Anarcho Grow: Pura Vida in Costa Rica (2020)

Anarcho Grow Pura Vida in Costa Rica During college Ben Starosta had done volunteer work in a small community in Costa Rica Later he returns thinking he can help the people through other means He introduces them to guerrilla growing
  • Title: Anarcho Grow: Pura Vida in Costa Rica
  • Author: T.A. Sedlak Leslie W. LePere
  • ISBN: 9780615309231
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • During college, Ben Starosta had done volunteer work in a small community in Costa Rica Later, he returns, thinking he can help the people through other means He introduces them to guerrilla growing, clandestine outdoor marijuana cultivation, and as the pot s shipped to the United States for top dollar, the community s prospering However, the C.I.A soon catches wiDuring college, Ben Starosta had done volunteer work in a small community in Costa Rica Later, he returns, thinking he can help the people through other means He introduces them to guerrilla growing, clandestine outdoor marijuana cultivation, and as the pot s shipped to the United States for top dollar, the community s prospering However, the C.I.A soon catches wind and heads down for a look around.Enter T.A Sedlak s stunningly vivid portrait of Latin America A world of iridescent birds, fruit farmers, tight pantsed ticas, and piratas Learn the meaning of Pura Vida, the importance of hockey bags, and what goes on at the infamous Hotel Del Rey Sit back, turn on the Volcano, and learn for yourself where Anarcho Grow will lead Anarcho Grow is an engaging story of love, political intrigue and utopian hopes It is eminently readable and emotionally compelling Howard Zinn Anarcho Grow is a gripping and entertaining novel of Latin America, highly recommended The Midwest Book Review T.A Sedlak s Anarcho Grow is the best marijuana adventure novel since T C Boyle s Budding Prospects a quick, compelling read Steve Bloom, former editor of High Times and current editor of CelebStoner.ocm
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      T.A. Sedlak Leslie W. LePere

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    1. This isn t just a book It s an experience.T.A s ability to set a scene is unparalleled As one who s been to Costa Rica, he made me feel like I d been flown back there And at no point do we forgot where we are The sounds, sights, smells, and even tastes are always present However, the description is light, like Hemingway, and never bogs the reader down.Character development is superb With a revolutionary as the protagonist and CIA agents chasing him, one would think the character would have a ten [...]

    2. I was a bit skeptical when T.A Sedlak s Anarcho Grow was initially recommended to me by a friend, as she had recommended a few authors who didn t resonate with me, most notably, Tom Robbins Ugh However, the recommendations kept coming my way After someone totally devoid of hippy drippy culture recommended it to me, a former college English professor, I decided to give Anarcho Grow a go I m glad I did Sedlak s ability to think up an interesting story is superb It goes places Most importantly, he [...]

    3. After Anarcho Grow T.A Sedlak is about to become one of the most talked about authors in the country or he should be.He gives us a plot that sounds exciting to the average person Drug runner philanthropist chased through Latin America by C.I.A but then makes it true literature to the university crowd by investigating race, gender, and politics.His dialogue is to die for, and I m in love with a number of his characters Hell, I m thinking of heading down to Costa Rica just to meet some ticos And j [...]

    4. The tone is like Vonnegut The story is like Tom Robbins Exciting read that s a perfect portrait of Latin America Will the hero live or die Will America stand or fall Read it to find out.

    5. Anarcho Grow is one of the most exciting, yet intelligent books I ve read As the suspense and diction cause the pages to turn quickly, you struggle to remember the gems that Sedlak sprinkles throughout It almost reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut s books in that you excitedly fly through them, loving every moment, but later end up rereading them because you go through them so quickly that you can t remember everything.In Ben Starosta, Anarcho Grow s protagonist, we have a young revolutionary Though eff [...]

    6. When I saw T.A Sedlak at Hemp Con in L.A and he pitched his book to me, I told him, Nah, I m not really that into pot I was there with a friend, not for my own personal interests.He assured me that his book was not just for potheads, telling me that intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn non pot smokers had endorsed it Boy was he right First off, there is no mention of pot until at least fifty pages in, and characters only indulge in it a few times And, being a pothead, T.A doesn t go o [...]

    7. Anarcho Grow is a novel that doesn t come along so often It s fun, intelligent, and socially important.It s by a smart young author who eschews the over experimental forms that dooms so many Iowa graduates, instead sticking with simple Strunk White prose The description is perfect It gives you a beautiful picture but doesn t keep you there wondering where the story s going as some intelligent young authors unfortunately do The pace is fast, leaving others to stare at you till you finish the sect [...]

    8. I actually didn t read this book, but I was supposed to for a class However, the best story ever came out about the author during discussion The author lives in the city where my university is, and the teacher was talking about how great this author was, how we re lucky to have him in town Then a girl in class said she was really close with him, and the teacher eyes her up all defensively and changes the subject Then another girl says, Wait, I know this guy He was such an jerk to my roommate I d [...]

    9. This was an okay book, but very stereotypical in terms of Ticos, the CIA and CR in general The author seems familiar with the tourist stops than life in the campo Too much emphasis on prosititution All Ticos are presented as very Americanized in this book other than the tight clothing worn by the young girls I don t know how much time he s actually spent there, his layout of some of the towns example Tam are off, unless he was there over 10 years ago no, not even then, the circle has been there [...]

    10. Reading this book I was reminded of E.M Forsters words in preface to Howard s End Only connect I felt T.A Sedlak poured his heart and soul into this book and in the process has connected with the lives of the people it describes The result for me was the most unputdownable read I have had this year I can understand why some Americans don t like this book but to me it seems to ring so true the CIA involvement in Latin American politics, the humanity, the fraught lives of people in desperation It [...]

    11. The lovely artwork might initially lure you to the book, but the adventures within will keep you interested until the last page Sedlak uses the backdrop of Latin America for his setting as his characters come alive and use the richness of the Costa Rican land to grow and smuggle the sacred herb abroad Of course, not all good plans go unnoticed, as their actions come to light the US government attempts to put a stop to the operation Adventure and suspense move this tale forward, with a little rom [...]

    12. Anything that makes its rounds through The Dead Family will soon get to me, and T.A Sedlak s Anarcho Grow was no exception If I were to rate it like a GD album, I d declare it just a step below Live Dead.I hope the book won t decay on my shelves from lack of sustenance because it s truly alive Vivid sounds, sights, smells, and flavors burst from it The story moves quickly, but lines stay on your tongue The characters are deeper than Crater Lake And the artwork looks as fine as a shooting star.Pi [...]

    13. You won t find many books out there as good as this one It s an exciting story capable of teaching people how to change the world for the better, set in an exotic location with bright colors, rich flavors and aromas at every turn T.A Sedlak writes with such passion and intelligence that tf I ever meet him, he s leaving with me Like Frida Kahlo s destiny was to be with Diego Rivera, I think mine just might be to be with T.A Sedlak Message me if you got his contact.

    14. I caught T.A Sedlak doing a reading from Anarcho Grow on my campus Iowa University and was intrigued enough to pick it up Sure am glad I did It was one of the most fun quickest reads I ve had lately, and still left me with enough moments where I laid the book down to think about what was being said I don t know how anyone cannot like this book If you want a book you can t put down, pick this one up I think it took me about ten hours to read.

    15. This is a bad book Don t waste the 0.99 that it costs I read it because of the good reviews and the fact that it was supposed to be about Costa Rica, but is basically a term paper a college student would have written after spending 2 months on a rural tourist trip It tries to be an analysis on how life is in Latin America and it falls instead into all sorts of stereotypes and gossipy comments By the way, just because you repeat Pura Vida every 3 lines, doesn t mean that you get it.

    16. A great book Combining very descriptive accounts of life in Central America both for an expat and two CIA agents sent down there to find him I am really hoping there is a sequel to this book where Daniela picks up where Ben left off Great book if you want to learn about Costa Rica and get into some fiction.

    17. I met T.A Sedlak at Mountain Jam in NY last month His book sounded extremely interesting, and I flew through it on the four day trip to Chicago to catch Phish s first show of the summer.Anarcho Grow s not just a fun read but a device to make one see the world differently I got a feeling that it s going to be big in the jam band world, as well as the one outside it.

    18. When I saw Howard Zinn had given this book a positive review, I had to order it Zinn was right It s an exciting tale of Utopian hope with characters you ll remember for a long time after Once it grabs a hold of you, you can t put it down till it s finished It s nice to see a bright young writer putting forth Anarchist ideas to the masses.

    19. Interesting plot, well developed characters, a way with words, and complex themes It has everything one should look for in a book Is Ben Starosta and Anarcho Grow good or bad for society Read it and decide for yourself You ll be able to tell everyone you read the book when the movie comes out I can t see this one not hitting the big screen.

    20. The funny thing about this book, is that it has all the elements of a great story undercover cia operatives, drug dealers on the run, growing dope, a bit of romance But somehow, it just doesn t come together, the reader just don t get drawn into it The narrative is so dry, and there is no suspense It reads like non fiction It is just a boring book.

    21. One of the best books of 2010, Anarcho Grow will keep you excited while teaching you new things It s a smart as it is captivating.

    22. T.A Sedlak lays down a blueprint for revolution in this well written tale The characters are multifaceted The rhythm is smooth It made me want to visit Costa Rica.

    23. The best thing about this book is the setting of Costa Rica Add in the mix of an American drug dealer and the feds out to get him and you have a edge of seat read.

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