The Beloved Dead (2020)

The Beloved Dead Malgwyn ap Cuneglas was one of King Arthur s earliest companions and now is his most trusted counselor Despite the malice of his enemies who fear Arthur s power and the machinations of the still pow
  • Title: The Beloved Dead
  • Author: Tony Hays
  • ISBN: 9780765326287
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Malgwyn ap Cuneglas was one of King Arthur s earliest companions and now is his most trusted counselor Despite the malice of his enemies, who fear Arthur s power, and the machinations of the still powerful druids who mightily resist him, Malgwyn knows that Arthur will stop at nothing in his efforts to lead his people to Christ and help to bring civil law and justice to aMalgwyn ap Cuneglas was one of King Arthur s earliest companions and now is his most trusted counselor Despite the malice of his enemies, who fear Arthur s power, and the machinations of the still powerful druids who mightily resist him, Malgwyn knows that Arthur will stop at nothing in his efforts to lead his people to Christ and help to bring civil law and justice to a people who have known little such.To consolidate his power, Arthur decides that it is time to take a noble wife But in this Malgwyn knows not only his lord s ambition but his personal grief, because in order to take a queen Arthur must set aside his love Guinevere, because he believes that the scandal surrounding their affair has tainted her for the crown Malgwyn is sent north to fetch the young woman who is to be Arthur s bride The way is fraught with tension and disaster for there are forces who would not see the king wed When Malgwyn discovers a string of killings involving young virginal women who are slaughtered in a horrific manner not unlike a ritual sacrifice he is left with a question that he must answer quickly Are these murders portents of the gods taking vengeance on the intrusion of a new faith Or mortal men plotting to unseat the king
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    1. Hmm I signed up for this giveaway because I have loveloveloved some very fine takes on the Arthurian legend over the years and they make my ears eyes perk up I vaguely noted that the blurb seemed odd, and when I received it I realized the problem the subtitle is An Arthurian Mystery Noooooooo Mystery is one of the genres that make my eyes glaze over I notice the gr title wasn t updated for this series name until about a week after I won itll it a lesson learned Thoroughly research the book befor [...]

    2. I received this book through first reads giveaway.I ve been a fan of the Arthurian legends ever since I can remember and have read a fair quantity of books and references on it so I was very happy to have won this book I was, however, surprised to find out it was a mystery Fortunately I am also a Cadfael fan The book was no disappointment when it came to location and information from that time period The mystery was meshed in nicely with the storyline instead of feeling like an addendum It was a [...]

    3. I have always loved stories set in the time of Arthur and Merlin This mystery s victims are young girls who are brutally assaulted and killed, including Arthur s wife,Gwyneira, Lord Aircol s daughter only hours after the ceremony Arthur s most trusted councilor, Malgwyn is determined who killed the girls Guinevere,Arthur s consort and Malgwyn s ladylove are suspected in the murder of the young Queen, Gwyneira The book showcased Arthurian life well and I hope to see what happens once Guinevere be [...]

    4. 4.5 5 stars Excellent medieval mystery and romance Loved the spinoff on the Arthurian legends Full review and author s guest post.

    5. I am always intrigued by any version of the King Arthur tale The Beloved Dead is the third in the Arthurian Mysteries series by Tony Hays Each volume entwines King Arthur s life and ascension to High King with a murder mystery Of course a murder needs a detective and sure enough Arthur had his own private investigator, Malgwyn, who was also his most trusted adviser Also true to murder mystery form, Malgwyn had personal troubles deep grief over the slaughter of his beloved wife by Saxons and a we [...]

    6. I received the book for free through First Reads giveaway.Not a bad read Followed a similar storytelling path that good mysteries generally follow and keeps you wondering about who the murderer is until you fit the pieces together However, there were some things that made it harder for to get into and stay engaged.I had a hard time really caring about the main character or any of them, really perhaps because I haven t read the first two books in the series I was a little frustrated by the way th [...]

    7. When I first started this book, after I won it through First reads, yay for First reads I wondered if I would really be able to get into it or get involved enough to be really interested After the first few chapters, that wasn t a problem I think this is a Sherlock Holmes esque medieval mystery I really enjoyed the book, and the suspense was great It kept me turning the pages until I finished the majority of the book in an evening I liked that the main character was smart and strong, but he was [...]

    8. Again, my comments on book one The Killing Way hold for this one too.This book has two main story lines In the first Arthur has been convinced by the other members of the alliance that for the sake of Briton he should marry the daughter of one of the leaders from the north Malgywn s job here is to negotiate the marriage agreement Malgywn is, of course, against the marriage and believes that Arthur should Guinevere who happens to be Malgywn s cousin But Malgywn negotiates the wedding contract and [...]

    9. This is the third book of a series, and I have not read the first two, yet I had no problem following the action and quickly became familiar with the characters This is an Arthurian mystery, but if you are looking for a tale of knights of the round table, this is not for you It places Arthur in a rustic post Roman, early medieval setting that is historically believable but not the stuff of legend The plot involves the brutal murders of young women, and the almost casual way the murders are dismi [...]

    10. I ve never read an Arthurian mystery before, and I enjoyed the setting and the history The male characters were engaging, the female ones a little stereotypical The mystery itself was easily narrowed down to three possible suspects, one seemed too obvious which left two possibilities and midway through the book I guessed which of the two, and was correct However, it was not too obvious and I did need to wait until the end to confirm.The relationship between the hero and King Arthur did not seem [...]

    11. I won this in a firstreads giveaway.I found this book to be a quick enjoyable read I m only somewhat familiar with Arthurian tales but was able to easily follow this story which seems to be set fairly early in Arthur s reign The main character, Malgwyn, is a friend of Arthur and has a knack for thinking about things differently which enables him to solve mysteries There weren t too many suspects so it was somewhat easy to narrow it down and yet the author still kept it interesting and left the r [...]

    12. This is the third book in Tony Hays Arthurian mystery series This one dealt with dealing with a serial killer and less political intrigue than the others I think we tend to think of serial killers as a rather new crime Before Jack the Ripper you don t hear as much about them But knowing that some humans are just broken I have to believe these monsters have always been with us This was a first rate mystery with the clues laid out The author did not cheat and spring the killer on us out of no whe [...]

    13. When Arthur and his followers visit Londinium and remove a pagan relic, a Druid cursed Arthur Shortly thereafter, a girl s body is found, but Malgwyn is not given time to investigate thoroughly Instead Arthur sends him along with several others to treat with Aircol regarding Arthur s proposed marriage with his daughter, Gwyneira But on the return trip, another girl is found, similarly killed Malgwyn can t help but believe the two are connected, but how And why

    14. I enjoyed the detail put into this story, like the references to past stories of Arthur and Merlin I also was intrigued and captivated with the story, and how it kept you looking to many of its characters as possible culprits of the horrific murders I do have to admit, this kind of story is not within the usual genre that I read, but it managed to keep my attention, so much so that I could not put it down until I finished it Overall, great read and excellent detail.

    15. Good as always but I found the murders offputting I thought I knew who the killer was before the end close, but no cigar Some interesting little twists in the Arthurian aspects but the author included an afterword that explained his reasoning Strong feel for the period not the bright shiny Camelot but a rather dirty, rough and often brutal historical look at the Arthur and company that just might have been I ll continue to follow this series.

    16. I liked this installment of the Arthurian Mysteries The characters are developed now and the writing of the mystery is tighter I like the situation of the first book this one seems too large and with too many political implications to be comfortable in the setting but it s a fine addition to the series.

    17. The latest entry in this Arthurian mystery series is close in quality to The Killing Way and Divine Sacrifice, and I like the author s historical approach to the period The crimes investigated are despicable, and the protagonist s reactions are a bit predictable I hope that this series continues.

    18. Hmmm whilst this was my least favorite idea for a story Arthur takimng a wife other that Gwen I have to say now that I know the characters I feel it was very well written and a very clever new take on a story that many of us thought we knew V V

    19. Most mystery series will have a serial killer pop up at some point or another This one is particular gruesome and particularly obvious If I could figure it out, well, then it MUST have been obvious.

    20. Longer this time, but it was easy to stay with it A good mystery still ignores the illness, filth and wretchedness of the sixth century Someone can be a broken sicko no matter when they live.

    21. 4.5 stars to this Arthurian mystery Our full review is available on The Lit Witch A Book Blog here thelitwitch p 3759

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