Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (2020)

Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse Tung This collection of quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung forms an intriguing series of political ideas all from one of the world s most notorious leaders Chairman Mao was born in and was the fou
  • Title: Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
  • Author: Mao Zedong
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  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This collection of quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung forms an intriguing series of political ideas all from one of the world s most notorious leaders Chairman Mao was born in 1893, and was the founding father of the People s Republic of China He governed the country from its establishment in 1949 until his death He is, of course, a deeply controversial figure yetThis collection of quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung forms an intriguing series of political ideas all from one of the world s most notorious leaders Chairman Mao was born in 1893, and was the founding father of the People s Republic of China He governed the country from its establishment in 1949 until his death He is, of course, a deeply controversial figure yet a highly important individual in world history There are as many who celebrate as deplore him most of the former praising his modernisations and improvements in housing, health care and education, whilst others have labelled him a dictator who has systematically abused human rights and caused the death of millions through starvation, executions and forced labour This text forms the thoughts of Chairman Mao Tse Tung on issues as varied as the communist party , classes and class struggle , socialism and communism , women , the correct handling of contradictions among the people , war and peace , the people s war , political work and the relations between officers and men.
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    1. the interesting words are in the comments Who hasn t heard of Chairman Mao s little red book But who s actually read it It s like Che Guevara a political icon that s been absorbed into pop culture.This is firmly on my read one day and stop being an ignorant ass list.Either that, or I m just writing some on topic drivel so my review won t be deleted by the Censor A little of column A, a little of column B makes a see saw motion with his hands

    2. While I read this in 9th grade, while I was still an aspiring Marxist Leninist, I think that 2 years later I can safely discard it The content consists solely of Mao quoting himself This book serves no purpose, other than for Bob Avakian and his followers in the Revolutionary Communist Party, who in all probability masturbate to it on a daily basis.

    3. More or less on impulse, we went on a short trip today to see the Mus e Suisse du Jeu in La Tour de Peilz The setting is extraordinarily charming it s an old castle on the shore of Lake L man, not far from Montreux Our excuse for visiting was a simultaneous Go exhibition being given by a German 3 Dan player I hadn t played for a couple of years, so I asked for a three stone handicap and after many vicissitudes finally managed to win the game The German guy was a good sport about it, considering [...]

    4. To summarize it in one word CRAP.Only a person with a minutiae of a brain could possibly appreciate this propagandic piece of gibberish and gobbledygook from a man responsible for the deaths of at least forty million Chinese.The author and this work can t be recycled, unfortunately The pages can be used for toilet paper though.

    5. The Little Red Book is just a bunch of repetitive drivel.I read this book as an historian, not as someone looking for ideological inspiration I have always been fascinated with Chinese history and Mao in particular so I thought I would have a read through the infamous book that condensed the thoughts and philosophies of the man who influenced so many.Well sadly it did not turn out to be the intriguing insight into the mind of Mao that I thought it might be Rather it is just a bunch of repetitive [...]

    6. My exposure to the efficacy of Mao Zedong Thought came about in struggle with imperialist forces here, in Illinois, in 1969.Martin had an older brother who had insinuated himself into the U.S Armed Forces to such an extent that he had become responsible for elements of their training Part of that consisted of war games and he invited Martin, George, Ed and I to participate Seeing this as an opportunity to obtain experience in guerilla warfare tactics, I jumped at the chance.Awakening to a red da [...]

    7. Bueno le el libro rojo Tengo entendido que es el segundo libro de mayor impresi n en la historia despu s de la Biblia , as que me parec a importante leerlo Digo, es uno de los libros que m s influencia tiene o ha tenido en la historia Obviamente la mayor a de los lectores o no lectores, entiendo que tanto la Biblia como el Libro Rojo deben tener bastante bajo ratio veces leido impresiones deben ser chinitos Creo que la influencia de China a nivel mundial va a ser cada vez mayor aunque gane Macri [...]

    8. What are I guess Mao s greatest hits or whatever turn out to be boring as shit There were only a handful of sections that were even vaguely interesting The section On Women is included in the handful, but it was pretty lame too From my margin notes, where he says that China s women are a vast reserve of labour power yeah, except that they ve already been doing a fuckton of unremunerated domestic labor, dipshit I tried, Comrade edit I ve reevaluated this a lot, in the past several months, as I ve [...]

    9. My first thought reading this collection of quotations was that Chairman Mao was very organized The revolutionary s enemies were categorized as imperialists warlards, bureaucrats, comprador class, big Landlord class, reactionary section of the intelligentsia , right wing of the middle bourgeoisie Allies were classed as petty bourgeoisie and semi proletariat I guess this was a good trait for someone who needed to organize the masses in revolution.One thing I was also surprised about was Mao s adv [...]

    10. My understanding and empathy for China s form of communism was deepened.Poignant Quotes When human society advances to the point where classes and states are eliminated, there will be no wars, counter revolutionary or revolutionary, unjust or just that will be the era of perpetual peace for mankind.Over a long period we have developed this concept for the struggle against the enemy strategically we should despise all our enemies, but tactically we should take them all seriously.Place problems o [...]

    11. Uma compila o das melhores frase e discursos do estadista Mao Tse Tung Essa uma obra a ser lida por todos que pertencem esquerda, incluso os que n o s o comunistas Com grandes m ximas destinadas aos chineses pertencentes ao Partido ou n o , essas cita es que tratam de reacion rios, contrarrevolucion rios, tratamento aos inimigos na guerra, igualdade entre homens e mulheres, jovens e velhos, camponeses e intelectuais, Partid rios ou n o Partid rios, entre outros assuntos destina se n o s aos chin [...]

    12. Mais uma edi o fant stica desta cole o da editora Guerra e Paz Mais uma vez o trabalho gr fico e o enquadramento hist rico pol tico fenomenal Das ditaduras do s culo XX esta talvez a que menos sabia sobre Fiquei bastante impressionada e surpreendida com a brutalidade, que sobretudo um s homem, e um s regime, conseguiu infligir a milh es de seres humanos Para mim foi extremamente desolador tomar conhecimento da falta de humanismo de Mao, que sem qualquer compaix o deixou morrer milh es cidad os f [...]

    13. The Great Helmsman s words flow like the mighty water of the Yellow River, majestic and calm, bringing nourishment to the Chinese people The Glorious Teacher, Chairman Mao, has developed the universal truth of Marxist Leninist thought to a new height, guiding the nation on a new path towards constructing socialism Chairman Mao, the people yearn for you like the crops yearning for the sun Anyone who doesn t like the words of the Great Helmsman is a capitalist roader, running dogs of Liu Shaoqi, a [...]

    14. Statements of revolution, communism, how to found a nation and build a worldwide movement are the core of this book Quotations should be read by any person looking to capture a goal for themselves There are lessons of direction, how to manage resources and people and how to pass on these lessons from generation to the next Communism and capitalism intermingle in this book enough for one to see the embittered battle that once had the full audience of the world s attention.

    15. Mao updated communism and resolved many of its internal contradictions, particularly after Khrushchev s rise in the USSR which coincided with increasing liberalism and bureaucracy Required reading for any serious political analyst regardless of ideological bent

    16. Quiz s uno de los libros m s da inos en la historia de la humanidad Convertido en una biblia r pida por los guardias rojos, condensa buena parte de los clich s y frases de la mamerter a mao sta o no Sorprende que los te ricos de la democracia radical no lo citen, con la excepci n de Slavoj i ek, para quien Mao y la Revoluci n Cultural son un modelo ideal para el futuro postcapitalista.

    17. Hard to review this thing because I read it casually over a long period of time Some of the quotes expose the insanity and true believer nature of Maoism, but not many In general these seem to be mild bromides which would be good advice to any aspiring political movement which is organized based on cadres, party lines, mass participation, etc some of them are just good pieces of advice for running organizations in general And then these are interspersed with anti imperialist statements and sugge [...]

    18. Really interesting read.What fascinates me is how Tse Tung managed to pursuade his father into punishing him less and how he from this experience gained confidence in his own confiction and power.As fascinating a character he might have been, the writings of Tse Tung is in my opinion the perfect example about the difference between words, ideals and deeds Living out ideals is always complex I was once told that communism is beautiful on paper but has not been so beautiful in real life, whereas c [...]

    19. Disturbing This is the supreme illustration of self righteous Politics without morality I personally know Chinese persons who were on both sides of the people s revolution, one was a young Red Guard, and the other was a man and wife who were separated and sent to Gansu Province to be re educated via hard work Thousands of those being re educated committed suicide by laying across railroad tracks at night One only has to travel to the PRC, and I ve been there a dozen times, to see that the party [...]

    20. Chairman Mao, Chinese leader and one of those pillars of Communist thought that earned an ism that is the legacy of all successful commies This isn t much of a political treatise, a collection of speeches and sound bites on a number of topics from which the overall themes can be gleaned Some of points are great and concise, some a little rambling but its interesting to contrast his rural based concepts with the Marxist Leninist model.Its easy enough to dip in and out as required It makes a grea [...]

    21. A fascinating read this The title of being one of the most published books of all time carrys some baggage these days as it usually means populist trash Not this This collection of quotes contains some gems of wisdom, but also some advice that perhaps seemed relevant to the cause at the time but now sound dictatorial Nevertheless, its historical importance as a glimpse into Chinese history and politics is without parallell Even if you disagree with reactionary politics, this is a must read for f [...]

    22. GreatGreat thoughts and perspectives Opens your mind to ways to think analyze and lead Essential read to further dialectal materialism.

    23. Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung is a collection of speeches and statements made by the chairman during his reign of the Chinese Communist Party Some of these statements date to the early years of communism Others come from speeches during the war against Japan and the civil war with the Nationalists.The state ordered publication of the little red book just in time for the Cultural Revolution, which rampaged through China from 1966 1976.My copy of the Chairman s works comes from a flea mark [...]

    24. This copy I purchased from the markets on Antique Road, Hong Kong, some time ago I decided on a cover to cover reading I soon found that the quality of my copy was not the best, and I had to look up the punchline of the Chinese myth The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains As it turns out, Mao used the myth in relation to the two mountains imperialism and feudalism that could be chipped away by the generations My knowledge of China s modern history is limited, and my reading on Mao s influe [...]

    25. Die Bewertung bezieht sich nicht auf den Inhalt oder die Ziele hinter diesem Buch, sondern darauf, ob es sich noch zu lesen lohnt Das Rote Buch ist eine Sammlung von kurzen Ausschnitten sprich Kalenderspr chen aus Maos Texten und Reden, die nur sehr selten ber Beispiele wie dieses hinausgehen Wer nur die lichte Seite sieht, die problematische Seite aber nicht, der wird nicht erfolgreich f r die Erf llung der Parteiaufgaben k mpfen k nnen oder Was wir brauchen, das ist eine begeisterte, aber auch [...]

    26. Mao had a piss poor understanding of Marxist theory, he has a rigid and mechanical view of dialectics, he seems to think contradictions are something that MUST be solved, whereas as Amadeo Bordiga says in his essay On the Dialectical Method The dialectic is not the sport of paradox it asserts that a contradiction may contain a truth, not that every contradiction contains a truth The dialectic is concerned most of all of the way history moves, something which Mao does not grasp He bastardises mar [...]

    27. Reviewed on historical importance.Possibly the most published and most owned if not the most read book in history, the little red book of Mao is necessary reading for understanding Maoism and the roots of the contemporary PRC, however market friendly it has become.The style is self absorbed, with strong traces of the Chairman s messianism and megalomania shining through In style I can t tell because I know very little Mandarin and the English translation is poor The content is entirely derivativ [...]

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