A Fine Specimen (2020)

A Fine Specimen Previously released as Taming Nick Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats sleeps and breathes law enforcement He s tough and brusque and cops and criminals alike tremble before him And that s the way he likes it
  • Title: A Fine Specimen
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: 9781419960208
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Previously released as Taming Nick Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes law enforcement He s tough and brusque, and cops and criminals alike tremble before him And that s the way he likes it Until he meets Caitlin Summers and decides he wants her trembling beneath him.The beautiful scholar is doing dissertation research in his cop shop, and seriously messingPreviously released as Taming Nick Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes law enforcement He s tough and brusque, and cops and criminals alike tremble before him And that s the way he likes it Until he meets Caitlin Summers and decides he wants her trembling beneath him.The beautiful scholar is doing dissertation research in his cop shop, and seriously messing with his head His self imposed sexual abstinence comes to a screeching halt in Caitlin s ratty hotel room and dies a permanent death in his bed and his kitchen and his living room Caitlin is also intelligent and funny, kind and generous, her smile a burst of warmth in his cold, austere life And that scares the crap out of him.With his head and heart fighting a battle of wills, Alex can barely concentrate on work And that s too bad because his dangerous job and his newfound love are about to clash in the worst way possible.
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    1. 3.5 stars.I have read a few books by LMR and, to be honest, they are all or less the same The same formula hot, rugged, tough as nails hero Younger, timid heroine Alex Cruz is never going to fall in love He loves his job, his independence and, no siree, his heart will never be taken Famous last words.He has to sort of mentor Caitlin, as per instructions from his Boss He is not happy He has bad guys to catch He cannot be babysitting some student But then he sees her Instant attraction His dick [...]

    2. Loved it What else can I say, I m a big fan of Lisa Marie Rice and her uber alpha heroes, and she almost never lets me down From what I ve heard, this book is a re working of the book Taming Nick , and I can imagine what must have been re worked I m sure the language was spiced up lots of f words and , sex scenes vividly and graphically described, and generally what must have been a PG rated book was turned into an R rated and at times NC 17 book But what can I say, I knew what I was getting i [...]

    3. I love LMR s heroes and Alex Cruz is no exception This book was lighter and funnier than I was expecting, with Caitlin s clumsiness a source of constant teasing by Alex, and it had all the markings of a romantic comedy But being a LMR book, it had to have some gun fighting at the end not a big one, but climatic enough to make Alex realize his feelings for Caitlin.I really liked this book and will keep LMR as one of my auto buy authors, but I m beginning to wonder if she ll ever reach as high as [...]

    4. Can Lisa Marie Rice write a bad book I don t think so All I know is her heroes make me tingle in the most delicious way A Fine Specimen is her latest e book It s an expanded version of her 2000 Zebra book Taming Nick under the name Elizabeth Jennings and it s guaranteed to raise your blood pressure in the best way.Caitlin is a grad student working on her dissertation in law enforcement psychology Her last project is a hands on study and when her favorite instructor sets her up in his old precinc [...]

    5. Loved it Lisa Marie Rice Elizabeth Jennings is one of my favorite authors Her style, her stories, her characters just do it for me This was no different A quick read with no slow parts Not really a suspense, but of a contemporary, albeit, very hot, romance set in southern California around a police station Alex was the lieutenant promoted to captain and Caitlin was there to finalize her dissertation on law alpha males by using his squadron him for research Alex was glued to his job Worked late [...]

    6. I was only 29 pages into this book and thought WTF There where so many similarities between the HH s from this book and from Ports Of Paradise that I was thinking maybe it was not such a good idea that I read these two book s back to back As I read on, this story grabbed a hold of me and tugged me into it I felt the love scenes in this book not quite as good as the love scenes in Ports Of Paradise but needless to say they where still smoking HOT While on the other hand, for me the story in A Fin [...]

    7. A 3.5 to 4 star read.Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes law enforcement They loved him They hated him They respected him And they all deeply, deeply wanted him to get a life so he would get off their backs Guy s a genius at anticipating a criminal s next move, it s like he s got a sixth sense for it And with all that, for all his smarts, he doesn t have a clue about emotions or feelings Not his or anyone else s Not a clue Caitlin Summers is doing dissertation research in his cop shop [...]

    8. That was tedious and I fully admit to skimming some of the longer scenes of contemplation Alex is a pretty shitty boyfriend lover whatever Caitlyn is entirely too stuck inside her own head I almost DNF d it when Alex spent multiple scenes not listening to Caitlyn and instead just nodding in agreement while staring at her tits and wondering what kind of panties she s wearing And when he fucks up, he fucks up pretty badly And he didn t even apologize he gets away scot free because of a omg you alm [...]

    9. It felt thrown together I didn t enjoy it It needed better plot and character developmentORY BRIEF While Captain Avery is on vacation, Lieutenant Alex Cruz is in charge at the police station Caitlin is a Ph.D doing research Avery sends a message to Alex requiring him to assist Caitlin and to let her interview and observe police officers for a week Alex hates it, but he grudgingly allows it He takes her to lunch They begin to fall for each otherVIEWER S OPINION I don t recommend it It s not nearl [...]

    10. A Fine Specimen es una novela independiente creada por la autora Lisa Marie Rice y tiene a Alex y Caitlin como protagonistas.Despues de la desilucion que me lleve al leer La Ley De Murphy que no fue para nada lo que esperaba tenia un poco de miedo de leer esta historia, pero afortunadamente esta lectura si cumplio mis expectativas.Una novela entretenida, muy divertida me moria de la risa con lo patosa que era la protagonista y con la cantidad justa de accion Recomendada a todas las fans de la au [...]

    11. Caitlin s graduate studies in psychology with a focus on historical police work leads her to Alex s police station, where she s got permission from his boss Ray whom he owes a big favour to spend a week studying dominance in the work force And there is certainly no better place to check out alpha tendencies then the bustling and hardworking local cop shop She expects Alex to be the alpha male from everything she s heard, and he doesn t disappoint What she doesn t expect is for his interest in he [...]

    12. Sadly, I found this justterrible Jaw clenching, eye rolling, incredulous laughter inducing dismal Written with clich upon clich on every level, from the metaphorical alpha animal predator innocent ish prey behaviour to the inflated writing where both parties bits suddenly take on a life of their own, to spurting body fluids everywhere, every page got and difficult to read I couldn t envision a doctoral student behaving like a spoilt juvenile, just as I couldn t imagine a hard arse Lieutenant s [...]

    13. The main couple is typical LMR s characters, the sex scenes are steamy and well written, but there are too many very long inner thoughts, and the reader is left waiting for the story to go on.And most of all, have Alex and Caitlin ever heard about that thing called communication Instead of assuming what the other one wants or feels, they should have talked a little, that would have saved them some heartache and me some frustration But no, it s better to just say nothing and wait for the other to [...]

    14. Cute little story Alex is definitely the uber alpha type and Caitlin is a bit of a klutz It was interesting to see the big bad cop turning into a lovesick fool lol.

    15. 4 Stars Yowzastic Goodness Apart from the cover of this book which I just loathe, I loved every single thing about this very hot and well done novel by Lisa Marie Rice Previously released and entitled as Taming Nick , A Fine Specimen tells the story of how Alex, the lieutenant at Baylorville PD falls like a ton of bricks for the sweet, sexy and beautiful Caitlin Summers.38 year old Alejandro Cruz Alex lives and breathes police procedure Alex had grown up in one of the poorest ares of Baylorville [...]

    16. Well, I can now say that A Fine Specimen by Lisa Marie Rice is definitely a rewrite of Taming Nick I lucked into a copy on PBS and was curious as to how it compared Change the first names of the two main characters, add LMRs wonderful steamy hot love scenes and there you have it Some parts are word for word the same, others augmented and seriously spiced up AFS is by far my favorite of the two I found out that the Precious Gem Series of books was written exclusively for the WalMart stores as a r [...]

    17. Just got the print edition, and it has 224 pages, not 332 pages as the EC website advertises I m still hoping that means there s some additional scenes

    18. I normally like LMR but this one bored me to tears I love contemporary romance and love cops detectives but this one had my eyes rolling The descriptions of the hero got a bit lengthy yes we get he s an alpha male but comparing him to a wolf pack and constantly talking about he s the king of the pile was a bit much Almost like the reader didn t know what an alpha male is Then we get into her internal dialog which was also a bit much She was always talking and comparing and putting herself down H [...]

    19. I adore Lisa Marie Rice s Midnight Series every one of those sizzlers and I have revisited them innumerable times, that I ve stopped counting And now with her latest re release of A Fine Specimen , I get to feel the sizzle and the simmer between the tough lieutenant Alex Cruz and the scholarly Caitlin Summers.What got to me is Lisa s style of narration crisp, sharp and full of wit that tickles our funny bones If studying dominance in law enforcement is Caitlin s dissertation, Alex is the epitome [...]

    20. Needed a LMR fix, but this just wasn t as satisfying as many other books I read Woman on the Run my first and favourite.The main characters in A Fine Specimen basically have the same traits as all LMR s H h him ber alpha, constantly gagging for her She is innocent and lovely, but responds to him physically like nevah evah.Her klutziness constantly dropping food into his lap was taken a little bit too far.And what I really disliked about this book was a scene at the hotel where the heroine is sta [...]

    21. I feel so lucky to have spent my day with Lisa Marie Rice Seriously love her contemporary romances, there s almost a vintage feel to them The first 25% of the story did drag a bit, there was a lot of internal monologue but it did pick up after that My only disappointment now is that I think I ve read all LMR s books Always a terrible feeling when we reach the end of a favorite author s book list I guess that s what re reads are for

    22. For the most part, I thought this book was pretty boring The H and h seemed kind of thrown together with no depth to their relationship It has the normal L.M Rice hotness, but this is definitely my least favorite of all her books that I ve read.

    23. Normally I love books by Ms Rice, but I can t stand the hero in this one I see no redeeming qualities in him and I can t even finish it On to the next one

    24. I liked the premises of the story strong, dominant policy officer and a soft, intelligent beautiful girl I loved reading how attracted they were to each other I liked how she made him realize how much of life he was missing out on but nothing excuses bad sex, and overly controlling behavior I felt like he took what he wanted and she submissively liked it He didn t take the time to learn what she liked, understand how serious she was about her work and not even make sure she was sexually satisfie [...]

    25. Lisa Marie Rice has a very definite style and it is in full force here Unfortunately, I ve been reading a ton of 80 s Harlequin Presents recently and where I ll give those of a pass for grumpy, steam rolling alpholes, I am less forgiving of recently published stuff.

    26. First of all let me say that I am a huge fan of Ms Rice I often read her books with a giant voracity Some books we feel connection with the characters on the first page Other books, you need to read a little to understand the complexity of it all.With this book here, despite being short story, I needed to analyse to realize which feeling I had to the main couple.Alex was a TOP policeman But his life was not easy He was raised by lax parents alcoholic and drugs addict , became involved with gang [...]

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