Uncubicled Part 1 (2020)

Uncubicled Part First half of the original higher priced novel Warning reading this book may endanger your co workers Joe Tompkins was having a bad day at the office boring meetings pointless assignments and this
  • Title: Uncubicled Part 1
  • Author: Josh McMains
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First half of the original, higher priced novel Warning reading this book may endanger your co workers Joe Tompkins was having a bad day at the office boring meetings, pointless assignments, and this feeling that he was being watched When he could take no , he did what anyone would do He knocked out a co worker with a keyboard and escaped From cube dwelling auFirst half of the original, higher priced novel Warning reading this book may endanger your co workers Joe Tompkins was having a bad day at the office boring meetings, pointless assignments, and this feeling that he was being watched When he could take no , he did what anyone would do He knocked out a co worker with a keyboard and escaped From cube dwelling author Josh McMains comes a dark comedy that brings conspiracy back to corporate America Uncubicled follows the drastic series of events that would take one man from his mid level desk job to an elaborate getaway from the long arm of the law and perhaps something even sinister Along the way, Joe crosses paths with former friends whose destinies have been intertwined from the start Joe encounters mystery, adventure, and car trouble as he struggles to find out what he was always meant to do and who, exactly, wants him dead And you thought YOUR job sucked.
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      Josh McMains

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    1. Uncubicled starts out with one of the best beginnings of any book I ve read It s hilarious, totally predictable in places, and completely UNpredictable in others, and the mystery starts from the very beginning.The book is thoroughly gripping, and usually hard to put down Plot twists and turns abound, and a fair number of jarring revelations occur There is humor, too, especially in the first third of the book.The book has a nonlinear timeline At times, this is made somewhat explicit Monday 5PM mi [...]

    2. I started out confused, then got unconfused, then was reconfused, then after that was cleared up, I was confused, then surprised.But maybe that s just me.I probably would not have picked up this book except the authour followed me on Twitter after I mentioned having a Kindle and the book cost only ninety nine cents I initially thought it was going to be an Office Space esque book about life in an office however, I was wrong There s mind control There s government agents There s a tricked out SUV [...]

    3. I enjoyed the book I found it through twitter and read it on my kindle It was a good read, a fun read As a first novel it was really good The beginning was great It grabbed my attention and kept it The time shifting back and forth was a little distracting but I understood what it was for The non stop revelatory twists that just wouldn t let the book end exhausted me Seriously You know how you feel at the end of Dan Brown s books The protagonists never sleep, are constantly on the run and there s [...]

    4. I found this book browsing through Kindle listings one day no idea exactly how I tripped over it I chose I thought Uncubicled sounded like it might be like J Pod and I m all for anything that gets us out of cube farms and that weird guy with the mouth breathing habit who sits one thin wall over.The book started out hilariously I don t know how many of you have ever worked in a company with That Guy, but at least once on a mid Monday, we dream of whacking That Guy with the keyboard All of a sudde [...]

    5. If you can stand the suspense of really not knowing any of the WHY about any of characters actions until well past the halfway point of the book then this could be a good read for you While I enjoyed the story, and even got to liking some of the characters, the at times scattered timeline and lack of reveal of any kind of motivation was off putting My husband was asking me What are you reading and I had to honestly say I m not sure Intrigue, action, humor, it s all in there I m glad I stuck it o [...]

    6. The opening of this book was a breath of fresh air It was fun and surprising and you can t help rooting for fastidious Joe and his literal escape from the cube, even at the same time as you re thinking, What are you DOING It s worth the download just for the first 1 4 of the book For the remaining 3 4, it seemed that the author had a half dozen cool ideas about where the story could go, and instead of developing one, he used them all So it reads like the work of a genius whose brain goes so fast [...]

    7. The first 2 3rds of the book would easily rate four stars The story just unravels the last 1 3rd of the book as the author throws in not just the kitchen sink but apparently any and all twists, plot surprises, and turns he could think of Kind of reminds me in some ways of C Doctrow s early work If like Doctrow he can take his ideas and writer a cohesive story it will be quite a pleasure indeed I still recommend reading this book as it will make you think and entertain you as well Quite a compli [...]

    8. Started out with lots of humor and potential Then it got very confusingly serious and dragged itself for a long, long, long, long time I think the skipping back and forth through time contributed to every single movement of the characters seeming to take forever It seemed like everyone was in such a hurry but no one ever got anywhere And I missed the fun zany feeling of the opening chapter.I gather this is the author s first book though the writing has potential, a sort of Fight Club Chuck Palah [...]

    9. Uncubicled starts out humorous so therefore I thought this was going to be a good read I was lost most of the time, confused and annoyed I think I only finished it because I really wanted to know what was going to happen The characters wre extremely intelligent and I did appreciate that However, they flipped back and forth way too many times good guy, now bad guy, good guy, now bad guy to the point where I was forgetting who was in on it and who wasn t.

    10. An interesting plot, but it was confusing to this reader when the author jumps around chronologically whenever he focuses on a different character It made it difficult sometimes to follow what was happening in the story I also didn t like the Part 1 Part 2 technique to get you to buy the second installment although I admit it worked I bought part 2 to see what happens in the storyline Overall, I m disappointed in what started out to be a pretty interesting story.

    11. It started off interesting but then got strange The time line is messed up and hard to follow Just when you think you understand what is going on, the plot gets really strange Not my cup of tea I also did not appreciate that as an ebook it was sold in two parts I bought part one, and then borrowed part two thanks Linda I am glad that I did not spend the money to purchase both parts.

    12. This book is odd to read I spent the first half of the book trying to figure out why this guy what freaking out so much for hitting a guy with a keyboard I got interested in the book about half way through, but then the end made me really angry This doesn t even complete the story, you have to buy part two to figure out what will happen I will not be made to buy another book.

    13. Entertaining book that keeps you guessing with unexpected twists that set you up for twists The description focuses on the comedy aspect, but the majority of the humor is in the first half with the remainder keeping you guessing as to what will happen next I highly recommend this book, especially if you re a Dr Pepper junkie like myself as it has a prominent supporting role in the story.

    14. I am always searching for books that are entertaining and funny but still of good literary quality I got this book as a kindle freebie and didn t expect much, but I loved it It was fun, had good plot twists, and ultimately just really kept me engaged I tore through it in a few days and I m off to buy Part 2 now.

    15. I enjoyed it, but shame on them for the marketing I get to the end and discover I can read the rest by ordering Part 2 Though the first one wasn t called Part 1.rrr It was fun, but too annoyed to buy Part 2.

    16. I want to give this 4.5 stars I couldn t put this book down It was really suspenseful and exciting, and made my heart race altogether too much I wished the characters had than 3 letters in their names, but it did allow for a heroine named Amy, which I especially appreciated.

    17. I was disappointed that the ending was a cliffhanger and an attempt to make me purchase the second book The story was interesting, the writing style is different and hard to describe Not quite crude but less than eloquent, which worked ok for the story.

    18. I love this book I bought part one out of curiosity, finished it the same day and bought part 2 From the very start it had me pulled into the story I think I have worked with some of those people before A great read for anyone that loves conspiracies or lives in cube land.

    19. This was a pretty fun read It started out silly and kind of goofy, then it turned into quite the suspense action novel.

    20. Confusing Flash forwards, flash backs, I even think there were some flash sideways Secret agents, double agents, triple agents Names and code names Very confusing.

    21. This book was great I laughed out loud a few times and I was pulled into the story easily I wasn t always sure who to trust and that added to the twists and turns Enjoyed the ride immensely.

    22. I kept reading but I m not sure why Each chapter jumped around in time and from a different person s perspective It was like reading a series of weird dream sequences.

    23. This book kept me on my toes I thought that the timing of bringing the different pieces together was perfect and I loved all of the characters and twists.

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