Brother Ray. L'autobiografia (2020)

Brother Ray L autobiografia Per la prima volta in Italia l eccezionale autobiografia di uno dei pi grandi musicisti di tutti i tempi Ray Charles Il libro segue la sua parabola dall infanzia negli anni Trenta quando Ray un rag
  • Title: Brother Ray. L'autobiografia
  • Author: Ray Charles David Ritz Francesco Pacifico Tiziana La Cecilia
  • ISBN: 9788875210502
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Per la prima volta in Italia, l eccezionale autobiografia di uno dei pi grandi musicisti di tutti i tempi, Ray Charles Il libro segue la sua parabola dall infanzia negli anni Trenta, quando Ray un ragazzo povero e cieco, rimasto presto orfano di entrambi i genitori e che deve affrontare il razzismo della societ americana dell epoca, fino agli anni del grande successoPer la prima volta in Italia, l eccezionale autobiografia di uno dei pi grandi musicisti di tutti i tempi, Ray Charles Il libro segue la sua parabola dall infanzia negli anni Trenta, quando Ray un ragazzo povero e cieco, rimasto presto orfano di entrambi i genitori e che deve affrontare il razzismo della societ americana dell epoca, fino agli anni del grande successo internazionale, quando da fratello Ray diventa ovunque e per tutti semplicemente The Genius, il genio colui che, combinando le influenze del gospel, del jazz, del blues e perfino della musica country, ha letteralmente inventato la soul music La storia di Ray Charles una storia raccontata con entusiasmo, passione, nostalgia, i cui ingredienti sono anche impegno per i diritti civili, eroina, successo, matrimoni falliti anche la storia di oltre mezzo secolo di musica e discografia americana Ray Charles ha inciso oltre 75 album, vincendo 12 Grammy e raggiungendo per ben 76 volte la top ten dei singoli pi venduti Pubblicato per la prima volta negli Stati Uniti nel 1978, e aggiornato con una appendice del curatore David Ritz co autore anche delle autobiografie di B.B King e Smokey Robinson , Brother Ray un classico da non perdere.
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      Ray Charles David Ritz Francesco Pacifico Tiziana La Cecilia

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    1. If you wash yourself in anger, you never have clean hands Definitely recommended for biography fans Unlike some of them, it doesn t skirt the intimate moments, hide the truths, or avoid controversy.Ray Charles was definitely an impressive man how could someone say he was not Blinded as a child, he never let it slow him down Blind, he learned how to ride a bike and cruised around the neighborhood He went by himself to a school for the blind at a young age After his mother s death, he traveled sta [...]

    2. This is the most honest and down to earth book I have ever read and one of the most humanistic and uplifting stories of all, not just biographies If you are a great admirer of Ray s supernatural musical talent, you will be amazed and deeply satisfied by his equally great gift of story telling and you will appreciate his music even after you get an insight into his unbelievable life But even if you are not familiar with Ray s enormous contribution to contemporary Western culture and music, you w [...]

    3. Sometimes my dreams are so deep that I dream that I m dreaming I wake up inside myself I watch myself sleeping and I look like a baby or a boy tired from playing all the day long, a small soul hungry for peace and rest Ray is one real musician You can t find nowadays that easily, not any You can never read this autobiography without finding out right away that Ray s life was one heck of a ride extraordinary, especially that he was blind He spoke about it and everything else very lightly never dw [...]

    4. This was a little grittier than some autobiographies He owned up to it all with no regrets He embraced the hippie attitudes about drugs and free love He wasn t driven by fame and fortune I got the impression that musicwas something he did because he loved it and managed to make a great living at it What I really liked about this particular autobiography was his tenacious attitude when he put his mind to something Once he decided something, it was as good as done, even when he kicked his heroin h [...]

    5. The was the an incredible biography told in Ray Charles s own voice His voice is direct, raunchy, and after several chapters you will feel that you are in his world Some would not understand, but keep reading and your heart and soul will be captured by the shear incredible life this musician lived to inspire, enrich the world with his presence.This is the way a biography should be complied, leaving their history for all to see without covering up to save face There are no hard question just the [...]

    6. This is what the title says it is Ray Charles Own Story It is interesting enough, and this combined with the easy writing style that comes with many autobiographies makes it a very enjoyable read I will say that I didn t find myself deeply engaged in any of the pages I simply found it pleasant and amusing Nothing special, but good On a side note, if you saw the movie than this book will probably be much less rewarding to you.

    7. Full speed ahead This was terrific It felt like Ray was in my living room having a chat with me I ve never seen the biopic, and didn t know much about the man, but WOW quite the life he led He tells his story with respect and fondness, and with a healthy dose of self reflection His can do attitude and his refusal to be pitied or to wallow in bitterness are inspiring Highly recommended.

    8. I am rating this book three stars because I m turned off by how bigheaded male musicians seem to be according to the autobiographies I ve read so far I m interested enough to read a few to see if there are like that but it doesn t make me like them as people.

    9. A while back, I jokingly declared that I wouldn t be reading any as told to autobiographies, but what I can say I like reading books about musicians.I saw this on a shelf and figured I might have a look, because I know Ray Charles used to have a hardcore drug problem, and also, perhaps most importantly was a brilliant musician Come to find out, this might be one of the best autobiographies by a musician It might be the best one I ve read, and I ve read quite a few It came out way TF back in 78, [...]

    10. Excellent story Ray Charles was a gifted musician and being blind made his road to success harderhe succeeded against all odds His mom was amazing and she truly was the force that made it possible When she knew that he was going blind she rose to the challenge with love and determination to create a man that could stand on his own to feet alonea man of confidence I saw the movie first and it was so good, I had to read the book One of my favorite songs by him is Georgia Man, that song just touche [...]

    11. After reading a few musical autobiographies, one starts noticing a fair bit of repetition Artist grows up poor, artist find music, artist struggles, artist perseveres, artist takes drugs and sleeps around artist grows up Maybe i ve read too many books in this genre It is a good read, but nothing mind blowing

    12. This book was ridiculous Ray Charles was a crazy guy and seems willing to say almost anything in this account of his life Very enjoyable read.

    13. It was an interesting look into his life He was raunchy and raw and just honest with himself about his faults.

    14. Ray Charles was an incredible innovator He overcame so many challenges to succeed as a multi talented writer, arranger, pianist, saxophone player, a groundbreaker in so many respects I grew tired of the unapologetic infidelity, the obsessing over sex, the fact that Brother Ray didn t even know how many illegitimate kids he had But his wonderful voice both speaking and singing is highly interesting.

    15. I guess I really didn t know who Ray Charles was before reading this book This was a pretty fun read I like these stories of how famous people developed a skill, became known, and had lots of success There are so many great musicians who never do get discovered that it s interesting to me to read about those who do In reading this book I kept forgetting that Brother Ray was blind He certainly didn t live like he was handicapped He did so much and was so brave Ray was also a very honest in his wa [...]

    16. Brother Ray is the true story of Ray Charles early life and career, and it makes for a fascinating read Interestingly, when you consider that the copy that I own was written and released in the 1970s, it stands up well to the test of time, and if anything much of it is even relevant today For example, as a blind, black man who lived and worked during a time when segregation was still a thing, he talks about how racism makes no sense He couldn t see it, which meant that he couldn t understand wh [...]

    17. Ray Charles well, he forged his own trail, didn t he The film about his life is based on this book which was written in 1978 when Ray was 46 years old It s a good tale about an interesting life led by a musical genius a term Ray himself questioned Having seen and enjoyed the film, I still found a lot of new information worth hearing listening to this reading, and the reader, Andrew Barnes, sounds enough like Ray to be believable that was important, since Ray himself introduces the book Another b [...]

    18. To be honest I didn t know much about Ray Charles going into the book, Brother Ray , but from the little I ve heard I seemed interested enough to pick it up and surf my eyes through the pages This definitely has exceeded my expectations, and Ray truly is a character, though he tends to be quite pigheaded at times, but he knows that I found the beginning of his life, while to be filled with obstacles, he always found a way to power through the hardship and follow his dream, music Most people don [...]

    19. I really enjoyed his unique narrative Especially the jive way of speaking Das coo and This muthafucka and All I need in life is my music and a decent piece of pussy to end my day It was a treat to hear the actor who did the audiobook version of this render Ray s voice as he told the story The story unfortunately ends in where Ray was in his life in the 1970s which is my one regret about the book, since we know he lived until 2004.I really feel like I am Ray Charles s friend now, and that he s st [...]

    20. A truly enjoyable autobiography I ate it up You can really hear Ray Charles voice throughout, mercurial and bold as brass It doesn t hurt that his life was truly remarkable, a genuine rags to riches story without all that painful lack of common sense He is unabashed and unapologetic about being a skinflint, a disciplinarian, a philanderer and a drug addict Reading this book felt like spending some time with someone truly comfortable with themselves He might have big faults, but he sure seemed to [...]

    21. This was an amazing book and was an inspiring story It was very interesting to see the hardships he endured and how he was able to preserver Some of the choices he made weren t always the best but he owned up to them and never let them change the person he was His relationship with B was very inspiring even though it did not end the way they wanted he was still able to share their love through their children Mainly it was inspiring that even though he was just a blind black male growing up in th [...]

    22. Amazing book, amazing story Ray is one of my hero s after reading this book It was really interesting how someone who had been blind since childhood could do, such as driving, flying planes and copters , riding a bike all for the most part on his own Ray would say his ears were his eyes but maybe it s because I have two eyes that s just amazing I thought this was better then the movie and i LOVED the movie This along with Bob Dylan s and Johnny Cash s are books that are in my vault for life Hard [...]

    23. This was a really interesting book I ve loved Ray Charles music but never really knew much about him This book is an honest, no holds barred telling of Brother Ray s life He doesn t whitewash things, and in fact comes across as kind of a dog in his dealings with women, and while I didn t care much for that behavior in general, it did feel like it was true to him and who he was and I liked that he didn t really make excuses for things I love how the book shows that Ray was really honest with hims [...]

    24. A very interesting look into the life and mind of Ray Charles, at least circa the mid 1970 s I had some trepidation because I barely got through the first 20 minutes or so of RAY, but this was much fun and less biopic y The idea of a white ghostwriter speaking in Ray Charles voice is a little shady for me, but David Ritz pulls it off.

    25. 4.5 4.75 starsI loved this biography I loved the broad scope and transparency I loved the blunt cockiness, I loved the vulnerability I can t say I love every story and detail of his life but how can that matter, it s not mine to live but I loved his willingness to share them Plus his life was actually pretty interesting to boot This is what I wish biographies could be like.

    26. I love this book, Ray Charles life, written by Ray Charles himself I think it is absolutely incredible that he could ve even remembered all of this, with being blind and everything But he has an incredible, and very moving, story that I think every fan should know about If you like Ray Charles, this book is for you.

    27. I appreciate the gritty truth Most people, especially celebrities would not come close to being as honest as Ray Charles I also appreciate that he didn t try to say everything bad that he did was someon s or something s fault Instead, he laid it all on the table as the truth I only don t like that he seems unapologetic, or maybe unaware, of some of his disconcerting habbits.

    28. this as told to tome changed my summer of 2007 beautiful, powerful, deceptively stark language that belies a depth i haven t found in many other texts imagine if The Alchemist loved gin, women and generally gettin freaky.a must read.

    29. Very much the inspiration for the film, this account is written with music writer David Ritz but very much through the eyes and mouth of the singer Interesting and heartwarming and truly timeless Makes you feel like you are with Brother Ray through every part of his extraordinary journey.

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