The Diary of Anne Frank: And Related Readings (2020)

The Diary of Anne Frank And Related Readings There are reading parts
  • Title: The Diary of Anne Frank: And Related Readings
  • Author: Frances Goodrich Albert Hackett
  • ISBN: 9780395833643
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There are 10 reading parts.
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      Frances Goodrich Albert Hackett

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    1. This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for reviews Let s play a wondrous game of Never Have I Ever Of course, you ve all heard of this game in those cute, cheeky contemporary novels but many few have played it Here s a first for me, too But my main point here is Never have I ever read a play before Stepping into a new kind of writing format and learning the basics of the great scripts, The Diary of Anne Frank brought back memories of when I actually read Anne s di [...]

    2. Diary of Anne Frank is about a young girl who was a Jew Not only was she a Jew but her whole family were Jews At this time the Germans were taking over and World War II was going on The reason for all of this was Hitler he was a very sick man The Germans were capturing people who didn t meet their standards the Jews weren t apart of their standards if you didn t meet their standards or if you were a Jew then you got sent to a concentration camp These camps were in horrible condition If you went [...]

    3. No one should take ones freedom or right to live because of their religion, nationality or ethnic background.Such a tragic story but Anne Frank had never lost her hope, one of her last writing was In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart bbc annefrank timeli

    4. I went through a phase in middle school like many kids that age where I read a lot of books about the Holocaust Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl was one of those, and I remember liking it, but it somehow didn t resonate as much of some of the others I don t completely remember why, but I know at least part of it was feeling like there were too many tangents, and I just wanted to find out what happened to Anne and her family in other words, the basic fact that it was a diary got in the way fo [...]

    5. This is a two act play first presented in Cort Theatre, New York, New York on October 5, 1955 The husband and wife authors of this book dramatized Anne Frank s story based on the book Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl Simply a tender dramatic composition I was picturing myself in the audience of this play I kept myself alert and focused I wanted all my senses functioning This book delivered I saw and felt much fear, anxiety, hope, laughter, innocence, loyalty, desires, friendship, tolerance, madn [...]

    6. The book was pretty interesting It s about a girl named Anne Frank The other characters are Annes parents Mr Mrs.Frank, her sister Margot, Mr Mrs Van Daan, there son Peter Mr Dussel The setting takes place in Holland This book takes place around the time when world war 2 was going on with Jewish German Its about a young thirteen year old girl who has to go in hiding in an attic in the building where Anne s father works with her family and friends of family so they wouldn t be sent to concentrati [...]

    7. The Diary of Anne Frank,one of the most tragic books I have ever read Starting from a good childhood life to a fearful escape, Anne Frank experiences the holocaust that was led by World War 2 Her tragic moments were the most devastating times of her life causing her to create this Diary Documentary about her feelings, her experiences, and etc This diary documentary truly inspires many, as it represents how society rolls today Each page was like a life lesson or a theme that had to be read In fut [...]

    8. Overall, this play just makes me sad I think it s a good representation of what took place in the Secret Annex based on Anne s diary, but the reality of the situation saddens me I wonder what a girl like Anne, who as a 13 year old wrote a diary that has been published around the world, could have accomplished as an adult I don t like seeing the reality of the characters of the Van Daans and Dussel, but I very much like seeing the heroism of the characters, Mr Frank, Mr Kraler, and Miep So having [...]

    9. I loved this book because of the well written format of this book The story in this theatrical version is told so well that the reader can feel as if they are in the story themselves.

    10. The Diary of Anne Frank is a play by Frances Goodrich, and brings Anne s diary to life Anne is thirteen when her diary begins in 1942, and she tells of what her experience was like being Jewish and being in hiding during World War II Through the play, we see Anne s expeience in hiding, and how it affects her, her family members, and the other Jewish people in hiding with them Although she and the others in hiding experience great hardship and distress, the play still shows how life pervails, eve [...]

    11. This text is the play version of The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, a written account of a young girl in the form of a diary she called Kitty and often addresses as such with every diary entry who successfully, painstakingly hid for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation in what was called the Secret Annex Along with her family, the Franks, the van Pels also hid in the Secret Annex I would incorporate this play into a Holocaust unit read in class together with students assign [...]

    12. This is the stage adaptation of the original story The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, which follows Anne Frank and her family through Nazi occupation of the Netherlands Anne and her family go into hiding with another Jewish family after her sister is summoned to a Nazi work camp, and she details their loving, nerve wrecking, and disturbing history Her attempt to live normally in a society that despises her and her family leaves her and her family in a Man vs Society conflict As the Netherl [...]

    13. This version of The Diary of Anne Frank allows students to engage in the text in a way that is different than just reading it to themselves individually By acting or reading it aloud, this already powerful story of a young Jewish girl living in hiding during Hitler s reign in Germany, is brought to life This story can serve as a way to talk about the pattern, or structure of plot I think by listening to certain scenes read aloud, students will better understand the aspects of rising action and c [...]

    14. Lauren Fariss Diary of Anne Frank the play is a great text to use with middle school students when learning about the Holocaust The play is easier to read than the novel, and also allows students to practice reading aloud and taking on the roles of different characters I would relate this text to the study of identity, by asking students to think about how our individual experiences can shape our sense of identity I would have students look at the life experiences of Anne Frank in the novel and [...]

    15. The Diary of Anne Frank follows a young girl, her family, and their experiences while hiding in Amsterdam during the Holocaust Perspective wise, this play would introduce students to the point of view of someone around their age who actually lived during the Holocaust Kids will inevitably be learning about the Holocaust, and this play offers an accessible character for middle school students As we talked about in class, it would be a good idea to team teach this play with the history teacher, as [...]

    16. The Diary of Anne Frank is a play detailing Anne Frank s experiences as a Jewish girl from Holland during the rise of Nazi power in Europe and eventually her capture by Nazi forces In an 8th grade classroom, this play could function as a spearhead for a unit focusing on the Holocaust Ideally it would be in an interdisciplinary context with students History classes however, regardless, a teacher can use the same strategies to help students understand both the Holocaust and the content of the play [...]

    17. It is a really good book, I learned so much about the Holocaust while reading this amazing book.Definitely recommend people to read this book.

    18. The Diary of Anne Frank the play is a great way to teach younger students the Holocaust This play is based of the Diary that Anne Frank wrote while in hiding and was changed into a play with the language simplified for a younger audience The play is very effective for students learning because it is told for a young girls perspective and forces students to play different parts This allows the students to gain insight into what they must have felt while in hiding and allows them to relate to some [...]

    19. Per la recensione completa venite sul mio blog My Bookish Philosophy mybookishphilosophy.cPrima di tutto devo specificare che, come quasi tutti penso, avevo letto questo libro per scuola, parecchi anni fa, per non me lo ricordavo affatto tutti quelli che mi conoscono sanno in che povero stato la mia memoria e con questa seconda lettura ne sono stata molto colpita Un romanzo come non me lo aspettavo proprio, che quasi quasi mi fa domandare se effettivamente l avevo letto, e che sono stata content [...]

    20. Diary of Anne Frank Review The Diary of Anne Frank is a book filled with courageous people and actions that they made to save others Anne Frank is the main character and is a Jew Her family went off to hiding in their new home called the Secret Annex The Frank family shared their new home with many people like the Van Daan family They are a family of three a mother, a father, and a son named Peter Anne after a while warmed up to Peter, and they eventually fell in love with one another But as peo [...]

    21. The Diarry of Ann Frank Play was the first time that I have read anything on Ann Frank I had heard of Ann before but I still have never read her diarry The play however was not something that I really enjoyed, which is why I gave it a two for my rating.What I liked about the play was the perspective you get about a Jew in hiding during WWII I have read many books on WWII but none that were just about Jews hiding from the Nazi s After reading the play I have a much deeper appreciation for the bra [...]

    22. An excellent play adapted from Anne Frank s diary When you read a play like this, you go in knowing the ending a bit like the Titanic, you know the boat hits the iceberg and sinks , but that doesn t make it any less of an interesting read I liked how the play is bookended with a scene between Miep Gies and Otto Frank set 3 years later, as he returns to the annex and starts to read Anne s diary, throwing him back to very recent events The stage directions state that all of the characters except f [...]

    23. I really enjoyed reading this book because it had a catchy story to it I like to read books holocaust and this book was one of the better books I read This is a great book for boys and girls from middle school up and it taught me a lot about what Jewish people had to go through during the holocaust The book is very detailed and enthralling The context was good but the book went to fast at the end when they went to the concentration camps and right before that The book was based on a true story a [...]

    24. OK, I m sure I read excerpts from the Diary years ago for some class or another, and everyone who is literate knows the basics of Anne Frank s tragic story, but somehow I d always missed reading it in any complete form The adapted play has been coming up several times lately in the theater circles I run in, so I decided to give it a go.I was unprepared for Anne s vivacity and her relative modernity She reads like a modern teenager, and it makes her sad death in the closing months of WWII that m [...]

    25. I think I am supposed to feel deeply about this book because it is about the hardships that jews had to go through to try and fail to survive during the holocaust, and that part is referenced and is really eerie and sad but what I didnt remember about this book is that yeah, it is also written by a 13 year old girl and 13 year old girls are dramatic and annoying so, glad I reread it, and understand its historical significance but I kind of had to push my way through the second half while anne w [...]

    26. I liked reading this book The diary of anne frank gave me a greater understanding of how many jews were treated and punished during world war two when hitler was in power During this time period, Hitler had taken millions of Jews into concentration camps and exterminated them Anne told of her experience and wat she went through when hitler took over her town and nazis started taking families out of their homes The diary of anne frank is being written as anne and her family go into hiding above h [...]

    27. This book diary represents the hardships of jewish living during the holocaust Since anne wanted to be a writer her book was published by her father anne was an amazing writer, and it shows in this book it shows the ups and the downs yet it also shows the daily life not just the exciting parts She didnt hide any of her emotions, this was clearly stated in the book i must learn to open up to you because you may be the only one who can understand me while im stuck in here this book is clearly amaz [...]

    28. I m pretty sure I saw this staged when I was in elementary school After all, it is one of those plays that educational theatre troupes love to perform.The Diary of Anne Frank the play does a decent job of summarizing the actual diary Anne s story is so heartbreaking that the play could be much worse and still pack an emotional punch, but this Pulitzer Prize winning adaptation is pretty good I prefer the actual diary, but as far as plays with a heavy educational bent go, The Diary of Anne Frank i [...]

    29. Does anyone else feel weird saying you really liked books with horrific topics Anyhow, I cannot believe I have never read this before.This young woman was an utter delight So resilient, so dedicated, so bubbly and innocent, hopeful and smart All that time writing and very little of it is about the atrocities happening all around them I guess they were somewhat insulated only hearing stories of others intermittantly, but still, very little about their fear and so much about her hopes and dreams.M [...]

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