Five Little Peppers Midway (2020)

Five Little Peppers Midway Five years after the events in The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew the Peppers are living with Mr King in his grand mansion but his spiteful cousin seems determined to spoil their happiness A
  • Title: Five Little Peppers Midway
  • Author: Margaret Sidney
  • ISBN: 9780899665504
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Five years after the events in The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, the Peppers are living with Mr King in his grand mansion, but his spiteful cousin seems determined to spoil their happiness A Dell Yearling Classic.
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      Margaret Sidney

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    1. Review of the Project Gutenberg Free eBook Edition of this nineteenth century children s classic,This is Book 2 in the Five Little Peppers series of nineteenth century children s books Book 1 is Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.I was delighted to discover I could instantly download to my Kindle what I presume is the Project Gutenberg free version of this children s classic The formatting is not the most presentable I ve ever seen in an ebook, mostly due to missing tabs and hard returns that [...]

    2. This book starts with a nauseatingly racist exchange that serves no purpose but to demonstrate a little white girl s supposedly Christlike or maybe precisely, Fauntleroy esque qualities while simultaneously demeaning people of African descent So far this sequel also lacks the little charming foibles of the first and fourth books Though the fourth also had a brief but alarming racist incident Margaret Sidney can t seem to incorporate black people into her books in a non racist manner Prejudice a [...]

    3. The Peppers books I re read the first last year only kind of hold up for me as an adult Their grinding poverty is so apparent to me now, wasn t as a kid Also I now can t stand Joel, he is always screaming or fighting As others have said, everything is a Big Deal drama with the Pepper kids, with lots of exclamation points and, the rich patron aspects don t have total verisimilitude Still, these hold up better than some 100 year old children s books.

    4. I had never read this book before and did so only only out of curiosity I m sorry that I did It has two truly racist scenes one involving Phronsie and the King s black cook, and the other involving a black dollmaker who makes Phronsie a black rag doll judging by the description, the doll is a sort of toy called a golliwog, and is therefore a caricature of black people In both cases, the black people are ridiculously sentimental toward the little blonde girl seriously, this was a trope in Victori [...]

    5. Story had no real plot to carry it everyone tended to baby one another and speak in a pettish sort of way, even the adults Was not pleased with it at all and saddened to see beloved characters not being at their best as far as writing quality could have been.

    6. I really tried hard to finish this, but some books just make it so difficult to like them This is the second book in the series, supposedly taking place five years after the first But the characters feel like they haven t aged, especially Phronsie who in many ways still behaves like a four year old It s almost as if the author forgot that children grow up And I didn t care for any of the characters, particularly Mr King, who does a thorough job of dominating his African American cook in the firs [...]

    7. This is the second in the Five Little Peppers series These books remind me of Louisa May Alcott s While the setting and some of the actions are dated, the story is still fun.

    8. Quaintly Saccharine Family Drama After the success of THE FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS AND HOW THEY GREW author Sidney decided to continue the domestic adventures of the impoverished Peppers five years later Having left their beloved little brown house and dear friends in Badgertown, the fatherless family is installed in the mansion of wealthy Mr King and his son, Jasper But wait there are still children to sort out the three Whitney boys who also live there with their mother, Mr King s sister Not to me [...]

    9. We love this series This edition wasn t our favorite because it wasn t illustrated and my kids are still young They love pictures But with time they settled in and loved the story just as much as the first one Sweet, charming, surprising, and a bit dramatic There is so much to learn and discuss about the different life of the early 1900s Such a great series

    10. More great tales from Polly and friends The family continues to live with the King family, and none of the honeymoon has worn off Grandpapa Mr King Sr is still smitten with young Phronsie, now eight I think , but there is the possibility of a rival in his cousin s wife but only because Phronsie is amazing than anyone would really ever be and likes the mean old ladyor at least has managed to charm her I would have failed as a Pepper Polly is the center of most universes all, perhaps All the youn [...]

    11. In this, the second chronological volume about the Five Little Peppers, five years have passed since the end of the previous book The Pepper family is now living with their patron in his large house Ben is in trade, Joel and David are away at school and Polly is going to a girl s school, where she has made some new friends Still, the stories revolve around the family and their little joys and troubles There s a lovely surprise for Mother that makes the children s situation even nicer, and an esp [...]

    12. It s the continuing adventure of the five Pepper children, three years from the first book, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew They are all still living with the Kings Whitneys and are having the grandest times of their lives Things, as they are bound to, happen quite a lot, starting with the unfortunate arrival of someone who despises the Peppers An accident occurs, as well as another burglary just as in the first book , someone accidentally gets shot Exciting things aside, the Peppers have [...]

    13. This volume continues the story of the Five Little Peppers in their newly prosperous life If you enjoyed the first book, this and the sequels will continue to charm If you thought Polly Pepper, her siblings and their Mamsie were too thoroughly good to be true, don t read farther into the series because they just keep on Despite the dates attached to the books, the stories seem to go in this order The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, 1881The Adventures of Joel Pepper, 1900The Five Little Pe [...]

    14. Oh my, how I loved this books as a child They were very dear to me and are firmly entrenched into my memory strong enough to have become parts of my character There are is a veritable plethora of life examples and lessons to be learned through these works of literature that take us back to a simpler time and place, entirely different family values and senses or morality and ethics there is much to be learned from these simple books Most of all, family and love, loyalty and a moral compass much n [...]

    15. I loved the first book when I was little, mostly because my mother had loved it as a child, and her mother The first book is definitely the strongest the others are fine, episodic Victorian family stories, with all the requisite didacticism, melodrama, and saccharine emotions Just go in expecting that, and you ll be fine This one, in particular, I just couldn t tell the children apart, not surprising since there were nine of them Hard to make that many characters distinct, and Sidney tried, but [...]

    16. Five Little Peppers Five Years Later If you have read the first book, well, you ve pretty much read this book except the characters are older, have even friends and are even nicer to each other if that s possible The Cult of Phronsie and Polly grows apace and threatens to take over the city where they live One of Polly s friends seems somewhat jealous, and I want to tell her it is because her name starts with an A, not a P which is why She Will Never Be Truly Popular I have to say, this may be [...]

    17. I am ELATED and slightly flabbergasted that my little 1965 edition is listed here This is IT The very one that went with me EVERYWHERE the summer I turned 10 the lake, to grandma s, to the quilt under the oak tree in our back yard This book will always spell summer to med of course there are infinite other reasons to love it year round.

    18. Of course, i have always loved the five little peppers Phronsie the best And i am hoping in reading all the books of the five little peppers There something like 11 or 12 books It s a wonderful story with unexpected turns and written very nicely Congrats to Margeret Sidney for such an awesome book

    19. I wasn t a fan of FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS AND HOW THEY GREW, but it was solid gold compared to this trainwreck The best part of the book was the fantastically kind and understanding afterword by Ouisa Sebestyen She graciously excused the book s trite plot and cartoonish characters with the idea that it was wishful thinking on the part of the writer.

    20. Though this is considerably shorter than the first book, it lost none of the homey, fun qualities that made it enjoyable I look forward to reading much about the Peppers, Whitneys, and Kings.

    21. Really enjoyed this follow up Wasn t quite as good as the first one, but still very engaging Can t wait to see what happens next with the Peppers.

    22. More of the same of my review of Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Enjoyable for what it is I read it, after all but still quite cloying.

    23. You might like this book if you already know and love the characters, are comfortable with 19th century aristocratic culture and don t mind a healthy dose of preachiness.

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