Revolt in 2100 (2020)

Revolt in Superlative science fiction If you are a science fiction fanIf you want unusual reading thrillsDon t miss Revolt in the exciting new collection of breathlessly suspenseful stories by Robert A He
  • Title: Revolt in 2100
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Superlative science fiction If you are a science fiction fanIf you want unusual reading thrillsDon t miss Revolt in 2100, the exciting new collection of breathlessly suspenseful stories by Robert A Heinlein the ace science fiction storyteller.Contents The Innocent Eye An Introduction by Henry Kuttner If This Goes On CoventryMisfitConcerning Stories Never Written Superlative science fiction If you are a science fiction fanIf you want unusual reading thrillsDon t miss Revolt in 2100, the exciting new collection of breathlessly suspenseful stories by Robert A Heinlein the ace science fiction storyteller.Contents The Innocent Eye An Introduction by Henry Kuttner If This Goes On CoventryMisfitConcerning Stories Never Written Postscript
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    1. I am going to join with Spider Robinson and so many other literary critics who populate the science fiction genre of literature in stating that a bad Heinlein novel is still better than a good novel by most anyone else Revolt in 2100 is not at all a bad Heinlein, though, it is quite good Any serious reader of RAH will want to know about Nehemiah Scudder and the origins of Andrew Jackson Libby, and both can be found in the pages of Revolt in 2100 The Future History of RAH is sprinkled liberally [...]

    2. It s a good, fast read with a couple of interesting themes in it First, the U.S has become a corrupt theocracy, which is a different future than most SF writers have looked at The second is a unified field theory for science, where they figure out how gravity, electricity magnetism all work This break through in science is leveraged in the revolt I found it interesting that time was left out, but the pseudo science is fun.It s a very monochrome view of a revolution The bad guys are really bad, t [...]

    3. This is the only story I remember actually based during the 21st Century religious dictatorship under Nehemiah Scudder The backdrop is a little depressing and the longer two stories lack Heinlein s typical talent for creating amazing characters.

    4. Depending on the quality of your taste, 2 5ths to 3 5ths of the books you read in your life will be better than this one That s not an awful spot to be, proportionally speaking, but the mediocrity of this book is a definite downer from what Heinlein is capable of I mean, read this book if you want to complete your collection, but otherwise pick almost any of his other books at random and you ll be better off.This book contains 3 completely unrelated stories, one of which is moderately enjoyable [...]

    5. Dystopian SF novel in which an early 21st century US is taken over by a repressive right wing theocracy Obviously it could never happen, but fun all the same.

    6. Even though Heinlein s stories were written decades ago they are still a great read and are classics of early SiFi While the books are quick reads you find yourself analyzing the deeper questions Heinlein weaves into the story Always a great read, Very recommended

    7. Good concept, but Heinlein Plodding and colorless Add a somewhat embarrassing adoration of Freemasonry and awkwardness around female characters, and it s definitely not going to crack the best dystopian list.

    8. Just looking at some of the other reviews on this one before writing mine forces me to say A science fiction book should not get five stars simply because it was written by Heinlein I think this was a bad place for me to start on Heinlein s future history work I hadn t done my homework on Heinlein that much, so I didn t realize it was the third in a series of collected works So, this review is from the perspective of someone with zero background on the first two books in the collection series an [...]

    9. A minor fix up novel from Heinlein, where he explores the theme of insurgency and revolution a concept he was to return to again and again In The Moon is a Harsh Mistress the residents of Luna revolted and declared independence Stranger in a Strange Land examined a subversive yet benign cultural revolution Here, the rebellion is against a repressive Theocracy which has taken over the US in the year 2100.A na ve young soldier in the private guard of The Prophet the despotic leader of the Theocrac [...]

    10. I think I would have enjoyed this even if I d a read the World as Myth and peripheral books in a better order, and b understood that Lazarus Long does not make an appearance When you re waiting for something to happen, and it never does, it s confusing and frustrating But that s had no impact on my rating There were 3 main stories in this book, connected only by date, not characters The latter introduces Andrew Jackson Libby, a character in Methuselah s Children It s a good follow up to Strange [...]

    11. I got the three in one edition with Coventry and Misfits included.The core story is good and does the usual Heinlein trick of making you sympathise with a moderately unpleasant set of good guys The setting is rich and believable but at times there is simply too much explaining going on to make this a truly great novel Having the Masons as the underlying revolutionary force was unexpected but worked weirdly well Coventry makes it worth reading Revolt some great discussions of justice and it is al [...]

    12. A re read of a one of the four volumes of Heinlein s future history stories The main story in this collection, If This Goes On , is very timely It details the 2nd American Revolution the story of the overthrow of a hundred year long despotic religious dictatorship Of particular interest is Heinlein s afterward in which he accurately describes the future he thought was possible from trends he observed in 1953 America An interesting read given the results of the 2016 presidential election.

    13. Not until the afterward did I realize this was the third book in a series by Heinlein I really enjoyed the first part of the book and the last short story, but the middle section was a slog It feels like I can t accurately gauge the book without having read the others, though.

    14. What a crazy idea, the US controlled by a xenophobic, intolerant religious dictatorship where do these SF writers get their ideas glances at newspaper Oh, right.This is classic Heinlein and sadly, sadly prescient.

    15. Even though they were written in the 1940s, these stories are still relevant today an oppressive religious government that rules by misinformation, people who don t believe in government until they don t have it any , and so on.

    16. Another Heinlein classic made new by his prescient understanding of American culture and politics It is typical of his books and by that I mean a novella and two shorter stories connected by a setting made real by thoughtful details.

    17. En ole koskaan oikein ymm rt nyt Heinleinin kehumista Tai sitten arvostan eri asioista kuin muu maailma kirjoissa Tai sitten vain rsytti j lleen kerran uskonnollisuus Tulipa luettua.

    18. I have not read much Heinlein since the 1980sI went back to his older stuff to read everything I had not read that was not juvenile So far, I am worried I am about to re read THE DOOR INTO SUMMER, the first adult Heinlein I read, for the first time in 1983 It made me fall in love with his work I am worried it will not hold up after reading REVOLT IN 2100 Maybe it s just Heinlein s short stories I don t like very much, but even some of his longer works I have recently read his older stuff are uns [...]

    19. Yet Future History If This Goes On 1940 2.5 5 Stars The U.S has become a military theocracy fighting a war against a shadowy force known as the Cabal John Lyle is a guard at the prophet s castle when he falls for a young priestess However, she is of an order that essentially must become brides to the prophet This involves a private prayer session with the prophet, its actual meaning surprises the priestess She turns to Lyle and the pair must escape with the help of older comrades Zeb and Magdal [...]

    20. It is a damned shame that Stranger Moon and Starship are 100 fold well known than some of Heinlein s 1940 s works This trilogy of stories, released in book format in 1953 but first published in 1940, 1940, and 1939, is downright amazing It is a shame Heinlein never filled in the rise of Nehemiah Scudder.The first story, If this goes on , is set in a future theocratic American society, ruled by the latest in a series of fundamentalist Christian Prophets The First Prophet was Nehemiah Scudder, a [...]

    21. RI2100 is one of Heinlein s Future History collections, a grand timeline into which he charted out a significant period of speculative fiction in a relatively consistent continuity He later largely abandoned the structure except by occasional reference , but that helps explain the inconsistent nature of the three stories in this book.The title novella, If This Goes On, is another Heinlein coming of maturity tale, set in an American imperial theocracy This gives Heinlein a chance to critique, not [...]

    22. This book is a novella and a couple of short stories All the stories take place in Heinlein s alternate timeline that many of his books, most notably the Lazarus Long books are set So, at the time of the novella which is most of this book, the US is governed by a Christian theocracy headed by a Prophet They ve been indoctrinated in this for several generations so a large portion of the country actually believes this to be true The novella is about the disillusionment of a member of his guard and [...]

    23. Revolt in 2100 by Robert Heinlein 5 5 starsI bought this book for a few pounds at a market The copy I had was published in 1972 The person I bought it from told me Robert Heinlein was one of the original thinkers of the science fiction age, and I don t think he was wrong.This book is actually a collection of three stories The first and longest story If this goes on, is cited on the book s description and had of a plot than the following two stories It is about John Lyle, a young acolyte of a re [...]

    24. This is a collection of three short stories one about the end of a US theocracy, one about crime and punishment in the future US, and one about a space based Peace Corps Heinlein delivers good stories in each case, and generally avoids writing magic set in the future i.e this is not a World as Myth collection of stories.I had hoped for stories about Nehemiah Scudder Yes, I knew that Heinlein wrote a statement that he wouldn t write any stories about Scudder because he hated the character, but I [...]

    25. I was expecting a novel rather than a small collection of short stories Anyhow, I really liked the beginning of the book The whole premise of overthrowing an oppressive religious dictatorship may not have been particularly original or innovative, but it was plenty interesting to me nonetheless The subject of freedom to be your own moral agent is ever fascinating.Unfortunately, however,the story of the first and longest novella in the book didn t live up to that fascination it initially aroused w [...]

    26. I was expecting a novel, but Revolt in 2100 is actually a novella followed by two related short stories I liked the 1st short story best of all It s about a clueless academic who s exiled because of his bad temper I can relate The novella was about a conspiracy to overthrow a religious dictatorship that controls America There s a lot in the story about the precise, scientific use of propaganda and psychology The rebel group can conduct a psychological analysis of a recruit to tell if he ll remai [...]

    27. I ve been going through some of Heinlein s future history works and this rounds it off for now The earlier in universe works tended to follow a set Ayn Randish pattern but this is a bit different The first story to which the title refers is a Theocratic Dystopia which, whilst a little cliched and overwrought at times, is a pretty reasonable adventure.The second, Coventry, is a sort of sequel but really is a cynical look at human nature A man convicted of assault chooses to go into a reservation [...]

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