Stagestruck (2020)

Stagestruck Pop diva Clarion Calhoun has packed the house with a celebrity appearance in Bath s Theatre Royal production of I Am a Camera But within moments of her much anticipated onstage appearance she s pulle
  • Title: Stagestruck
  • Author: Peter Lovesey
  • ISBN: 9781569479476
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pop diva Clarion Calhoun has packed the house with a celebrity appearance in Bath s Theatre Royal production of I Am a Camera But within moments of her much anticipated onstage appearance, she s pulled out of character as she screams and claws at her face When tainted stage makeup is found to have caused the disfiguring burn, fingers point to her makeup artist DetectPop diva Clarion Calhoun has packed the house with a celebrity appearance in Bath s Theatre Royal production of I Am a Camera But within moments of her much anticipated onstage appearance, she s pulled out of character as she screams and claws at her face When tainted stage makeup is found to have caused the disfiguring burn, fingers point to her makeup artist Detective Peter Diamond investigates when the makeup artist is found dead, pushed from a catwalk far above the stage As Diamond digs deeper, he uncovers rivalries among the cast and crew and is forced to confront his own mysterious and deep seated theatre phobia to find the killer.
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    1. In this book, a fading pop star is taking her first stab at acting when she is assaulted at the theater The ensuing case involves murder, suicide, a stage ghost and backstage intrigue There are multiple suspects and I couldn t guess the ending The detective put in charge of the case also has to contend with tracking down the source of his own theater phobia.I ve always liked books in which the plot incorporates a theater setting and I needed to take a break from grittier books Lovesey s police p [...]

    2. Read by Steve HodsonTotal Runtime 12 Hours 48 MinsDescription Pop diva, Clarion Calhoun, has packed the house with a celebrity appearance in Bath s Theatre Royal production of I Am a Camera But within moments of her much anticipated onstage appearance, she s pulled out of character as she screams and claws at her face When tainted stage makeup is found to have caused the disfiguring burn, fingers point to her makeup artist Detective Peter Diamond investigates when the makeup artist is found dead [...]

    3. Audiobook 10 31 hours Narrator Simon Prebble 3.0 out of 5.0 starsPeter Lovesey is a fine writer of British Crime novels and to date I have read listened to eleven Peter Diamond novels and I have enjoyed most of them Fortunately, I have a few remaining in my audiobook collection for future enjoyment In its early stages ahem Stagestruck dragged somewhat as a multitude of characters and their possible motives, etc were established, but after a while I found myself wondering who did done it and ulti [...]

    4. I like the Peter Diamond stories This was the first time I tried to listen to one Not sure who the reader was but felt that he was pretty effective There are actually two mysteries here The primary one involves the local theater They brought in an over the hill pop star Somehow she gets a burning sensation on her face after she goes onstage Personally, I thought of Margaret Hamilton and Buddy Ebsen in The Wizard of Oz when they had trouble with their makeups I think Margaret Hamilton caught on f [...]

    5. Amidst the many police procedurals that grace the bookshelves in bookstores the world over, Peter Lovesey, brings into our lives thrilling stories with subtle lessons In this novel, a fading rock star climbs the boards to make her debut as an actress in a play, but on opening night, before she s even on stage for than a few minutes, she grimaces, claws at her face and falls to the ground, screaming It s not part of the act, her face was being eroded by acid in her make up As evidence continues [...]

    6. Not really in the top rank of Peter Lovesey s Bath based Inspector Peter Diamond although the ending is excellent the author gives you just enough to figure out who was behind the series of murders at the Bath Theater Royal but you will have to be alert and attuned to the nuances of this series to see the ending before the big reveal I wasn t and so was pleasantly surprised The difficulty is getting there While there have to be some implausible events in a mystery and particularly in a series, L [...]

    7. Another thoroughly enjoyable story from this series and I notice with some regret that there are only 5 to go.After reading 11 of these novels, I am fully au fait with Peter Diamond s work environment, his character, his collegues, his superiors and his home life Starting a new book is almost like settling down with an old friend That the action takes place about an hours drive from home, in Bath, is an added bonus as is the extra knowledge and information that I am learning about the city.I th [...]

    8. Clarion Calhoun is a rock star whose concerts filled stadiums She has performed live and loved every minute of it Butck stars age and fans can be fickle, so it is sometimes necessary to get a name back in lights in an unexpected way Clarion Calhoun is a rock star whose curriculum vitae includes stage training , although the where and the when of this training is lost in the fog of selected publicity.The vehicle Clarion chooses as a showcase for her talent is I Am A Camera, the play upon which Ca [...]

    9. The backdrop to this thriller is the 200 year old Theatre Royal, Bath, where a production of I Am A Camera is about to be performed.A fading pop star, Clarion Calhoun, is recruited for the principal role as Sally Bowles but she performs none too well in the dress rehearsal and behind the scenes there had been much bickering about her choice for the role.Then on first night she enters stage left and suddenly has a screaming fit as she clutches her face The curtain is hastily dropped and she is ta [...]

    10. Once again the title of one of Peter Lovesey s Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond is a double entendre The title refers to the two main mysteries of this installment in the Bathe detective series The first one refers to the maiming of the lead to a play at a local theatre The lead is a famous rock star at the end of her singing career who is trying to make a transition to the stage On first night it is found that someone has put caustic lye in her make up, burning her face and forcing her to [...]

    11. Another Peter Diamond Diamond I love Peter Diamond, and it s been awhile since I ve had the pleasure of reading him This latest addition in the series is a good place for a newbie to get acquainted with him This book will stand alone on its own merits and you don t have to read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one But I will warn you that once you ve sampled Diamond you ll be heading straight for the backlist books Diamond is a copper s copper a little gruff round the edges, tough [...]

    12. Theaters are magical places, sometimes spooky Which is the case with Peter Diamond s latest case, STAGESTRUCK I really enjoyed the ambiance and characterizations of most of its people A famous actress takes the stage for the first time in a lead role and the opening night reviews are lukewarm, at best But when the actress is brutally disfigured by acid who would go to such extremes the stage lights are temporarily dimmed Peter and his entourage of investigators are on the path of a madman with a [...]

    13. I read Peter Lovesey s WHOLE Peter Diamond series 16 books in all in June and July of 2017, sequentially and without an iota of boredom Forgive me for posting this as a comment review into each book s space I didn t think to do it as I was reading morning to night with no intervening literature.The main detective, Peter Diamond, a few other police types, and a couple of non police characters are incorporated into a series of crimes set in and around Bath, England Historical and literary inclusio [...]

    14. One of the best in the series although once again Diamond pulls a rabbit out of the hat to solve the crime This one involves the Theater Royale in Bath and there are enough suspects for anyone s liking Lovesey weaves the story of the theater into a plot which is full of red herrings In the course of the story, we learn a lot about how a theater piece is staged, while Diamond tries to overcome a childhood fear of theaters that resolves in a most fascinating manner.Diamond is his usual nasty self, [...]

    15. Murder in the Theatre Royal of Bath, which begins when the star performer, a fading rock star playing Sally Bowled in I Am a Camera, is stricken with burns on her face from an unknown substance When her makeup assistant is found dead, suicide is assumed, but Peter Diamond isn t buying it Unfortunately, he is also dealing with his own unnatural fear of being in a theatre, which goes back to a childhood experience, and he is also discovering what a fiercely competitive world the theatre world is, [...]

    16. Another reliable detective story about Peter Diamond and his tam ay the Bath CID I ve read and enjoyed Lovesey s books since first encountering them in the 1970s.

    17. In this eleventh mystery in the Peter Diamond series, Detective Superintendent Diamond looks into some highly suspicious incidents at the Bath Theatre Royal First, aging pop star Clarion Calhoun, who is trying to reinvent her sagging career by becoming an actress , suffers disfiguring burns on opening night from tainted stage make up The next night her make up artist dies of an apparent suicide apparently motivated by guilt over her carelessness or malevolence Diamond suspects that there may be [...]

    18. First Sentence People keep asking me if I m nervous The Bath Theatre Royal is staging a production of I Am a Camera with pop artist Clarion Calhoun in the starring role Before she can deliver her first line, she starts screaming from caustic burns on her face and neck Was it accidental or intended A death soon follows which appears to be a suicide or was it Detective Peter Diamond and his team, including the annoying Constable Dawkins who has been assigned to him Peter knows how to conduct an in [...]

    19. While he may not have invented it, Peter Lovesey is the master of what could be called the British cozy police procedural Over the past forty years he has managed to craft and combine the best of both genres in one story after another Picking up a new Lovesey is like dining at a favorite restaurant, you are blessed with a confidence going in that the experience will be worth it.In all good cozy s the setting is as important as any human character and in Stagestruck the setting is Bath s venerabl [...]

    20. I preferred The Secret Hangman, another recent instalment in this series Diamond, the main detective, lives in Bath so Lovesey takes us on a tour of a different part of scenic, historic Bath in each novel.This one is set in an atmospheric theatre and there is no floor plan so a lot of the running around or meandering around is hard to follow I also didn t take to many of the characters I suppose theatre folks are a cliche but they do come across as individuals, easy to keep straight as there are [...]

    21. What a pleasure to find a book which includes two of my favorite things a crackling good mystery, filled with humor, and a tribute to the theater As the title might imply, the author obviously has much respect for the theater, with both a lower case t and upper case as well see below His protagonist, on the other hand, not so much In the newest book featuring Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond, head of Bath s CID, the reader learns that Diamond has always suffered from a phobia, what the aut [...]

    22. Stagestruck is the 11th book by Lovesey featuring Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond of the Bath Police The story centers around an aging pop singer who is mysteriously burned by acid in her stage makeup on her opening night performance at Bath s Royal Theatre Her dresser and makeup person is the prime suspect, but she turns up dead, hanging in the theater s rafters the next day Is it suicide from guilt or a cleverly staged homicide Det Diamond is called in to supervise the case but finds hi [...]

    23. Before I get to the actual book, if you are thinking of buying this on Kindle, you might wantto buy the printed version instead The formatting is way off The paragraphs run into each other,especially within dialogue so you have to read very slowly and carefully to figure out who is speaking.The spaces between words are also missing in many spots Disappointing with a book from a major publishinghouse They obviously didn t take the time to check how the book looks after they got it Kindleized As f [...]

    24. This book is well written and has an ingenious plot, but could not manage to sustain my interest The kind of tension that has me carrying a book around and sneaking a quick read at odd moments just wasn t there I kept putting it down and forgetting about it for several days The minor thread of the detective s phobia provided a novel complication, but his instant recovery after tracking down the cause, while amusing, was very improbable I don t think it works quite like that The descriptions of t [...]

    25. In this mystery, curmudgeonly inspector Peter Diamond of the Avon and Somerset Murder Squad based in scenic Bath, England is put in charge of a delicate case a very famous pop star has been injured by her makeup during her opening night starring in a play at the Bath Playhouse Of course suspicion falls on her makeup artist, but when she is found dead, it is clear something sinister than bad makeup is afoot.Peter Lovesey s series is a perennially popular and beloved fair play puzzle mystery seri [...]

    26. Stagestruck by Peter Lovesey relates another case for Detective Peter Diamond of the Bath Police Department Pop diva , Clarion Calhoun, has packed the house in the production of I Am a Camera at Bath s Theatre Royal Within in minutes of her appearance onstage, she screams and claws at her face After being rushed to the hospital, it is discovered that tainted makeup caused disfiguring burns and all fingers point to her makeup artist After the makeup artist is found dead, pushed from a catwalk, Pe [...]

    27. Yet another page turner my husband snatched from me, he read it in one night and really enjoyed it, and gives it a high recommendation and said you will really enjoy this.Again I must tell you my husband is an attorney and reads very fast, but when he reads a book in one night it s the highest praise Be prepared it s a page turner so plan on reading when you have time to read it from start to finish I had not read Peter Lovesey books so I m very pleased to add a new author for us and I m looking [...]

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