated for 20 years as a Russian spy His activities resulted in the execution of a number of Russian intelligence agents and who knows how many American agents The book will fill in some of the blanks about Hanssen and how he got away with it The first 3 4 of the book is excellent, but the final 1 4 loses its way It never clearly shows the man and his motives, except in the [...]

    11. I personally did not like this book quite that much or quite frankly at all I Thinks its because my own personal interests rejected the idea of CIA spy s and a very predictable plot I was not able to finish the book and I abandoned it towards the middle The predictable plots and un interesting characters make it hard to read I would not recommend it to many people unless you are very into spy books to which this would not make you as bored as it made me.

    12. Although I was an adult when his arrest was made, I don t remember any of this The book tells the story of Robert Philip Hanssen, double agent I was shocked at how he got away with it all those years It was amazing how he was able to blend into the background and become unnoticed by everyone.

    13. This is a thorough, and I think well balanced, biography of Robert Hanssen the notorious FBI agent who sold US secrets to the Russians and caused the death of perhaps as many as 50 people and compromised billions of dollars of US expenditures on surveillance and secrecy.

    14. A very good book to attempt to understand the sociopathic and self centered character and why he betrayed his country A sick person who did great damage to America and even though it took so long to catch him, being as smart as he was, it was the FBI that nailed him Good on ya FBI

    15. Hanssen is a fascinating character but the writing was too gossipy Going to try another book at a later time.

    16. Interesting story with lots of detail Not very well written in my option I enjoyed learning all of the facts around the story.

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