February (2020)

February Cal s old life ended as soon as the deadly day countdown began So far he s been attacked by sharks blamed for a vicious assault on his family kidnapped by two criminal gangs and left to drown
  • Title: February
  • Author: Gabrielle Lord
  • ISBN: 9781935279501
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cal s old life ended as soon as the deadly 365 day countdown began So far, he s been attacked by sharks, blamed for a vicious assault on his family, kidnapped by two criminal gangs, and left to drown in a fast filling oil tank.
    February February is the second and shortest month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, with days in common years and days in leap years, with the quadrennial th day being called the leap day.It is the first of five months to have fewer than days the other four being April, June, September, and November and the only one to have fewer than days. February Definition of February by Merriam Webster February definition is the second month of the Gregorian calendar How do you pronounce February February Is the Second Month of The Year February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar It is the shortest month with only days in common years and days in leap years. February Definition of February at Dictionary February definition, the second month of the year, ordinarily containing days, but containing days in leap years Abbreviation Feb See . February definition of February by The Free Dictionary February f b ro o r , f b yo o n pl Februaries The second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar See Table at calendar Middle English Februarie, from Latin Febru rius m nsis , month of purification, from februa, expiatory offerings, possibly of Sabine origin Usage Note The preferred pronunciation among February Calendar United States Calendars online and print friendly for any year and month and including public holidays and observances for countries worldwide. February Official, Fun, Crazy and Bizarre Holidays Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, Unknown Holidays Observances February is derived from the Latin word februs meaning to cleanse The month was named after the Roman Festival, Februalia, a month long festival of purification and atonement. February Holidays National Today February might be the shortest month of the year, but it s chock full of beloved national holidays from Groundhog Day February to Valentines Day February Check all of our February February Holidays Calendar Jan , February holidays, observances and celebrations Contact Us Terms and Conditions Site Map We use cookies to personalize content, ads, and provide social media interaction and analyze traffic on our site. February Calendar with Holidays United States February Calendar with Holidays in printable format United States Includes Observances, Fun Facts Religious Holidays Christian, Catholic, Jewish Muslim.
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      Gabrielle Lord

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    1. Dit boek was leuk om even tussendoor te lezen Niet bijzonder vernieuwend, maar soms wel een beetje spannend, waardoor ik toch door ging met lezen.

    2. Ik heb dit boek gelezen met m n leesclubje Books Ever After, we lezen elke maand een boek van de twaalf boeken in de serie Ik vond dit boek duidelijker spannender dan het eerste boek, er was iets meer actie en minder verhalen over het verleden en de rest van zijn familie Geen vijf sterren, omdat sommige dingen nog steeds hartstikke onrealistisch zijn, maar dat zal wel zo blijven Ik wil nu echt zo graag weten hoe heel het verhaal afloopt, maar dat zal ik pas in december te weten komen als ik het [...]

    3. 2.5 starsFebruary was a fast read, one and a half hours and it was done, in the read pile so quickly I was actually planning to read this in February, because I read January in January, but it was at the library glaring at me so I finally gave in and finished it off Cal, a teen fugitive is on the run like never before, getting saved by a mysterious typical much girl, Winter from the rapidly raising oil tank, he unravels clues of his father s drawingsIf you haven t read my January review, I sugge [...]

    4. Deel 2 van de complot serie En ook dit deel eindigd weer super spannend, van mij mag het snel maart zijn In dit boek iets minder informatie uit het verleden van Cal wat het boek wel leuker maakt vind ik, want je bent nu meer bezig het mysterie op te lossen.En wat ben ik benieuwd hoe het zit met Winter, hoort zie nu wel bij de vijand of niet

    5. 3,5 ster het wordt toch echt tijd dat jullie met halve sterren gaan werken Callum brengt zichzelf weer in spannende zenuwslopende situaties Gelukkig leest het boek heel simpel en snel dus je hoeft steeds niet lang te wachten om te weten het af gaat lopen Het boek eindigt weer met een cliffhanger dus het vervolg ook al begonnen

    6. 2.5 StarsSome unavoidable spoilers for January contain in this review.The secret to writing a good mystery novel is obviously debatable Is it the suspenseful and cryptic clue hunting The wise cracking detectives and their plucky sidekicks Or the actual mysterious mystery itself Honestly, I think the best answer is a blend of all three, which is what makes the Conspiracy 365 series such a disappointment It doesn t include many aspects needed to make this as gripping as it could be In January, we [...]

    7. This series is fantastic After reading book one, which left me on a horrible cliffhanger, I immediately picked up book two, and dived into the action, suspense, and mystery I wish there were development on the puzzling enigmas that confront Cal, but that part of the story moves very slowly with very few clues to the mystery of the Ormond Singularity popping up in each book The action and danger and adventure, however, moves very quickly So I guess each book in the series focuses mostly on Cal s [...]

    8. Deel 2 van de complot 365 serie Na het uitlezen van deel 1 hoefde ik gelukkig niet zo lang te wachten tot ik verder kon lezen in deze serie, aangezien het al weer februari werd Verbazingwekkend genoeg ben ik er ook direct in begonnen, dat ken ik helemaal niet van mezelf, want meestal ben ik heel slecht in het doorlezen in series Waarschijnlijk heeft de minieme hoeveelheid bladzijdes 110 op mijn e reader er ook wel iets mee te maken Dit boekje stelde me weer niet teleur Het had wat minder spannin [...]

    9. When the book opens Cal is in a bad place with the threat eminent, the oil tank he is in is filling fast and he has not escape At the last minute he the oil is shut off and the escape hatch is opened As Cal climbs out he sees the person who saved his life, Winter, a girl around his age As they talk Cal discovers her dubious link to the man that placed him in the tank and isn t real sure about her Cal is also having a hard time with life on the run The daily fight of where to sleep and what to ea [...]

    10. I had to pick up book 2 in this series as soon as I finished reading book 2 Fifteen year old Callum Ormond continues to hide out in February following the slim clues his father left him and avoiding the people who are trying to capture him Plenty of danger and action in this book again I went out to my local library this afternoon and picked up the next 4 books Stay tuned.

    11. Callum still really doesn t know what is going on and why people are after him Now he is on the run and can t live with his family any be cause the police and other people are after him These are pretty good books I think sixth graders would really like them.

    12. In the fast paced, suspenseful series Conspiracy 360 by Gabrielle Lord teenager Callum Ormond is stopped by a crazy man on New Year s Eve who told Callum They killed your father They ll kill you You must survive the next 365 days So far Callum has survived a boating accident in shark infested waters, him getting kidnapped and interrogated twice along while trying to decode the Ormond Riddle, a secret left by his father for him to figure out Now he is in February and has just been saved by a girl [...]

    13. The book I am reviewing is called Conspiracy 365 February and it s by Gabrielle Lord It is a twelve book series called Conspiracy 365 The lexile level of this book is 790 This book is about an Australian boy named Callum Ormond who is fifteen years old and who is a hunted fugitive So far he s been attacked by sharks, blamed for a vicious assault on his family, kidnapped by two criminal gangs, and was left to drown in a fast filling oil tank Callum gets stuck in a lot situations and has to find [...]

    14. The action doesn t let up in the second volume of Conspiracy 365 February Fifteen year old Callum Ormond is still on the run for attacking his uncle Rafe and leaving his younger sister in a coma And he s still not any closer to solving the riddle of the Ormond Singularity He s still being aided by Boges, perhaps his last friend left in the world as police forces throughout Australia are on the watch for him I personally liked reading the book because of all the action and the riddles and puzzles [...]

    15. My local library challenged me to read a YA book, so I picked up February, the 2nd in the Conspiracy 365 series I had previewed the first in the series January but hadn t taken time to read it so I wasn t sure quite what to expect when I opened up this one To my surprise, I ended up enjoying it I am eager to get my hands on the entire set, now The setting is Australia, although in my ego centric way, I thought it was anywhere USA The story is quick paced, yet still creates images for the reader [...]

    16. Conspiracy 365 February by Gabrielle Lord is a book about a 15 year old kid that has been blamed for shooting his little sister and uncle As he runs from the police he is also chased by two rival gangs that are trying to kill him, so he has to hid out for the rest of his life.In my opinion I think that this book was not as good a the first one Conspiracy 365 January but it did have tones of action in the story with the gangs and cops trying to find and capture or kill him.I would recommend this [...]

    17. Lord returns the first book with an equally intriguing sequel Just as Cal gets out of one tough spot, he is placed straight back into two , meaning there are questions than answers, keeping the reader interested A dynamic relationship is created between Cal and the mysterious Winter Frey, who is a constant worry Can she really be trusted with her connection to the evil Vulkan Sligo Perhaps not considering the catastrophic cliffhanger of an ending.

    18. I couldn t even read it but I got it from a near by library and I really liked it but still, couldn t read it.

    19. 1 read in order,2 there is a reminder of what happened last month at the beginning,3 fast paced,4 ends in the middle of something exciting going on You will want to jump from one Book right into the next.Seems similar to 39 Clues though I think if I remember right that the kids were younger in that book This one is better because it is all written by the same author 39 Clues began to feel like it wasn t thought out much ahead of time because of the authors thing I never finished it because I sta [...]

    20. During this Month I ve been reading an exciting book named February Conspiracy 365 2, written by Gabrielle Lord The main Characters of this story are Cal, Cal s family, Bogus, Winter, and the two gangs who want to kidnap him to get information about the Ormond Singularity This story mainly talks about a boy named Cal who is being chased by the police and two gangs to get information about his family The setting of this story is in an abandoned house where Cal goes to sleep and hide At the beginn [...]

    21. Pode conter spoilers do anterior volume O anterior volume havia terminado com Callum s portas de uma tr gica e dolorosa morte, sendo a sua probabilidade de sobreviv ncia escassa, at que algu m o salva contra todas as expectativas por uma estranha rapariga, Winter, que tem como tutor a pessoa que o tentara matar Winter torna se, ao contr rio do que seria de se esperar, uma chave importante no desenrolar da trama e na descodifica o do enigma que tanto atormenta Callum.Tal como havia sucedido na an [...]

    22. The first pages of this story are really bad for several reasons First, the story is bad because it keeps on separating sections for about every paragraph for every five minutes The story talks about a boy that gets out at mid night because his father was murdered and he wants to get information on him So they separate the book a lot, like for every paragraph or two its starts like a new chapter, which is 12 05, then 12 09, and that is very frustrating and annoying The second reason is that the [...]

    23. Okay, I was very skeptical after the first book There are just too many crazy things happening to this kid But now it is just how the story goes and it is fun and exciting and a little ridiculous, and I am enjoying it and ready for .

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