Shadow of the Sword: A Marine's Journey of War, Heroism, and Redemption (2020)

Shadow of the Sword A Marine s Journey of War Heroism and Redemption Awarded the Navy Cross for gallantry under fire Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman is one of the Marine Corps best known contemporary combat veterans In this searing and inspiring memoir he tells an un
  • Title: Shadow of the Sword: A Marine's Journey of War, Heroism, and Redemption
  • Author: Jeremiah Workman John R. Bruning
  • ISBN: 9780345512123
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Awarded the Navy Cross for gallantry under fire, Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman is one of the Marine Corps best known contemporary combat veterans In this searing and inspiring memoir, he tells an unforgettable story of his service overseas and of the emotional wars that continue to rage long after our fighting men come home.Raised in a tiny blue collar town in Ohio, JeAwarded the Navy Cross for gallantry under fire, Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman is one of the Marine Corps best known contemporary combat veterans In this searing and inspiring memoir, he tells an unforgettable story of his service overseas and of the emotional wars that continue to rage long after our fighting men come home.Raised in a tiny blue collar town in Ohio, Jeremiah Workman was a handsome and athletic high achiever Having excelled on the sporting field, he believed that the Marine Corps would be the perfect way to harness his physical and professional drives.In the Iraqi city of Fallujah in December 2004, Workman faced the challenge that would change his life He and his platoon were searching for hidden caches of weapons and mopping up die hard insurgent cells when they came upon a building in which a team of fanatical insurgents had their fellow Marines trapped Leading repeated assaults on that building, Workman killed than twenty of the enemy in a ferocious firefight that left three of his own men dead.But Workman s most difficult fight lay ahead of him in the battlefield of his mind Burying his guilt about the deaths of his men, he returned stateside, where he was decorated for valor and then found himself assigned to the Marine base at Parris Island as a Kill Hat a drill instructor with the least seniority and the most brutal responsibilities He was instructed, only half in jest, to push his untested recruits to the brink of suicide Haunted by the thought that he had failed his men overseas, Workman cracked, suffering a psychological breakdown in front of the men he was charged with leading and preparing for war.In Shadow of the Sword, a memoir that brilliantly captures both wartime courage and its lifelong consequences, Workman candidly reveals the ordeal of post traumatic stress disorder the therapy and drug treatments that deadened his mind even as they eased his pain, the overwhelming stress that pushed his marriage to the brink, and the confrontations with anger and self blame that he had internalized for years Having fought through the worst of his trials and now the father of a young son Workman has found not perfection or a panacea but a way to accommodate his traumas and to move forward toward hope, love, and reconciliation.
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      Jeremiah Workman John R. Bruning

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    1. Jeremiah, no matter what you think, you are a true American hero You, and all the men and women who have fought in the war on terror You deserve your Navy Cross, and you have done a great honor to the memories of your fallen comrades Raleigh, Eric and James Their heroism and sacrifice of December 23rd will be remembered by all who read your book Thank you for sharing your very personal story, and the details of your battle with post traumatic stress disorder I recommend this book to every Americ [...]

    2. When I heard about this book I held high expectations for it because of the marine title, it was a decent book told alot of facts about ptsd and how he was over coming it but other than that the book lost me wasn t as good as I hoped.

    3. By sharing his experiences both during the war and afterward, Jeremiah Workman has created a book that can help civilians gain an understanding of what life is like for soldiers after they have come home from battle Even importantly, it unveils what it is like to live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and attempts to remove the stigma associated with it.Jeremiah Workman s experiences in Iraq are, at times, hard to read about His recollections of his time in battle particularly one day of [...]

    4. I had to stay up late to finish this book It s the story of a bitter and horrific battle within a battle during the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq in December 2004 The author, a Marine NCO at the time, earned a Navy Cross, the second highest medal for heroism in the U.S military, in that gunfight his leaders nominated him for the highest award, the Medal of Honor, but for whatever reason, the people at the top of the chain of command downgraded it to the Navy Cross, still a medal that is very seldom [...]

    5. I received the advance uncorrected proof yesterday and found it difficult to put down It is a quick exciting read The author PTSD is exhibited in the writing style In one sentence you are in the States but in the next you are taken back to Fallujah Descriptions of his comrades in arms are vivid He wants to kill the enemy face to face For him it is vengeance He lost family in 9 11 This and other parts are indicative of the effectiveness of Bush Cheney propaganda But the work is not so much about [...]

    6. Wow This was a truly amazing book to read It documents the story of a Marine, who served in Iraq in 2004, and who suffers from Post traumatic stress disorder because of the combat situations he was in It is truly a heartwrenching tale of the personal hell that so many of our servicemen and women face after putting their lives on the line for the USA As many as 760,000 people who served in Iraq are in this same boat As other people have described, the book works as a series of flashbacks, which i [...]

    7. I won this book from a first reads giveaway This book was very well written Normally, i find that when books jump between memories and the present I get very confused, but not with this book It was laid out in a manner that made sense Jeremiah took us through his journey returning to life after war and trying to find ways to deal with his PTSD His story is heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time Like a car wreck, I knew that his memories would be horrible and that part of me did not want [...]

    8. The true account of Marine Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman s time in Northern Fallujah Iraq and the impact it made on his life afterwards Vividly describes the stark reality of the stress of war on an individual Brings to light the startling facts of Post Traumatic Stress disorder, how it invades ones mind changing who they are, and the internal battle to learn to cope and go on each day Honors the memory of those lost and the stories of those who survived.Did not care for the structure and orde [...]

    9. This book had my attention from page one It pulled me right into a marine s mind, and showed me the life changing crucible of combat This is a heartwrenching story of Sgt Workman s experiences in Iraq, and one battle that forever changed his life Three of his marine brothers died in that fight and Workman was awarded the Navy Cross for heroism Workman, however, was filled with guilt shame because he had failed to save the lives of those three men The battle raged on in his mind, day and night, p [...]

    10. The book is about Jeremiah Workman s experience in the Marines and a firefight in Iraq that left some of his men dead Jeremiah goes into detail of what it is like to be a Marine and the philosophy of what a good Marine is taught The beginning of the book starts off with his experience as a drill instructor and I ve had a couple of friends who were Marines and it s kind of shocking of what men and women go through I had a really hard time reading this book, but yet it was hard to put down for I h [...]

    11. This book has given me new and renewed respect for the soldiers who fight for my freedom It is the story of combat Marine Jeremiah Workman and his fight against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD after returning home from war I thought I understood what PTSD was before reading this book but I really had no clue.While the writing style and sometimes harsh language put me off at first, the story being told quickly latched on to me, leaving it hard to put the book down It is an easy and quick read [...]

    12. This is a true account of Jeremiah Workman s experience after coming home from Iraq He was diagnosed with PTSD after surviving a firefight where three of his men had been killed He also married his high school sweetheart right out of high school, which his PTSD also affected his relationship with his his young wife, as did their age when they had gotten married Her behavior while he was in Iraq shows how young and immature they were when they had gotten married This book does a good job in showi [...]

    13. This is my brother in law s book I definitely didn t know half of the things that he says in this book I find it to be very riveting I could not believe the horrors that he faced when he was in Iraq To see the things that happened to his at home were first hand to me I thought it was scary the things he did, but I had no idea what was racing through his head I think the arrival of my nephew his son was very helping This has to be one of my favorite book of all time and will always be on bookshel [...]

    14. hello this is my first review I think this book is very good and very easy to read Most of all he has my respect for writing this book about the many trials he faced in Fallujah I read this book in the summer of this year and I honestly couldnt imagine the suffering he went through just to get his men to safety a true hero and a true brother to those who he fought with I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going into the military or to someone who wants to read a heroes true story.

    15. This book opened my eyes wide to effects of war and trauma on the human soul This journey of one Marine speaks for all those that suffer from PTSD Spoken with heartfelt honesty, SSGT Workman is not afraid to reveal all sides of himself and his dealings with the demons inside.I am honored and humbled to have read this memoir of a truly courageous man who rose above despair to find light and meaning in his life and to offer help to his fellow warriors.Thank you, Jeremiah Workman You honor yourself [...]

    16. Dit boek brengt de terreur, spanning en gruwelen van oorlog in Fallujah n de nawee n ervan samen in een aangrijpend verhaal Wat is post traumatische stress precies en hoe ziet het leven er uit met deze ziekte Hoe functioneert een veteraan Jeremiah Workman en welke stappen brengen hem dichter bij een wereld waarin wel zingeving en vreugde kunnen bestaan De 478 pagina s vlogen in twee dagen voorbij, aanrader

    17. Shadow of the Sword is a compelling true story of one soldier s war, first fought overseas, then even frighteningly back at home He pulls you into his world and his head The demons he brought back as flashbacks by day and nightmares haunting his nights become as real to the reader as they are to him Like so many veterans returning from war, he struggles to find his way back to himself This book was excellent, I applaud Workman for sharing his pain to help others.

    18. If you have anyone in your life that has served in the military, especially in combat this is a book you need to read I commend Jeremiah Workman for being willing to tell his story and help remove the stigma associated with PTSD As the wife of a Marine who served in Iraq during the Gulf War, I know I will never truly understand what my husband experienced, but reading this book made me respect him and what he has sacrificed even than I did before.

    19. I found this book to be heartbreaking and comforting all at the same time The stories the author shares will certainly tug at your heart strings, but at the same time, the amazing bond between Marines is comforting It s nice to know that our boys and girls have each other to lean on in times of difficulty and in times of war I highly recommend this book because it gives a real glimpse into the fight our servicemen and women are facing in Iraq and elsewhere.

    20. Amazing book I read this in 1 day I ve always said that the men women of our Military are my heroes this book just proves how much they really sacrifice for our freedom I think it s great that this Marine was able to write about his PTSD the ordeals he has gone thru Hopefully this will help other men women in the same situation to see that they are not alone God bless our Military men women.

    21. Jeremiah Workman narrates a life story that is at times suspenseful, at others frightening, and still at other times it s sad then hopeful He details how his tour of duty in Fallujah later affected him, his family and his career If you ve wondered about the horrors our troops are subjected to while defending our freedom on foreign soil, this read is not to be missed VERY satisfying.

    22. This was a well written book by Jeremiah Workman, a Marine who served in Iraq He does a very good job of describing his experiences and struggles both in Iraq and back home While some parts of this story are difficult to read, due to the graphic images he describes, I feel that this is a very necessary story to read.

    23. This was definitely eye opening to the effects of PTSD in our military I spent 20 years as a military wife but had somehow never seen what happens and the aftermath that is leaves Reading this has also given me insight to what my sister who spent a year in Afghanistan as a combat medic is suffering with too.

    24. Excellent book for those of us who have any interest or past lives in the military The life of our military are not to be taken lightly They give every thing they have as indicated in this story.

    25. This is a First Readers winner book This is a memoir from a Marine Vet who earned the Navy Cross while fighting in Iraq and his struggles with PTSD Semper Fi The writing makes the story accessible to all types of people.

    26. Overall it was a compelling story What struck me most and what I think a lot of people lose sight of is how young a lot of these soldiers are I received this book through a First Reads giveaway.

    27. Pretty good book, tough PTSD is a tough subject and it is well explained Eye opener about the everything explodes and then you go back to grocery shopping in the suburban by a respected Marine Aye, sir.

    28. I liked it, although I can barely imagine what Workman has been through It s been awhile since I ve read it I got it for free from first reads.

    29. This book was well written and it had an interesting story It was a rough read It had a bit of the tough language in it.

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