The Poems of Charles Reznikoff 1918-1975 (2020)

The Poems of Charles Reznikoff Charles Reznikoff was born in Brooklyn the son of Russian immigrants He was an original a blood and bone New Yorker who walked the city s waterfronts and breathed the life of the Jewish te
  • Title: The Poems of Charles Reznikoff 1918-1975
  • Author: Charles Reznikoff Seamus Cooney
  • ISBN: 9781574232035
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charles Reznikoff 1894 1976 was born in Brooklyn, the son of Russian immigrants He was an original, a blood and bone New Yorker who walked the city s waterfronts and breathed the life of the Jewish tenements into a lifetime of remarkable poetry Black Sparrow Books is proud to publish his complete shorter poems all of his poetry except the book length works TestimonyCharles Reznikoff 1894 1976 was born in Brooklyn, the son of Russian immigrants He was an original, a blood and bone New Yorker who walked the city s waterfronts and breathed the life of the Jewish tenements into a lifetime of remarkable poetry Black Sparrow Books is proud to publish his complete shorter poems all of his poetry except the book length works Testimony and Holocaust scrupulously edited, with notes, by Seamus Cooney.
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    • [EPUB] ò The Poems of Charles Reznikoff 1918-1975 | By ↠ Charles Reznikoff Seamus Cooney
      Charles Reznikoff Seamus Cooney

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    1. Salmon and red wineand a cake fat with raisings and nuts no diet for a writer of versewho must learn to fastand drink water by measure.Those of us without house and groundwho leave tomorrowmust keep our bagage light a psalm, perhaps a dialogue brief as Lamech s song in Genesis,even Job among his friends but no .Like a tree in Decemberafter the winds have stripped itleaving only trunks and limbsto ride and outlastthe winter s blast.

    2. Reznikoff is a poet s poet His quiet dedication to his craft is exemplary His poetry is a unique combination of vivid imagery and reportage blending into a virtuosic, American voice If you re a William Carlos Williams fan, you ll love Reznikoff.

    3. This is a beautiful, poignant, hopeful and despairing collection of poems It is truly one of the most affective works I ve ever read It is very hard to read these simple statements without being moved emotionally But I don t think it s poetry That s not to diminish or call into question Reznikoff s art it is outstanding However, I view poetry as rhythmic speech Poetry features pattern s and repetition and I mean this in the broadest possible definition Poetry features repeated sentence structure [...]

    4. Charles Reznikoff s collected works exhibit two primary forms 1 very short and almost haiku like meditations on moments, objects or people 2 long narrative forms from the Jewish tradition, his own autobiography, actual court cases, or American history All of these poems are entirely stripped of rhetoric and literary flourish, boiled down to essentials, and lineated to achieve a very natural and powerful rhythm The short poems are often the most powerful Here s a great one that sums up the nature [...]

    5. I really admire the deliberate lack of rhetoric in the language There are rhetorical effects, but they tend to feel genuine because the poetry avoids them and when they happen it seems that s because they are necessary to describe certain objectively present experiences But at least in the first five collections there seems to be a pithiness which is problematic On the one hand, we could say that even this moral of the story last line tendency is an impression of reality it is an objective fact [...]

    6. Reznikoff was a Jewish poet living in Brooklyn Most of his poems are extremely short, some only a sentence or a few lines long Many focus on the challenges and joys of being Jewish in a strange land , or close observations of natural beauty while living in the city There are also extended meditations on the Old Testament and accounts of Jews surviving persecution over the centuries A couple of my favorites God saw Adam in a town without flowers and trees and fields to look upon, and so gave him [...]

    7. My reading of Reznikoff s work had been limited to the selection BY THE WATERS OF MANHATTAN that I picked up in a used bookstore in the 70 s I had not felt the scope of his achievement until I read this complete edition cover to cover Unique approach to the narrative poem which is really a areflection of his objectivist approach I find him much akin to L Niedecker than to the celebrated George Oppen Highly recommend this volume for both its vision as well as its intensity Here s a poet who nee [...]

    8. I loved his poetry I especially love the short almost fragmentary ones they were so evocative And the poems about New York City really captured its essence I discovered him through an essay by Paul Auster and was amazed that I d never heard of him and according to Auster, he is one of America s greatest poets of the last century so I Inter Library Loaned the two volumes of his poems Amazing

    9. Difficult to make any valid statements about such a large section of a body of work I found some of the books contained within this selection very engaging and would even consider buying them in chapbook form The book length crib notes on Old Testement stories, not likely Still, anyone interested in seeing an especially lawyerly poetry would be well rewarded for the reading.

    10. Reznikoff s Jewish street wisdom, his keen eye for the New York City detail, his appetite for the telling narrative arc, all of these gifts are to be treasured He also gives poets an opportunity to write clearly and deeply about what they have seen and experienced by providing models for how to do it in poem after poem Bill Zavatsky, Poetry Foundation

    11. magnificent, precise i found this at east village books for so cheap and it felt nice to have the real black sparrow edition rather than the ecco black sparrow edition they used to make such great books.

    12. please hunt out recordings of Reznikoff reading, like at Penn Sound let Google help you find it , he is so energetic and cheerful about presenting his poems the Objectivists, so far as that term can engage our thoughts, were politically tuned, with a freedom from the inflated.

    13. The year I lived in Manhattan, this volume was a close companion A lover of haiku, I was immediately drawn to Reznikoff s less is verse I read a lot about New York that year, but nothing captured the essence of living on its streets quite like these poems.

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