The Sprouting Book: How to Grow and Use Sprouts to Maximize Your Health and Vitality (2020)

The Sprouting Book How to Grow and Use Sprouts to Maximize Your Health and Vitality Filled with esssential vitamins proteins and enzymes that cleanse rejuvenate and heal the body sprouts just might be the perfect food In The Sprouting Book nutritionist Ann Wig unlocks the secre
  • Title: The Sprouting Book: How to Grow and Use Sprouts to Maximize Your Health and Vitality
  • Author: Ann Wigmore
  • ISBN: 9780895292469
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Filled with esssential vitamins, proteins, and enzymes that cleanse, rejuvenate, and heal the body, sprouts just might be the perfect food In The Sprouting Book, nutritionist Ann Wig unlocks the secrets to one of nature s most beneficial foods, arming readers with all they need to know in order to eat, grow, and reap the benefits of sprouts.
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      Ann Wigmore

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    1. Ann Wig s classic on sprouting seeds caught my attention at Real Food s market last week I ve started sprouting seeds since then, and guess what We love em at our house Go figure I ve got quite the system down with this stackable, green sprouter from Handy, or something When I read that sprouts are third in line for being the most alkaline foods, and that it would be a good thing for me to eat alkaline foods, I decided to bite the bullet and try it out.

    2. Some helpful information but not the best book Pictures are just sketches Instructions are focused on trying to sell her own products She claims that sprouts turned her grey hair back to its natural brown at 70 Seems a bit far fetched I am sure sprouts are healthy but there s no need to make up lies There was a little bit of wood and pesudoscience I wouldn t buy this or recommend it I got it from the library There must be better resources out there.

    3. Unsubstantiated claims about health benefits of sprouting, confusing and brief instructions, outdated cost info I was expecting something above and beyond what I would find at a random website, something really in depth I ve been sprouting for a few months now and love it, and I wanted to read this book so I could learn something , but I learned nothing In fact, there are no warnings about what not to sprout, and there s a picture of kidney beans sprouts, which I ve been told are toxic Despite t [...]

    4. My Mom gave me this along with a sprouting kit for my birthday This book was written in the 80s and a lot of the research that the author quotes is a little dated Her advice on the actual process of sprouting was great and really useful but the other third of the book where she talks about the benefits of using them was harder to get into because she is a little extreme She claimed to have eaten nothing but live, whole foods for years and because of it her gray hair went away and back her youth [...]

    5. Only halfway through and I ve already learned so much about sprouts and their benefits Written by Ann Wig, the founder of the Natural Health Institue and the Ann Wig Foundation, she lived what she taught for most of her life A true revolutionary in the naturals foods arena.The book is a bit dated, but this is really one of the first books about sprouting There is recent information available and, if you want that information, seek those books out and read them I like this book as a first read [...]

    6. I really wanted this book to be a profile of the health benefits of sprouts And it is But it was published so long ago and written by someone with little scientific understanding To the point that I was able to cite several facts about which I am doubtful Nonetheless, it was a good if quick read Half the book is on how to grow sprouts and was thus not useful But the first half was encouraging I just wish it had been updated as time went on.

    7. Very useful information about sprouting all kinds of different seeds, legumes, and nuts I particularly like the chart that gives the information about what each sprout offers in nutrition as well as when to harvest it This will be a great reference book as I began my sprouting already did my first harvest of French lentils tonight they were delicious in my salad

    8. Don t be fooled by the copyright date of this book It is the best comprehensive read on sprouting There is very little storytelling in this book The author basically stays with the facts and process of sprouting making it a quick and easy book to read There is a great sprouting chart in this book which is helpful guide in sprouting.

    9. This book was well written sadly rare for health books Easy to follow I really feel like, using the tips in here, I will be able to grow a healthy indoor garden to supplement my raw food diet She shares how to do sprouts simply using jars or sprout bags as well as how to use automatic machines Loved her recommendation for pets and growing sprouts while traveling or camping.

    10. Ann Wig wrote a short but sweet guide on how to sprout It s an amazing little book packed with many information on how to sprout, eat and preserve them Every health conscious person should buy this book and add in his diet sprouts, they are packed with the essentials of life, full of minerals and vitamins.

    11. While I do believe in the healing power of sprouts, the author went a little too far in some of her assertions Also there was very little scientific research or citations where there should have been If you are looking for a quick how to guide to sprouting this will suffice but then again you could probably get the same info on the internet.

    12. Although it is a bit dated, Ann is definitely a reliable source on the importance of sprouts in our diet and its benefits It answered some questions I had on sprouting methods for different seeds and grains beans It gave thorough instruction than I had read in a few other books It was a quick read and a helpful source of information I have yet to try the recipes, so we ll see

    13. Good intro to the idea of sprouting, in reality very few seeds sprout easy and allow you to have a life Simply soaking whole grains and beans, before cooking, is great though and this is a good stepping stone to that I suppose.

    14. Loved this book It s short and simple instructions on how to grow your own sprouts The benefits from sprouting is huge I ve just started my own lentil and alfalfa sprouts and it s so easy I would definitely reccomend this book

    15. I have to say this is one of the best books I ve read on eating fresh and green Why It tells you how to set up and indoor kitchen garden for absolutely fresh and less expensive veggies I can t wait to get into this

    16. This book is to far out for me I will need time in my life to sit and read this book and actually grow sprouts The part about growing sprouts for your pet was pretty funny but made me realize this is not for me right now.

    17. The science this book espouses is quite suspect I wanted to learn how to sprout and use sprouts in our food, but this book wasn t very helpful I ll keep looking.

    18. Clear cut information on sprouting I would have liked creative uses for sprouts, but I did gain something when reading this book.

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