Women Who Love Too Much (2020)

Women Who Love Too Much None
  • Title: Women Who Love Too Much
  • Author: Robin Norwood
  • ISBN: 9780099474128
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
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      Robin Norwood

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    2. I think this book is a necessary to be read by all women not because we are in same situation with women mentioned in this book, but because the nature of all women is to be kind and pleasing others Then we can understand how much kindness is logical in relationships For me my mom is the God of kindness but even in our relationship I always ask her to be kind to herself first then others and I think this is the best and healthier way to connect others by a woman.

    3. Yes, Women Who Love Too Much is the quintessential self help book It fits every stereotype given to this genre That being written, I read this at a time when I needed the help and to understand relationships It was after a particularly devastating relationship and I was in a dark place I don t remember if anything impacted me when I read the book, but years later I find myself flashing back to it from time to time, remembering something small from the book and being able to make some sense of th [...]

    4. changed my lifen My sister gave this to me, the first time i read it, I got mad the second time I read it, I cried the 3rd time I read it, I left my husbandbut be warned, unless God changes you inside, if we don t learn from our past, we WILL repest it bad relationshipsat s why i am single.

    5. Honestly, this book allowed me to realize what I personally was is doing wrong in relationships This book states how our childhood can affect our future relationships with partners and friends, stories from women with different traumas they ve experienced in their life, the problems they encountered with their destructive partners, and the reasons why they are attracted to them I ve dog eared so many pages that I thought had very good key points to keep in mind I recommend this to all types of w [...]

    6. I have to be honest that in the span of 12 days of reading this book I have noticed a shift in my attitude I became irritable, critical, maybe intolerant That s definitely unpleasant, because the book reminded me so much of my sad adolescence.My story is nowhere near as catastrophic as the incredible, inspirational stories shared in the book but I m from a broken family and my childhood adolescence basically consisted of numerous memories of my parents quarreling and fighting Reading Women Who [...]

    7. Very insightful book I appreciated the ideas that you cannot change your partner, you only can change yourself When you focus on all of your partner s flaws and think that if they change you will be happy, you are using that as an excuse not to address your own problems Also that being selfless can be a form of manipulation There is definitely truth in that if we focus on ourselves and strive to be better and give less focus on our partner s issues by trying to control or change them, that leads [...]

    8. This book changed my life I ve never believed in self help books, but this book is just unbelievable It makes you feel as if someone just entered your mind, read every word and then put it down in a way that almost makes you shiver It s so perceptive, it s almost uncanny If you are or ever have been in a relationship that s meant pain than love, tears than joy and giving than what you re getting in return, this book is for you It s the biggest wake up call you ll ever get I cannot recommend i [...]

    9. I am not a fan of self help books generally speaking, so when a friend who d been in a situation similar to mine suggested I read this book, I blew it off for almost a year I was pretty sure I d be too busy rolling my eyes at it to actually absorb anything written on the page As it turns out, this book spurred me to take a long look at myself and the choices I d made both healthy and un and to ask myself a lot of questions I hadn t thought to ask myself in a very long time, if ever.

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    11. Mulheres que amam de mais um livro que nos faz reflectir bastante sobre rela es podendo ainda tornar se emocionalmente pesado Ao longo do livro encontramos v rios testemunhos sobre casos de mulheres que amam de mais, normalmente mulheres com fortes problemas que tiveram inicio na sua inf ncia colmatando em fortes d fices emocionais que, de alguma forma, elas desejam preencher atrav s do amor.Contudo, todas elas parecem ter uma forte atrac o, n o por homens que de facto as amem, mas sim por homen [...]

    12. I picked this up on the way out of my sons head start during a separation with my husband I didn t think I would get very far into it but thought I should try considering my situation The first 60 pages flew by and I had learned an incredible amount Sometimes God sends us little signs, like the lonely old book sitting on the table next to the door

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    14. This book was definitely an answer to my prayers I now understand myself so much better and I am so grateful for the inspiration and recommendation of my friend to read this book I think that every woman should read this book, because even if she doesn t personally suffer from the disease of Loving Too Much , I guarantee that she has a best friend, sister, mother, cousin, or another female in her life that does I would guess that at least 75% of the female population has this disease in one degr [...]

    15. If you are prone to give your all in relationships only to be left high and dry when it s all said and done this is an insightful book.If you are eager to give your love this is for you to men that use it and abuse it, read this.If you for any reason are not sure if you should read this boon then READ it Obviously if you weren t interested in some aspect you wouldn t be researching it You wouldn t even notice it if you aren t interested.

    16. This book was required reading for my SisterCare group Reading this book probably saved my life It forced me to examine myself and change some of my weak ways I am not the same woman I once was thanks to this book.

    17. If you ve ever described yourself or someone you know as a serial monogamist or have noticed that most your partners fit into a pattern of difficult men , read this book I had heard about relationship addiction in passing but never took it seriously before reading Robin Norwood s book It is a serious condition that can have as much potential to negatively affect a person s life as any controlled substance I appreciated Norwood s analysis of attitudes about love and man woman relationships often [...]

    18. For many years this book was suggested to me, until I finally read it, again and again.It holds the key to a completely new self, to a better, a satisfactory and healthy life.Wheras the main content of the book simpy is be selfish , make yourself happy, and every one else will be it shows relationship structures and the origin of certain behaviours.You deserve to be loved for who you are, and not for your sacrifices For some it takes a book this book to understand this.

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    20. Wow, this book basically sums up the story of my life and relationships I had always wondered where I kept going wrong, as to care is to do the right things, right Well, yes, it is good to care, it is good to love, but how do you know that you are caring in the right way, loving in the right way Do any of us even know what love is This book teaches that love shouldn t be about suffering, no matter what overly popular television programmes and movies would like to tell us, but should be about a m [...]

    21. El primer libro que le sobre co dependencia, relaciones no afortunadas, amar con patrones equivocados, patrones emocionales derivados de la infancia, obsesi n, etc Me lo recomend mi terapeuta en aquellos tiempos dif ciles En su momento me sent un poco identificada, quiz s por el tema de la obsesi n, pero 10 a os y muchos libros de auto ayuda y psicolog a despu s me doy cuenta que este libro encasilla tanto a las mujeres como a los hombres en que una es v ctima y el otro el mis gino abusador, y n [...]

    22. This is an amazing book that helped me get through a huge break up, and to look at how I had dealt with intimate relationships over the years I also got the opportunity to dig into the deep emotional avenues of my soul, and look at my father issues face to face I highly recommend it to any woman who has noticed unhealthy relationship patterns in their life This books helps you to see why, rather than blame yourself.

    23. This book changed my life I am not a huge fan of the self help genre, so I was very reluctant to pick this one up Once I did, I couldn t put it down This book is especially helpful for people who grew up in dysfunctional homes where substance abuse was an issue It will stay with me for the rest of my days as a reminder that being happy and healthy starts with me.

    24. Such great advice for women who love the wrong men Find the cure for your misguided love If you constantly find yourself loving men you want to change, Women Who Love Too Much is for you Houston Chronicle

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